Hurricane Alley

Damn hurricanes are coming later and later in the season every year. I remember in 2004 when I pretty much moved over 3,000 miles back to FL we had four stinking hurricanes roll over us in one year-NO FUN. The city looked like a bomb went off. Our state govenor was President Bush's brother so we got QUICK state of emergency cooperation. When I was a young girl growing up here hurricane season was over in August, hardly ever had one later. In 2004 they all hit in Sept or later. No electricity with the brutal heat can darn near be fatal.

Had some major hurricanes since then but I personally experienced little damage, some discomfort but little damage. A scary moment when I didn't know how my son fared but in the end he did well.

As I blog I have a pleasant rain with small gust of winds here and there from hurricane Michael as he lands in the panhandle of my state, Florida. My city is going to experience some flooding and will have property damage but the Panhandle is going to be years in recovery. Georgia and North Carolina, it's coming your way but will be much weaker then when it slammed into our land.

I have a friend from MD up there in that panhandle, I texted him this morning but no text back yet. I'm going to guess he jumped in his boat and ran at least I hope so. I was going to offer him safe haven here but I haven't heard from him. Crossing my fingers for his safety.

Good luck to any other US east coasters.

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We have a storm starting here too.
Just a storm though, not a hurricane.
Best of luckhandshake
It's 2 MPH shy of a cat 5..Winds up to 155 MPH

It's catastrophic the scenes from my tele are terrifying

I wish you the best of luck..Stay safe.

In saying the above why people live in these zones has me dumb founded.

But hey people who don't believe in Global Warming are paying the price.
Be safe...
You can't jump in a boat and run...If you ignore continual warnings when told to evacuate you must stay it's as simple as that.
It's not just them will pay the price. We all will

Especially poorer countries
Yeah that's what pisses me off Molly.
I live on the big bend of Florida in Perry. I live about 20 miles from the coast, and received a lot of rain and wind but never lost power. So much destruction to the east of me, but have not yet heard of any deaths so far and hope not.

Real lucky, but praying for the ones directly in path of hurricane.
Global Warming.

What the hell - we're all gonna be dead in ten years...

Maybe a bit longer for Merc & others below the Equator.

What difference, at this point, does it make?
"Hope is a really bad idea." scold
- Guy McPherson

Well you know who to vote for hug
My uncle left Miami and moved to Ocala to escape hurricanes. If I recall correctly, one bypassed Miami and cut through the state.
Should of said who not to vote for conversing
Just been reported so far one death when a tree fell on that persons home.
Merc, I just seen it on news. sad flower
Be safe Fay.As early as now have your groceries and things needed ready incase.hug teddybear
I'm always prepared - I have booze!

I'm very safe the storm was 200 miles west of me. My city has a little flood damage but hey we know we are damn lucky. Pensacola & Mexico Beach (I didn't even know we had that city) are devastated. The eye of the storm hovered over three states at one time, Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Baaad storm!

But my garden got watered real good.
I'm glad all is OK with our CS Floridians and that Fay's garden got amply watered. grin
"I'm always prepared - I have booze!"

Semper Paratus, Fay cheers

Semper Fi Mic
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