seek Truth and know God

Who so ever seek Truth from bible or other place, will know God by believing
and obeying his commandments,and will be saved from evil and from sin.
God is love and is Good,God want no one to perish but to be saved.
Love God with all heart.., and your neighbours as yourself.
seek Truth before is too late,time come when judgement come then is too late!
Don,t lose time but seek and find truth .
have a nice day.

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Those who seek the truth in a book or anothers words will not find the truth within themselves.How can God ever touch you,if you do not know the God in you?
marlindap; I know God within me,do you ?
You can,t know God within you if you reject truth from bible or other place,as you did so before! God do not speak only in bible, but more will speak in your mind,in your thoughts,your words, and your deeds and in your heart!
So God speak within me and i know him.
if you have known God, you would not reject Truth that i spoken!
so you did reject before .
If you really are from Finland you have all these beautiful ancient spells you can learn, yet you choose the bible.
Jefke59: "To my father"(meet us in the blogs)

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