Odd couple

I met these people, and for all I know they met on CS although that would be a fantastic coincidence and, if they read this blog, a little embarrassing. So I shall say nice things. They ARE nice.

He is, I don't know, middle-aged, very fit and bronzed, good-looking, with a drop-dead-gorgeous French accent for the perhaps 2 dozen English words he knows. Which is about as many French words as I know. He does also speak a little Spanish. About as much as I do. That's really not a lot of Spanish.

She is a little younger, mid to late forties? extremely attractive, Spanish, lives a few hours up the coast from here. She speaks no French and no English.

They are staying a week. Would you go away on holiday with someone you basically couldn't understand or speak to except in the most general of terms? For a week?

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26 year-old?!?! uh oh uh oh uh oh

I’m no cradle-snatcher!! snooty
I hadn't heard about floods in Mallorca
We have a storm coming in this evening. Hopefully we won't be washed away
I want to take the dogs for a walk, not a swim laugh
Mimi, a 26 year old is closer to your age than Art is laugh

(Sorry, Art help )
One whole week? Doesn't the ole saying go "fish smells after 2 days, or 3 days " dunno
Oh Molly, did I not tell you that I failed in all my Math papers while in school? grin
Flash floods in Majorca killed a few British tourists, also had a bad one in Marbella, 15 cms of rain in 15 minutes, flooding shops and causing havoc. I was recently up to my ankles in floodwater here in the house and hope that never happens again. It has been a bit hectic. The rain in Spain has been falling anywhere it pleases.
Hi Robert! wave

I had to look up the wording - Fish and visitors stink after three days. Benjamin Franklin (obviously not a congenial host laugh )
Mimi...any excusescold laugh

Biff, unfortunately it probably will happen again. Spanish houses , or infrastructure, isn't storm-ready. And with climate-change, there will be a lot more of them, so you have to prepare your own house as well as you can for them sigh
And you remind me, it's time for walkies here too, the dog has been tugging at my top in a rather anxious way.

Molly, I REALLY hope not, the entire street has been dug up, better drainage put in, and as soon as it is all over (three weeks of noisy roadworks, such fun) Z will be coming to fit a non-return valve as well, since my flood (and every other house in the street) wasn't because of the storm itself but because the storm drains backwashed and water came surging out our house drains. Scary stuff. I got off more lightly than most as I was able to barricade my inner doors in time.

Enjoy your stormy walk wave
mollybaby. "Mimi a 26 year old is closer to your age than Art is"

mumbling very mad Actually Molly I'm really only 25 years old but I had to lie about my age to have a chance to get into Mimi's knickers!!!!!!!banana "Err" I look like this because I've been sick........dancing yay
I wouldn't worry about them...
Sometimes saying nothing means more than talking much...
Where there is a will there is a way...
It's just a language needing to be learnt nothing life threatening... laugh
You learn a lot of another language when you spend a week together rolling on the floor laughing
And how to walk differently too laugh
Oh Molly rolling on the floor laughing
Art I didn't realize you were 25 either, I didn't allow for the fact you'd already been holidaying with Mimi for a few days by the time we met. grin
pK I'm not remotely worried about them.

The blog is more about whether the rest of us would be brave enough to take on such a holiday. laugh because up to now I wouldn't have thought of such a thing. Wondered if I was the only one.
Emmy, they do say it is the best way to learn a language, after all. professor
sure....why not..we can draw pictures to each other.......laugh
One of my girlfriends back in my hometown has been chatting with someone from The Netherlands for the past 4 months.

He speaks Dutch and English.

My friend speaks Chinese, Malay and a smattering of English.

( When Art met her, I had to be their interpreter grin )

Anyway, this Dutch guy is kinda smitten with my friend and would like to make s trip to Malaysia this coming December. My friend is of course excited but worried at the same time.

So far, they’ve been using Google Translate but can you imagine using that when you’re *ahem* in the throes of passion? uh oh
Mimi, now here I can help! (and M4, take note)

When I need something from the local shops, which are tiny and crammed, I look up the name on Google translate first, memorize it, and trot confidently off to the shops.

So - firstly the Dutch are the greatest linguists on the planet, and he will be close to fluent in a week. I have no idea how they do it. But what your friend has to do is look up five or six phrases that might be relevant, from 'yes exactly like that' to perhaps 'do THAT again and I will hurt you' grin (well, I'm joking. More or less) but, you know, the basics. In English or in Dutch. She can memorise those and Bob's your uncle.

Obvious ones I have in Spanish are 'please speak slower' and / or 'I don't understand' and / or 'could you point?'

One or two off the top of my head -

dat was geweldig
Niet zo snel
ik heb erg veel honger

I could date a Dutch guy, come to think of it. Afrikaans is sometimes close enough to at least get the gist. And then he would learn (or already speak) Spanish and I'd never need to learn any more than I know already laugh
Biffffffff! applause

You have the solution to just anything and everything!! rolling on the floor laughing

One of the reasons I hate using a phone, because I have travelled to many places where I don't know the local language, so have grown used to reading facial expressions. I am lost when I cannot see the speakers faceblues
Mimi, adventures are important laugh
Rizla, exactly! I am absolutely lost on a Spanish phone call!

I think that's why I like talking on Skype rather than on the phone, as well. wave

There you go, Mimi, nothing to worry about laugh
What about learning sign language and pretending to be deaf?, sounds harsh but it will work in any country.
I did think sign language could be the international language but guess what, GUESS WHAT, there are differences from country to country!!!

I don't know what they are but I do know there is something called ASL - American Sign Language - and too much to hope that the US is the only one which is out of step.

Biff, Avoid the Rock and hard place issues by simply NOT learning ASL, Its really to order donuts and 36 oz diet cokes, not describe a babbling brook with a deer drinking the waters at sunset.
You must of course remember that wonderful lunacy of the SA signer who hadn't a clue what he was doing and just gestured wildly -

From 1.44 is best.

Great sex and hoping to figure out if there is a future for them as a couple? dunno

Did I mention great sex? confused
Got Dog!...................................rolling on the floor laughing
roll eyes oops! Sorry. Wrong Blog.
wedo1: "wedo's compatibility quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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