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"Youre Right String Man"\

"There Are A Vast Majority Of People....That Think...... Armageddon?............ Is A Term"

"When In Actuality?"......"It Is A Place"

"This Place Is Called...The Armageddon Plain"

"Its Location Is In Northern Israel/Palestine"

"And It Is Here....Where All The Great Kings..(Leaders)....Will Gather"

"For Mankinds Final Battle"

(Mr String Man.......It Sure As Hell ...Looks As Though)

(That Time?..... Is Just Around The Corner)...........................detective
hahah, words in english.
like a god would use that.
you are right Nam the final battle for mankind.
What's going on here?
It's The end my friend
That will be an adventure in itself.
I was told a cheat code, on how to get there faster.
but i'm no cheater. . , I"m more of a Grinder
Completely wrong Armageddon is being fought in the heavens now by Michael/Jesus against satanic forces & will end when Yhvh considers the 144k is complete this is a symbolic number only then He will torch the earth

The chosen ones at that time will die & be taken to heaven & the rest of us who are saved will stay on earth & be adopted by Yhvh in His eternal kingdom
New scrolls are being opened to us at the marriage feast of the Lamb of God & many wonderful things are being taught us from the books of Daniel & Revelation

It would be well for everyone to pray for guidance to the real truth to avoid death by fire!
I am extremely surprised at you Stringman that you are STILL posting this nonsense have you not prayed for guidance yet?
I sent you some info ages ago & you didn't even have the decency to reply what sort of gentleman are you? professor
String, remember to give me at least a week's notice before the end is nigh

I don't intend to leave here with any unspent money joy cartwheel joy
Molly - with Mimi spending my money on "fire sales" I'll only require about 15 minutes notice before I run out of money, "Err" my bags are packed as we speak.uh oh
Art, maybe you should have String's blogs excluded from her CS feed
She seems to be taking 'the end is nigh' too seriously indeed laugh
Molly, You might be on to something. Mimi wanted me to send her info on local "nursing homes" near my house. When I asked her why she said that there just would not be enough space available for both me and her purchases.............I fear it will be a "one star" place so as to free up more money for her insatiable shopping. help moping help moping
Art, the best thing is to choose your own nursing home and just move in there before she arrives over and takes over your house at all laugh
Molly, please refrain from giving my Arty any ideas scold

He should be thankful that I’m even thinking of ‘one star’ coz truth be known, I was actually looking at the ones that’s rated as ‘minus 3 star’! devil


Molly reunion

you may not have to worry about money.
You know I am not going to watch a video, String laugh

Nice tats on the baby. Although he is a bit young for them
you're likely not alone.laugh
A cashless society might be interesting.however its not guarenteed full proof of fraud.
i thought obama was the sign and his martial law and dictorship and other stuff.
"The lady from Spain? sounds to me like she is a Jehova witness. wave Jenny
yep, you are right jenny.
Is it just a coincidence that the people who believe all this rubbish seem to be the same ones who write the pro Trump blogs? confused

I wonder what conclusions we can draw from that.
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Ms Jenny I don't know how may times I have to tell you I am NOT a JW but then you are really far too arrogant to listen to anything people tell you & too quick to form your own judgements also you are too proud to pray for guidance!

1943. hovah Strongs Concordance hovah: a ruin, disaster Original Word: ???? Part of Speech: Noun Feminine Transliteration: hovah Phonetic Spelling: (ho-vaw') Definition: a ruin, disaster

3068. Yhvh Strongs Concordance Yhvh: the proper name of the God of Israel Original Word: ??????? Part of Speech: Proper Name Transliteration: Yhvh Phonetic Spelling: (yeh-ho-vaw') Definition: the proper name of the God of Israel

Michael is leading the battle of Armageddon now in the heavens which will culminate shortly when the elders turn on the gov body. the 10 kings are those chosen within the org who try to repair the WTS & rule for a very short time. The Gt Crowd are the remnant of the 144k which is a symbolic number only This information is dictated to us by Holy Spirit at the marriage feast of Michael the Lamb of God. Please pray for guidance you too can have eternal life as I have.
miriamaquilina: "Summer time"(meet us in the puzzles)

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