How to Appear More Confident And Attractive?

You have a presentation today?the matter is, are you nervous? What is missing- confidence?

Did you miss making the ‘right’ first impression as you walked in for the interview?

Have you just fumbled or stammered while addressing your employees?

Some of us went through this momentdunno did you?cheers handshake

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Today is my interview @ US Embassy.Nervous but confident.Questions were answered properly.I hold my breath for a secondsigh until he gave me my passport with a Working Visa stampedapplause Thank God I made it.hug
I've worked with the public most of my life..I can talk under water laugh
Yo Mercewave
Good to know.I can imagine a bit strict u will begrin handshake teddybear
"How to Appear More Confident And Attractive?"

Money will shroud you in these qualities and more.
Beg borrow or steal is the solution or on short notice, Fake it cool wine
Bluff it...
Make them nervous, then make them laugh...then all will be fine... wave
Hey there Nonwave
Thank you for dropping byhandshake teddybear
Hey beautiful pkwave
Think thats a wise idea sigh
I'm glad to be here.
Now how do I pronounce your name wine
non just call me Jhen for shorthandshake
Thank you for askinghug cheers
nice to blog with you Jhen, smile wave
aww that is sweet of you non
to say thathug thank you ...
I do toohandshake
Hey look at all us confident attractive Bloggers on your very attractive and confident blog.
Hello sweet lady wave

It always worked for me...
Take them through the nervousness, them release the grip a bit, be funny, but finish with a little "wink"...saying "but don't get too comfortable..." laugh
Congrats YS. I hope you have a safe and satisfying adventure.

YAY - congratulations and of course I've had my moments too. I am not sure I remember where my passport is now that I think about it.
That's greatthumbs up its a pleasure to be one of youapplause cheers teddybear

beautiful pk
A little seducing can do mmmmm nice advise wink hug
hey Johnnywave
Thank you handshake well its gonna be a wonderful adventurewine
You too.Enjoy and have fun when you get here in Philippines.cheers

Fay dearwave
Thank you....take your time .Look for your passport ....remenber Phyllis and Fay with jhen .....don't forgethug teddybear
Well I won't need my passport for meeting you gals. I just had it 3 months ago when I was going to Columbia but that was when I made the move and broke my elbow...everything got a little screwed up.
Anyhow you are just hours drive I thinkhug teddybear
How to appear more confident and attractive? I haven't pulled any unrealistic appearance before nor have I ever thought that being confident is an attribute to being attractive. One thing is sure, though, I have never faked nor pretend to be who I am not and neither have I experienced being nervous ever. I first thought when I was only 20 years old to students who are far older than me then, being in the graduating class of College and my class in the Master's degree. I always had that natural ability to stand calm and composed and very confident of what I was obliged to do.

The first time I was nervous, which has nothing to do with confidence, was when I was married for the first time in Church and standing in front of my friends and relatives was just too overwhelming. I felt the presence of the God and my spirit was shaking. Eventually I gained my composure and by that time my husband was already having tears of joy and it just made me so full of joy.

Congratulations my friend. I am sure you are up to all your expected responsibilities having done that in many different hospitals and other countries.

Just let me know when you are here and like Fay said, we can meet up in Florida or you come to California.
hug teddybear
Correction gayyem, should have been "taught" not thought.hug
Hey gayyemhug
Its been almost 22 years wirking in my profession and this gave me the opportunity to bring out the best in me.Appearing to different interviews for the job, attending some symposium as the lecturer.Things were made to happen
nobody's perfect but we cn make it possible to be great.This experiences get me into where I am nowhug teddybear wine

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