Hallelujah...Finally the veil of ignorance has been lifted.

Thanks to the political intelligentsia of CS bowing, the veil of ignorance that had shrouded me has now been lifted.
I shall never view history the way I once did. Now I understand. Now I know.

They did it to themselves.

It all makes total sense now.
Any group that felt hard done by, garnered public sympathy by attacking themselves.

It was never due to hate-fuelling rhetoric by the leader of their enemy, or the fanaticism of their opponents, it was all concocted and carried out by themselves.
The foresight to plant a loyal supporter as a fanatical opponent who attended their opposition's rallies years before is truly admirable. It should be applauded.

That this brave man drove around in a van with politically-motivated posters on his van , planting pipe-bombs against his own people, surely is a call for his elevation to sainthood. Especially considering he will surely spend the rest of his life in prison for this selfless act.
And the brave party members who allowed the pipe bombs to be sent to them will surely be rewarded in heaven.
All to make their party look like the victims? Yes, it was indeed a cunning plan worthy of its place in history.

Speaking of history, it made me think of other atrocities which must now be questioned. If they weren't carried out by card-carrying members of the group who were blamed for doing it, was it all a big conspiracy by the supposed victims?

Were the Jews so disenchanted by their treatment by the right wing party in government that they planted some people to carry out atrocities against themselves to garner public support? It makes total sense. And it worked,
Did Poland and The Netherlands arrange to be invaded?
Are there Palestinians amongst the illegal settlers on their lands?
The list is endless and mind blowing.

As my tiny imbecilic brain cannot possibly take all of this in, the only two simple things I can take from this are:

1. The obvious perpetrators are never at fault.

2. Any outspoken fanaticist is probably a plant from the other side.

Thank you for opening my eyes. teddybear
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I never seen it quite like that before. Very interesting conversing
Hans, my eyes have been opened to a never-ending list of possibilities since I have read other blogs.

But, as I have been kindly told on numerous occasions, I have the brain of a moron or imbecile (depending on the day) so it is not for me to have any personal thoughts on the subject. I leave that to the professors and all other more qualified posters teddybear
Even the words that Trump speaks are being replaced with lies by his enemies, just before they leave his mouth, just to make him look bad. Unfortunately, his supporters think it makes him look good.
Track, please don't overthink scold
That may lead to brain implosion help
Har, photoshop and its ilk have taken over the world ..we are doomed.
Doomed I say crying
Its already imploded, these days it's just for show laugh
Yes, Hans, only a democrat would get a crease in his window sticker. thumbs up
And remember boys and girls, you can only show awe wow ; confusion confused and love heart wings on this thread
Oh, and humour of course grin
Ahh Cesar the Patsy, being used just like Lee Harvey Oswald. Hans you nailed it. rolling on the floor laughing
Hey Baby

Good time to hide and seek. … Funny how that works. So long as morons believe they need saviors, sociopaths will take advantage of that belief and rule them:

History?, What´s that?

You have eyes? (nah, no picture to see)? wave

PS: history is full of examples of intolerance and bigotry and what happens when malicious ignorance blends with power.
Hi Bo wink

I can't put up a pic as it would show the moronic look on my face, and my soulless vacant eyes just waiting for enlightenment. moping
Bo, I am always smiling grin
My eyes have been open for a long time, but my eyesight has deteriorated. The opthamologist said it was a relatively new condition known as The Trump Glaze and was the result of being surrounded by a continual barrage of verbal diarrhea and general stupidity from Trump and his flock of sheep. help
Lucy, maybe you should go to a different consultant.

Verbal diarrhoea shouldn't affect your eyesight. nerd
It does. It creates such deep ennui which causes one's eyes to glaze over.
But you are looking at this all wrong (maybe caused by the ennui-glazing).
You should see and accept. Have those eyes enlightened and brightened like me.

It will save on consultancy bills too.
Angel..shout got dog hallelujah if you too have seen the light! yay
wink both green lights...
Forums and Blogs.
Keep straddling them.laugh
Double the fee!tongue
I didn’t did really undertood all of this but I was there by the witchdoktor what tolded
me to never shows a snake his reflectychun ins a mirror,what he see is someones attacking him and
he bites his own self, sos this how I see this pipe man.
I dont spioken good engelish for my first time in a blogg writing
A green light means all systems go, Ash wink
Mulletman, your English is good enough to be understood grin

Wise witchdoctor beer

Welcome to the blogs by the way. I'm sure your English will improve, as well as your eyes being opened, through your interactions here handshake
Thanks my ma tolded me to eating alls my mutton becus it helping me lern good english and= I can have as more happie life
Ookay Mullet uh oh

I'm sure your mother thought she was doing you a favour.

Maybe try eating a few veg now and again too. Give those sheep a rest.
dancing On my walkabout...
( singing)My madeup lyrics..
Id jump from a plane for 'ya.
Sing another refrain for 'ya.

devil <- mollybaby kiss
Ash, hope you're enjoying your walkabout laugh
Hi Jac wine
Interesting theory. But I can see how that could be a reason for denying culpability by association.
If you are that invested in any group, it is human nature to not want to disbelieve in them.

Hallelujah to you too grin
It's the first lesson they learned from Guru Trump: If you don't like the truth, refuse to let it be true.
Har, I guess in some ways we all want some things in our life not to be true. But usually we are alone in that, so we have to accept the truth.

However if there is a group dynamic of non-acceptance, then it makes it easier.
And eventually the non-truth becomes their truth.
It's cognitive dissonance at it's finest.

I can't say I spend any time listening to Trump, but I wonder if he deliberately plays on the phenomenon.

It's jolly insidious if he does.

It might speak volumes about the self-, other- and social-awareness of his supporters. It might speak volumes about the esteem with which Trump regards his supporters.

Something about grabbing felines springs to mind.
Jac, there are some leaders, very successful ones, who will use the fears of their followers for their own benefit.

Plus, one method of ruling is divide and conquer. Again it has proved successful, but with dire consequences, such as the Belgian division of Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda.
Thanks Itchy

I'm sure you didn't mean to play one of my favourite songs grin
No Moll, just your heading reminded me of one of my own favourites... very happy
Be careful Itchy, we can't agree on stuff scold
For a change, I completely agree handshake


I have observed the "professorial" assessment of yourself as a moron and imbecile.
Well, I think you are a very intelligent moron and imbecile if that is the case.
I'd comment but I have given up politics for Scorpio season
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