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Now that the rains have returned in earnest, it's time for me to do all those inside chores and other things I've been putting off. Two weeks of nothing but wonderful fall sunshine, had me gallivanting around the area, seeking and taking as many photos as possible.

My main goal today is to lay out a calendar I had no intention of making. As I'm on a local community fb page, and post photos of our picturesque area, I had no idea I had such a following. I knew I received a lot of comments and likes for my photos, but I take those with a grain of salt, as what someone likes on fb, doesn't always necessarily translate to a good photo in photo club.

After posting a photo of one spectacular sunset, one of my 'followers' said she hoped I was making a calendar as she wanted four. Numerous other people chimed in that they also wanted at least one calendar. After pricing it out, I decided that it could be lucrative. The next step is to design the calendar, choose the photos, and put up a web page for orders. Yikes! I really hadn't planned on this, and the pressure's on now as most people want them in November.

Although I have other household chores that need attending to, they'll get done in between breaks from the calendar. The chores will still be there, regardless. It's not like the chore fairy will show up and magically do them while I'm working on something else, unfortunately.

Yesterday, a little overcast, I went with two other photo club members out to the old shipyards. The following are a couple of photos from the excursion.

The old cannery

Obviously, a swan near the base of the building over the river.

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What a brilliant idea. Oh how fun it could be to take pics of Firemen, one for each month too.

Sunsets and winter scenes are great too.

When you get rich you can hire a chore fairy. That is one thing I miss giving up is the housekeeper I had when I worked full time. Now I'm my own housekeeper.
Haha Fay - yeah, firemen would be fun! wink

Right now, the requests for the calendar are for photos of our little city. As we're right next to Harrison Hot Springs, they usually get all the advertising and photos. So me making a calendar of just Agassiz appeals to the locals here. It's not anything I think I'll make scads of money on, but it fills a small niche for photos of this particular area.

Then again, you never know, there may be more requests than I anticipate. :) It's a great way to make a little extra cash and sell them at the upcoming craft shows. banana
Hello LadyImp wave I like that idea of a calendar of old buildings. For the locals in the area it would be a bit of local history, along with a lot of past memories.thumbs up I know out here a few cafes put up huge pics of older community buildings, they sure make for some great conversation pieces . thumbs up
Hi 1to1! wave

There aren't that many old buildings that have survived in this area, so the calendar would be missing quite a few months! lol. But the area is beautiful, and people are thrilled at the prospect of having their local area represented in the town's very own calendar.

It's unfortunate that so many historical buildings are demolished without a thought. That gives me another idea, the museum might want to sell the calendar! Thanks! grin
I've gotten LOTS of requests for calendars and have refused every time.
It requires at least a dozen relatively large photos for one price and they want it
cheap enough to throw out each year.
Unless it's successfully marketed nationwide with significant sales, it's simply not worth it.
There are very nice photo calendars for $1. I bought one the other day.

I would much rather the customers buy large glossy photos from me that they will keep,
frame and admire for a long time for a price a lot more than $1.
Well, Jim, that's your prerogative to not make a calendar, but I'll be making good $$ on my calendars and the people requesting aren't expecting them cheap. They know they'll be paying current rates and have no issue with it. Just because you haven't had the success you wanted, doesn't mean others won't. I've already been asked to get my webpage up so they can pay me in advance, as that's the only way I'd order any. Sorry your venture with calendars didn't work out for you. dunno
laugh It's not that "it hasn't worked out".
Instead, I chose not to do it, because the financials simply don't make a lot of sense for the customer nor me
and my time and efforts are better applied to other situations.

Don't get me wrong. I always root for your success in ALL your endeavors. thumbs up
I always have.

I'm curious, how much $ will each person be paying you for the calendars and how many photos of what size will be in each calendar ?

The 16 photos in the 16 month calendar of sunsets that I bought for $1 last week are 12 inches wide by 11 inches tall. One of the 16 photos is also on the cover and the back of the calendar has 11 of the other photos
in 2 inch wide format and one in a larger 12 cm wide format.
Making a little extra bread and butter (as I call it) money can never hurt, plus it is great advertising as well. Facebook's market place has turned into a very nice niche for selling too. Calendars should sell for you when you do your markets as well.

The only advise I can give is do not tie up your cash flow in inventory which is one of the biggest mistakes small business make, myself included made that very mistake.
Jim - I don't think it's anyone's business what my profit margins are in any of my endeavours. grin
Fay - That's why I'm taking pre-payment and orders. That way, I only order exactly what I need, and not have a lot of inventory. grin
I love nice photos
I'm glad calendars are still popular over there.
They are really dying out here, and charities which used to make a lot from money from them at Christmas, now have to find other ways of making money.
I love calendars, Molly - one's with nice photos. When I see how many calendars are brought in every year to stores, they definitely aren't dying out here, that's for sure. And people seem wiling to pay for them. Those are calendars that have photos of anywhere. The people in this community are extremely loyal and proud of their community and are thrilled at getting their 'own' calendar.

It's unfortunate that charities have to find other ways to fund their organizations, but I guess everything changes in time.
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