Are You @ Peace right now?

Spending my spare time here in CS land made me feel @home like family.We might at times or all the time argue because we are different from one another but in the end of the day I would
show up and be like....

Forgiveness must be a major part of family relationship, because we know more about those we love and they know about us and those buttons can be pushed sometimes too easily, taking our frustration or anger over situations in life or other circumstances out on those we love instead of dealing with the issues more productively and controlling our words and actions.

Our loved ones are a blessing in our lives and if we do say or do hurtful things we need to apologize and make every effort to avoid doing the same thing in the future. As an apology without change in behavior doesn’t mean much.

Colossians 3:13

" Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you."

Our families are a blessing or meant to be in our lives, and as humans we often fail ourselves and others, but as long as we recognize and make amends, the one thing about family is most will readily forgive, because of the love and bond families are blessed with.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones, and may this verse provide you with support and encouragement during those stressful times.

This verse is a good one to remember during those times we are tempted to say hurtful things to those we love or to anyone.

Psalm 141:3

"Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips" (same as you type")

teddybear teddybear teddybear


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One fine day, while he was teasing me, I taunted him by saying "You're a pathetic person. You're not happy and try covering your sadness with fake smile. Deep inside you're a f*ck up person." He became sad listening to my words. I couldn't see him sad, so I went up to him and apologized. I couldn't believe what happened next. He hugged me and apologized for his past acts. Thereafter, he narrated how lonely he was. He went on to say that he lives a fake life front of everyone. We had a deep conversation, which dissolved our issues considerably. Next day onwards, I saw considerably change in his
Hi again Ysa wave

We all want "Peace" - so we say.... but....
as Ghandi once said: "Be the change you want to see in this world".

Peace should start within ourselves. peace
Hey there Dan againhug
Very smart onethumbs up
"And let it begin with me/us"
We must love the person, but we won't always have to like that person for what they stand for or do.
Even the diciples told that they did not like some of their brother and were told to leave them along then

wave Jenny
Hey BC nice of you to dropped bywave
Yes you can say that and I respect that.
At the end of the day forgiveness and acceptance which daniella mentioned that it always begin from ushug peace
ysabel there are no peace makers within what's left of my family so I found peace within myself not to deal with "Right Fighters" anymore.So I chose to just stay in my own part of my own space of peacefulness.
Jhen, nice blog. thumbs up

Yes I have peace in my heart, and hope you have the peace that passes all understanding.

Absolutely gayyem. Wish everyone in this world is at peace forever but it is what it is. teddybear
Wen applause

And MiMi has piece in her stomach....a piece of cheesecake that is grin
Jhen applause

There must be peace within ourselves, most importantly.

Om please
Hi MiMi. wave love Cheesecake,we do have to change up from Cupcakes every now and again.

Yes I am sure you are at peace. laugh

I am always at peace.but thanks for the reminder.
I do agree with you
I’m at peace, because I run my life, it doesn’t run me. I stay present and I don’t heavily invest in what everyone else in the world thinks of me. I appreciate others for who they are, not who they tell me I should be. It’s such an arbitrary idea to me, so presumptuous, and common. It’s a real head scratcher and of very little use to me.

Somehow … without trying I find I’m feeling content, peaceful, calm…happy… when I handle my life this waywine thumbs up
An inner peace to havehug

Good Sunday morning here and just done attending the mass and your comment reminds me of the priest after wishing the crowd before the ends....hug
Having peace in our minds us the reflection of a calm heartwine
Yes and I wish everyone with a peaceful
heart and love one another as I have loved you says the Lordhug teddybear
Mi2 dearestwave
A piece of cheese cake can calm your stomach to have a peaceful feelinghug wine


Thanks for reading sometimes we have to be remindedhug

Thanks all for your time reading my blogteddybear smitten
I'm at peace most days, regardless of any outside turmoil.

Yes, it has to do with my Biblical up bringing. It has to do with the many things I've seen and experienced in my life so far. It has to do with the many things I haven't seen and experienced as well.

I'm more than aware of a very large portion of what's written. I do what I can with in reason knowing it's man kind that is the root of all of the problems. Based on what's written, I watch things unfold knowing I'm fully limited with no way to stop what's to come.

Man kind can only prolong things at best, if he ever gets a true handle on upholding truth, law, and morality.

With these things in mind, I live. Any sadness most days isn't for me, but for people in general.

I still remain at peace. I'm only in charge of me with an absolute microscopic effect for any of the larger pictures.
ysabel some of today's society has become so violent the last few years and I'm so glad that I found a creek not far from me that I can visit even during colder weather to listen to the running water.I also have the video saved on my computer that I can watch and listen to anytime that I please.
I used to hear that water falls can be soothing and so is soothing music.
I think self-acceptance. No one is perfect; no one is worthless. We’re all just trying to make it through the day. Sometimes, we’re good; sometimes we’re bad.

If you try to be good and not hurt others, then you deserve some kind of credit. And you deserve to sleep soundly at night.And that we deserve that peace that the world cannot give but us
cheers teddybear

Wow I can imagine the sound of the waterthumbs up yes it is very soothing
and calm that gives good feeling.
Back from the countryside where my grannies there is this "Chico River" there is something about it why people go there.conversing hug
Hard to be at peice with the way the world's heading at the moment. I feel sad for the children and future children. Water will be the start of planets next major war. And following that a war over food. Within myself I am so at peice within. Totally. Otherwise I wouldn't spot changes happening. cool
You are one of a kind hug having aware of our environment and what is happening with the world is basically not yours but rsther you /we are affected ....Your inner peace counts before thinking othershug teddybear
much love too earsteddybear hug
Thank You Lord for waking up another day angel You deserve to be praise cheers hug teddybear

It's so peaceful Monday morning....I had a goodnight sleep....yawn teddybear
Jhen, thumbs up Amen

bouquet hug
Good evening wenwave
And so be ithug
How's the weather there?
I am as at peace as I will ever be laugh
Yep being @peace with everyone around us would be a lasting life aheadhug
I'm certainly at peace gayyem. hug
I know you are...some outside force will just ruin it all but keep on as long as we are good gayyemhug teddybear
No worries here gayyem. Those that want me banned, dead, vanished rolling on the floor laughing I laugh snd smile gayyem. I'm always at peace with myself and the world. What matters are those that love me like my children and friends like you. Life is way tooooo good gayyem and I'm feeling blessed. teddybear
I agree gayyemhug our children keep us safe and at peace in every way and thank God having my big boys around me is so peaceful that made my life meaningful....teddybear
cheers for both of uswine
teddybearcheers hug

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