It's YOUR move.

You play white. "Do you feel lucky...... ?"

What is the best single chess move you can make in the position shown below ?
It leads to checkmate of the black king a couple of moves later.


The chess notation is, that the location of the lower left space is a1, and the space just
to the right of a1, is b1.
Thus, the highest right corner on the board is space h8.

K = King
Q = Queen
R = Rook
B = Bishop
N = Knight
P = Pawn

So, one could move the Pawn in front of your king (Ph3) to the h4 space as
1. P h3 - h4, as your first move. But, there is a much better move.
What is the best one ?

The first one to state it, wins the challenge. peace

Comments (10)

White Queen to E8 check.

Black King to H7

White Queen to H8 check mate.
R-c2..... Any counter move results in Q to rank8 +... Kh7...Qh8mate.
White Q to e8 Check, Black K to h7, white Q to h8 mate.peace
I had it as soon as I seen it but I can't type fast.moping
You guys with Qe8 need your eyes tested!... If Qe8...R(e2)xQ! professor
Nice job G. thumbs up thumbs up head banger
How stupid of me. You were correct G. I guess it should have been Q toH3 first and everything would still result. Right?????????
No ., because that allows the black rook to take the white bishop = check.
This forces the white king to h1.
The black rook then moves to h2 = check.
The white king is then forced to g1.
The black queen then moves to f2 = checkmate.
Sorry Jim. I meant white Q to c8 check then everything falls into place. Will this work? I guess I'm getting too old as I used to be at least an average player, lol. When your not busy with your political stuff please do another one. Thank you. Art
Yeah, I do plan on doing other ones. I'm glad this one made some people think.
It's likely not that you got old. It's more likely that you have gotten rusty from not playing chess.

If your first move was the white queen to c8, it will be immediately taken by the black bishop.

The best solution is, as was solved by Ger. above, to move the white rook between the black rook and black queen to prevent the double attack on the white bishop.
Once either of those black pieces moves to take the white rook, it opens up a space
on the last rank for the white queen to attack the black king, and then move to h8 for checkmate. If instead, the black rook takes the white bishop = check.
Then the white rook takes the black rook and essentially wins the trade of a white bishop for a black rook. That white rook is then protected by the white king, so it also attacks the black queen. Thus, after the black queen moves out of danger, the white queen can now proceed to the 8 rank safely to complete the check & checkmate moves. head banger

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