CNN Piece On Importance Of Journalism Featured Next To Article Examining Trump's Eating Habits

U.S.—A piece promoting the importance of journalism and defending the profession as a noble guardian of democracy was featured on CNN's website Friday right next to an article examining President Trump's eating habits in great detail.

The opinion article went on for nearly 2,000 words, calling journalists "America's last hope" and labeling President Trump's attacks on the press as "dangerous" and "unprecedented." Meanwhile, the piece on Trump's eating habits described in detail the Big Mac he had for lunch on Friday, what kind of beverage he ordered, and how many of the fries he finished.

"Unbelievable: the president of the free world just asked for extra ketchup on his Big Mac. I don't believe we want to live in this kind of a country," the breathless editorial began. "What kind of a dystopian nightmare is this where the president can super-size his fries and drink? I keep hoping I'm going to wake up, but the nightmare continues."

CNN's Presidential Diet Specialist penned the piece, waxing eloquent on the exact way that Donald Trump munched on his fries and describing in gruesome detail the grease dripping from his fingers. "Good journalism is how we're going to combat this idea that the media is fake news," he said of the article. "And I'm going to do that be continuing to write about everything Trump consumes, from burgers and fries to those little pretzel bites with the peanut butter inside."

Tag - Satire

Comments (2)

It's disgraceful that the media are focusing on Trump having the habits of a pig when they should be drawing attention to him having the morals of a hyena.
Wow! The leader of the free world putting extra ketchup on his big mac! Everybody knows that the extra ketchup is to dunk your fries in, and even if big macks are tasty, the whopper combos are much better.
tekkk: "Wojtek"(meet us in the puzzles)

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