"We Are The World"

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Hi CH, it's been a long time since I seen this video. thumbs up

Was for a great cause.

"We Are The World"

"What A Load Of Crap"

"When Michael Jackson Pulled This Off?"

"It Took Six Months To Get The Product For Sale..... To The Public"

"And In That 6 Month Period?"

"How Many Died of Starvation?"

"Instead Of All That Song Stuff?'

"They Couldve Dug Into Their Pockets And Donated"

"It Was All Designed To Say"

("Look At Us!...Look What Were Doing!")

(This Is Not Directed At You Crazy)

(Just The Subject).............................detective

yes, this is a great song, powerful...one of my favorite. was listening to it and feeling , thought it would be good to share it here.

I hope you're having a great day therehug
Hi Nam,

I didn't know the full story of this song but it rocked the world...all the best musician put together, powerful lyrics and perfect song. Not sure just how many children were saved and people helped but I'm sure there were many. Wish to hear another great song that could help the world come together.thumbs up
CH, yes powerful and a great cause.

Everything is good here and hope the same for you.

Thanks for sharing video.

I'm not from the Choctaw tribal community but a very nice lady from CS sent me this link on the Thread of CS.

you may like this link too.
It wasn't just Native Americans who fell under the baton of the immoral Irish.

nonsmoker you misunderstood the link.Oh never mind.
The idea for ‘We are the World’ came after the huge success of the British pop stars single ‘Feed the World (Don’t They Know it’s Christmas Time)’ released in November 1984.
And please note brother Nam...it was recorded in one day and released soon after.

Here is the info on it ( sorry I can add youtube links from the ipad, but you can easily youtube it.

Do They Know It's Christmas?" is a song written in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in reaction to television reports of the 1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia. It was first recorded in a single day on 25 November 1984 by Band Aid, a supergroup put together by Geldof and Ure and consisting mainly of the biggest British and Irish musical acts at the time. The single was released in the United Kingdom on 3 December 1984 and aided by considerable publicity it entered the UK Singles Chart at number one and stayed there for five weeks, becoming the Christmas number one of 1984. The record became the fastest selling single in UK chart history, selling a million copies in the first week alone and passing 3 million on the last day of 1984, on the way to displacing Wings's "Mull of Kintyre" as the biggest-selling single of all time in the UK. It held this title until 1997 when it was overtaken by Elton John's "Candle in the Wind 1997", released in tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales following her death.

handshake applause
No I full appreciate the sentiment of how The Nations supported what we consider our long walk while they were having theirs. And I have nothing but respect for the love shown. But Like I often say about How America should be more accepting of its Global wrongs. I also believe All Other Countries should too. Many Irish people get offended when I tell them of our dark history. But I think it needs to be told. handshake hug
*can’t add youtube link
@ Robby, that's how I remember it also. It was recorded in one day and released soon after. thumbs up
Wen...thanks for posting it mate....cheers
Nam, how do you know that the musicians didn't make their own donations?

If they did, and had they published the information, they would surely have been accused of bragging for their own publicity, wouldn't they?

I was involved in some fundraising this year - I didn't go round telling people how much I'd personally contributed. I didn't much enjoy going round asking people for money, either. And it was exhausting. I'd be pretty pissed off if anyone had said that I'd done it for show.
@Jaco the Wholesome dogooder.

"I'd be pretty pissed off if anyone had said that I'd done it for show."

Do you ever have an opinion or do you just say the "Right Words" continuously to either feel better about yourself or hoping that others feel better about you?

In other words, do you say the "Right Words" for show whilst not really expressing what you really mean, think or contemplate?

What do you really think????? teddybear
Since its release, "We Are the World" has raised over $63 million (equivalent to $141 million today) for humanitarian causes. Ninety percent of the money was pledged to African relief, both long and short term.

I cannot find any reference to it taking 6 months to go for sale, it was written and recorded late January 1987 and was on sale 7th March 1987. So just over a month to manufacture millions of copies.

Yeah-Nah, I think you haven't read nearly enough of my posts. grin

He is on a classic troll run...shite talk..roll eyes
No going over bridges then, Loulou? super
But Louie Babes,
Wasn't it you that actually said that you were "surprised" that LJ being a woman and non white voted for Trump?

For all and sundry, explain yourself? Take your time explaining yourself.

Are Asian Ladies not allowed to vote for Trump? BTW, aren't you from Canada?

Do you see how this works now? Wanna debate Ms prissy dogooder Lou teddybear

Just for argument or debates sake, which is fundamental by the way.

Are you Caucasian? It's a straight forward question dunno

Your skeletons in the closet don't hold much water. Simple question Jac

If it makes you feel easier to pretend otherwise, you may say Caucasoid instead of Caucasian......are you a Caucasian? Yes or No? Must be horrible when you're asked direct questions.

Are you Caucasian/White? comfort
I would just like to thank Yeah_Nah for demonstrating what a troll is. Maybe now all the people who keep accusing me of being one will realise their mistake.
Thanks Harby

It means a lot but sometimes the tough questions need to be asked because without honest to goodness answeres, what's the point?

Can't wait to see your version of Welsh River Dance OR "ringa round a poses" and let's not forget the Morris minor DANCE"

Sweet diversion BTW, direct questions deserve direct answers, wouldn't you agree? wine
So many questions, yet not many answers.

What a shocker, oh well angel

Easy questions are usually the hardest thumbs up
Ooh, you've been looking at my profile. blushing shimmy
No more dances for the time being, Yeah_Nah, I'm going through a wilderness phase at the moment. But, fear not, when inspiration returns, it will be spectacular. cheering
Yes, I've perved your profile a few times rapunzel.......it's almost deplorable but here I am again just looking whilst not touching. heart1

As for Harby, damn the welsh bastards, not the maidens though handshake
Perhaps Jac could play Cello whilst the Harby does swan lake?

I'll sing the chorus " Knights in white satin"

And at smoko we'll share a couple of PJ Tips "You hum it son and we'll play it" rolling on the floor laughing

Too funny lips
Ignore the troll..roll eyes
I would be more than happy to participate in a duet with jac, loulou or crazy, Yeah_Nah, I quite like them all.
Jac and Har

I could play sax...lol...laugh
My foot is tapping just at the thought of it, loulou. laugh
Tip toe, through the tulips dancing
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