It's Never Too Late

Have you thought of what would it be if
you were the same age when you were so active in everything?

You are in a stage where you want to bring back the real you to life. You might have had a tough time till now and coping up with it would have been difficult but there is always a way to get out of it if you are willing.
Focus on the brighter aspects of life, Keep yourself engaged. Meet new people, spend time with friends and family, focus on accomplishing career growth and most importantly give yourself time everyday and talk to yourself, positive talks, The way you talk to yourself can make a huge difference.
This can help you cheers teddybear

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Nobody ever said life would be easy. Crickey. I'm nowhere I thought I'd be from early years. Totally the opposite actually head banger peace YeHa I love it. So exciting. The past is the past and we can't change it dunno thumbs up . And I love that about it. No regrets peace. One can only change thier direction. Not the past. I'm still more energetic than the young-ins at work. They already moan about thier aches n pains an I give em stick ( stick, arseholes, hard time etc ). Tell em they are soft rolling on the floor laughing . Apparently we can get locked up for that now dunno . I never got hurt and I got given more stick in first year than they get in a lifetime. dunno. Strange place this earth is turning out to be confused . rolling on the floor laughing .
Hi Jhen, well thanks for the advice, but as for me I don’t need to bring back ‘real me’ because the ‘real me’ has never gone away..haha.

I’m just the same guy I always was, doing the same things I always did, still positive about it all, still growing my career ( changed it last year for the umpteenth time in my

So, it’s onwards and upwards and sometimes sideways..haha grin cheers
Hiya my friend daearsapplause
Howdy? I love your entuthiasm and positive outlook of life.Bet you will stay young and never bother on things that cannot even help...hug I do that to go on with lifeteddybear cheering
"don't worry be happy"
If you can't make the best of the moment, don't dwell on why and focus on the next moment.
Hola Robhug
Of course you know better where you are heading in life.You are what make for yourself.But being real is what we have
going either way as you mentioned upward downward or sidewayshandshake teddybear
Yep don't focus on negative like"why's"
@ times you will come up with a good answer from it but leave the negative just
to learn from it....Go go on marchingcheering hug
let’s put it this way, if you don’t forget where you started from, you will always be happy doing whatever you do, if and only if, it is for the betterment of others. it also brings you closer to realize the feeling of thanking others for achieving whatever you do…. now the million dollar question, where you started from? RIGHT FROM YOUR BIRTH. you had nothing and whatever you have NOW is surely more than that. Be good to others and DON’T hurt those who love you. I feel great helping others and trust me, there is nothing more beautiful than helping others UNCONDITIONALLY.hug teddybear
Robbie wouldn't following the same routine day after day begin to get boring after awhile?

I know it it would bore the heck out of me.
Hope u feel better after the debate on the other sidehug I admire you of standing your groundwave thumbs up
ysabel you posted to me just now.

Hope u feel better after the debate on the other side I admire you of standing your ground.

@ ysabel I was taught to always stand up for myself and on the side of right.

Thank You.teddybear
yeah BW hug I just read my blog and I didn't know you dropped a commentthumbs up anyhow I always feel good to know how like you raised in a well mannered waycheers
Well ysabel sometimes I tend to forget my manners sometimes and have a little voice inside my head reminding me of how I should act. So you see I'm far being perfect after all and just human and have flaws..giggle
Of course we do have our own flaws but we maintain our ability to act in a good waywine hug
ysabel I try but at times it's hard sometimes so I just hit myself on the head.
BW yes it happened to me too but be just hurting myself so I will just go for a walk and came back alrighthug
We live life with the hope everything will be good all the time, so we should always be ready for the times that are not so pleasent.

You know kind of dust yourself off and carry on.

Goodmorning wenhug
A word of wisdom is what we need my friend and you have thatthumbs up
yes you are right we should be ready at all times like a "scout"hug teddybear
Thanks everyone and have a great and fruitful day aheadhug

"over and out"sleep
depending on what a person has been through, becoming yourself can be very difficult, traumas can lead to soul loss , thus making it hard for a person to ever feel whole.
We have to realize that we are not the only ones to fall into such a situation we will feel stronger. We get a sense of community, of friendship, and brotherhood colleagues - even if you do not meet anyone with the same plight. Just know that there are people out there just like you, it made you feel better already.

Realizing that there are thousands of other people have gone through what you are going through and they had to overcome. They have overcome and win. They did not die, lose hope or abandon. They were faced with the same things you (anything) and they have overcome those difficulties.handshake hug
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