Way over 5,000,000 USA people (so far) have petitioned to impeach Donald Trump

There's still time left to be part of the first 10 million people to do so. cheering

Just go to this link and add your name. thumbs up thumbs up

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Why don't you just move to outer space then you won't have to hear or read about President Trump!scold scold
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing .................detective
Heh Jimmy!!!!...."This Rocket Ship Should Do It!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh

JN. Yep, impressive numbers. But as a percentage, actually much less than the electoral college vote for trump trounced Hilary. And even in the unlikely event that the Dems. repossess the House, the most it will be is a Clinton serial perjurer/rapist style impeachment, with no chance of a two thirds senate confirmation. Brilliant trump for six more years, then brilliant Pence thereafter. And a brilliant Supreme Court for a generation. Not too shabby, no?
uh oh

We might live to see Mad Maxie Waters introduce Articles Of Impeachment on the basis of a petition.
Screw the Constitutional Republic! Let's go full-on PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC!

The ignorance of Murkuns regarding their Constitution is staggering.
And more than a little frightening.

THE PEOPLE will get their opportunity to impeach The Don in two years and a month.
Just like they always do.

OTOH - There are a lotta crazies out there. You could get 5 million Murkuns to sign damned near anything...

Like banning WATER! shock

And yes. InfoWars repeated a gag petition first done by Penn & Teller.
What of it?!

Donald Trump has admitted his campaign colluded with the Russian government to get elected, failed in his duty as Commander in Chief to defend our democracy, takes money from foreign governments daily, actively obstructs justice, and thinks he is above the law. We the people must impeach this president. Sign on now.

yeah sound like he's bad devil devil devil . Any body got a zip code I can borrow , need one to vote a few thousand times using Guerilla mail , people can be led by the nose mumbling
What political figure hasn't.giggle
We'll see who has the last laugh, after Mueller and the state of NY is done with the Trumps. head banger
That woman got a Cornell University Chemistry Major to sign her petition...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

What V said.

There's no way in hell 2/3 of the Senate will vote to remove him.
This is an exercise in futility. And stupidity ala Mad Maxie.

It's gone on for nearly two years.
Murkuns are tired of it - they're in impeachment fatigue.

That condition of itself might result in an unexpected Red Tsunami in less than four weeks...just to end this nonsense.

No one will be able to hang it on uncultured, uneducated, feeble-minded voters.
Dems/Libs will have brought it on themselves - they are goring their own ox.

#WalkAway Movement joy
Even if Trump were to get impeached but I doubt it and then we end up with Pence.rolling on the floor laughing
Yeah, Pence would not be good at all. But, even he would be a lot better than Trump,
officially the worst US president in history.

head banger
As far as I can tell I don't recall a good one.
Ya gotta learn the song, bear dancing

Altogether Now - Ah-One and Ah-Two...
Impeach Fordy-Fi! Impeach Number Two!
Impeach 'em both! And Kavanaugh too!

#WalkAway Movement
Jim they only finally got Al Capone on tax evasion and some very odd figures are coming out about Papa Trump's finances.If Trump Younger hasn't scrupulously paid his taxes there could be a few problems, but I'm sure he has.

In those tax returns which, like Obama's birth certificate, are waiting for the most effective moment to be revealed.

The man who would be president would never, after all, have defrauded his own country.
I am NOT ms
Just something to think about.

He might not have to be impeached, I am not so sure he will run for re election.

And he needs more than just his base to win and I am not sure he can build up much more than base.

Just something to think about
Mic you know what you can do with that song don't you?
I am NOT making that up about 'going after Pence' scold

Here it is, straight from Mad Maxie...

She's gonna get Putin, too - gotta add another line to the Impeachment Song writing

You want feeble-minded, y'all... THAT'S feeble-minded!!
And she's a Representative in the U.S. Congress?!
Are you shitting me?!?!

#WalkAway Movement cartwheel
@biff , Trump has been audited several times by the IRS , if there were any problems they would have been pursued .
Yes! The Capone analogy! Brilliant!

Except, Biff, it was floated and bandied about loonngg ago on this tedious treadmill.
It's old and stale.

It came. It went.
Precedent dating back to the 1880s suggests Impeachment cannot be brought up on actions of a Prez prior to assuming office.

Try again.
Actually - don't bother.
'Most anything you're likely to come up with will alr
...be old. And stale.
dem's hope must not be destroyed , people with no hope jump from bridges

lets give them hope

impeach fordy five , impeach fordy five .....
To hell with their hope, ep devil

I'm sick of this silly shit.
Let 'em jump. I have no shits to give sad flower

#WalkAway Movement dancing
Yeah. I know. It's old and I'm in a rut.

But the pic was already there...so what the hell...why not dunno

I wish folks would stop telling me what an improvement it is conversing
Insensitive sum'bltches mumbling

Wrong blog.

I'm dealing with s new device and the damned thing's giving me fits...
Gee. I wonder why Dirty Don's CFO was granted immunity to testify. wink
Do you think he might have something substantial on his boss ? grin
Or do you think they just gave him that for Halloween ? laugh

How many guilty Trump associates are cooperating with Mueller ?
Flynn, Papadopolus, Cohen, CFO, & who is next ? Jared ? Don Jr ?
Tic. Tic. Tic. Merry Impeachment Mr. Trump. wave
It's just a matter of time before it's time for the orange phoney to pay the piper.
Let the proceedings begin. cheering
Maths not your strong point Jim .
Actually, science & math are 2 of my strong points.
I have actually successfully competed on a math team.
So, as usual, you are not right. tongue
Well then you will have worked out you need 76 senators , 8 from the GOP are up for election , I'll let you make the numbers fit scold real figures not funny socialist ones .
Not since he started to run for Presidency, he said he would release his tax details after being audited, and so far the audit had been dragged out for over 2 years.
Political audits run by the dearest Lois Lerner are not supposed to be short .
I heard the list of names of people who signed this petition is being sent to the IRS and they will receive full IRS audits. applause What comes around goes around.professor
You may have also heard that bigfoot and the Lochness monster has 15 offspring together. laugh
Jimbo. Let's hope yet that you're not a teacher. No worries, Lou is probably your head mistress.

Do you actually read the shyte that you wright??

uh oh
It's pretty obvious Jim gets his Democratic talking points from the far left comedians every night. Let's hope he isn't really a teacher.
I'll teach you right now. The word is write. And no, I don't have to read what I wrote.
Since I wrote it, I know what I've written.
I suppose you think it's OK to get your news from political parties and Russian bots,
as long as it fits a conservative agenda somewhat. It doesn't seem to matter to you what the truth is.
I hope democrats win just enough to knock the smug out of republicans without getting smug about it. Americans need to be regularly defeated and humbled because at all times America is inches away from flying into the sun. Pain is the only antidote for a nation of such arrogance and delusion, smug complacency.
This is the thanks we get for rescuing the UK from the Nazis. laugh
No, actually Jimbob, America was late in the war.

Hate to break the news Jimbob from New Jersey but Americans were making coin.

You wouldn't have a clue doh

Perhaps you should read the history books

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