Weigh here and there...

Just today, a colleague said, there will be a switching of staffs.
Since saudization was implemented, there should be 70% of Saudi staff in an institution or a company, which is why, a lot of private companies or businesses decided to stopped operation considering wages and quality of works. For us at the government sector, gradually, removing staffs from the lower positions, like cleaner, then the administrative positions. For patient care it would take time .
Last year, I went applying for a job to another country, which luckily I got hired, just that I need to process work permit which it would take time, as I went there with a tourists visa only. I went back to work and supposed submit my resignation . Just that, the admin told me to sign renewal of contract as it's due time already and submit a letter of extension for a specific months.
So i did. But the director asked me the reason. It's because of the danger of lossing a job, because of saudization and that I could not just sit back and wait, as the sole provider of my kid's needs, I cannot be without a job.
The director assured me I will be safe . Well, I love my job, and the company that allows me to travel in other countries with plane fare and hotel accommodation, is a great previlege. Free housing, and all the facilities that includes water and electricity, plus my garden around the house. Things is not that easy to decide. But the fact that, there is no such thing as permanent. So I really need to weigh things over and over again. My next job, the salary is almost the same, just that the cost of living is quite high, and house rent is high too plus I have to shoulder plane tickets whenever going for holiday, which costs a lot. The only thing, I could take my kid's with me, which I wished for us to be together, not that easy though.
One thing more..I need to change job description too, as I have certificate of qualification but I need to study a year more in order for me to practice my profession, well, that's ok. I could start with a job and study when I get settled. Another thing more, considering the age...will I be able to have that brain to be in school again???
Anyhow I communicated to the company I applied abroad, that it would take time processing resignation, there is a need to have clearances. The position will still be open, as more staff are needed. So I rested my thoughts about, what am I supposed to do, as it caused stress
But here I go again..
I talked to the Boss about switching of staffs today from the main site to our satellite and vice versa. And there is already the name of the staff, and am sure the said staff will never want to transfer as the job is more toxic at the main site. They are doing the switching as gradually they want Saudis to fill the position. Good thing, the said staff will not be sent home. The said staff, did not know yet, but am trying to asked "what if"? The answer is negative.
Just thought, I will sacrifice, since I had that intention to leave the job anyway, I thought to volunteer to transfer, that would take 7 months more. Puzzled, puzzled and puzzled..
confused though I trust HIM ,angel

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Hey ayoneqwave
This brought me back years ago when I was in the Military there in Saudi for almost 8 years.Saudization was always the threat for many.Some would be thinking for another option.Now its the same reason ....the best way is to have something plan B incase.Specially if you are the sole provider it really difficult when you don't have job.Trust in Himthumbs up thumbs up cheers
Right now I'm disgusted with the Saudi's..Murderous bastards,
Merc wave
I understand where are u cmong from ...
Yeah..Plan B is really needed, in situation like this.
Maybe you are right when you said it's a threat. But to know there were lots of company's got closed, and some employees still waiting to get paid, cannot find other job while still here , with the fear, the company might not give them their salaries and benefits.
In the company where am working, deployment of porters already been started, and also admin staff as Saudis could handle such job. But patient care is quite difficult for them.
I already had that plans since 3 years back, just that, the thoughts of a new surroundings to adjust with, and the fact that, transferring here and there is never a good idea for me. Am already good with the previleges. I had in mind when I left job here, I will be happy fulfilling my dreams, to be a good farmer, but my Mom opposed as she said, farming is not an easy job, working under the heat of the sun. She just don't understand my passion.
What holds me is the economic situation, that I could not put the future of my kids, in danger. So before I go for good, I have to let them finished their courses. It would take 3 years more. Which is why, I seek job to another country have to be there next year .
You know how low the wages in our country.
My worries at present is about this colleague, I could not even tell her to get ready. or even just tell her, her name is on the list. I understand that am not here for her, as we just met by chance, I am not here to be a friend to anyone, I am here for work. We have each own life..but she is like my younger sister ..crying
Right now I'm disgusted with the Saudi's..Murderous bastards,

Life here is just playing basketball.
When entering the basketball court, we should abide the rules, in order not to have that fouls....follows by...in order not to be hit by the ball, staying away of the court, should be.
People are being killed for serious reasons.
Offenses has specific penalties though .
Like thieves, fingers will be pulled one by one and slashes too. Most cases here are immorality and alcohols..
As for me, I could not tell much aside from work. My routine is work and house..bank and market.
Talking about government and religion especially against is a taboo..scold
Thanks for dropping a comment.handshake
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