Enjoying the chit's

After being so many years off the road sigh
Glad to say since yesterday I'm now finally back behind the wheel again yay

Had to start from scratch again and that included passing the theory test help
but yippeee I did yay but just about.

Had also to pass the eye test help
but thankfully I passed yay and that too was just about conversing

Unfortunately when it came to my car insurance there was no just about's or ways out, the high price was as it was, the fact that I had being paying car insurance for maybe 20yrs without once ever a claim just didn't stand to me for a finish, all that money counted for nowth because two years passed without me paying any.

what a bloody joke, we get a slap on the wrist for giving nothing, not a very rewarding thank you for all the many years we had given so much...... mumbling

Anyways, that little grumble aside roll eyes
luck was mostly on my side and mainly because I could afford chitty chitty bang bang which means I've no car loans to be worrying about yay

Happy days for me eh wine

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Dare I mention his name but swear to God roll eyes
but I knew String you'd arrive here playing that either.

So Witch which am I, physic or just just simply knowing you wink
doh either song...
Time to give your broom a rest. Just buckle up and enjoy the new wheels. Over and over again.

FREEDOM!!!! yay
Get off the road & get on the stick, Witch!
- See bear's 'I Can Drive A Stick' blog...Just what you need grin

Hope you're enjoying your month...jackolantern

Tis a grand feeling Lady Di taking back what redundancy once took from me ....
Freedom and independence yay

Love your new style photo wine

I can't stand Halloween Lee and you ought to know that roll eyes
but no matter, If its your kind of thing ..... enjoy jackolantern
^ Headless Horseman Costume jackolantern
So your going topless again this year giggle
"This Is The Shadow.......... Of She................ Who Hates Halloween"

Yeah. I know. It's old and I'm in a rut.

But the pic was already there...so what the hell...why not dunno

I wish folks would stop telling me what an improvement it is conversing
Insensitive sum'bltches mumbling

Good to see you back Lee hug
I take it, cs staff were hot on your tail roll eyes

wave Nam
pedro27: "Underestimate"(meet us in the forums)

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