flashing on blogs

- Bloodybrilliant flashed her arse three years ago, but was a newbie and got easily provoked once by Calypso, once by Berry.
- Calypso flashed her boobs only for the purpose of one of her sex blogs.
- CrazyHeart flashed her boobs and sexy pants, but she only got carried away after touching herself.
- Mimi wouldn't flash, but she just can't hold her pups in cups. She flashed her legs, though.
.....so did the modest Kalpataru , but only to ape a frog.
- Berry flashed her boobs in off-peak time, saying:
"....I've been such a good girl for too long...."
, but after that, she regained her composure... well, that's what she said.

Pity, blogs will never see sexy Usha being this naughty.
Can't remember any more flashing........
- Gypsy, Witchie and Legs were never shy. I must have missed some of theirs. Daniela must have flashed on some more prestigious site.
- and me, I was flashing my arse, legs, belly and boobs, more than a hundred times. I'm a terrible attention seeker, the top female flasher. How bloody awful disgusting.

But hey, there are few male flashers....
- OB flashed his chest. That was when he was most popular among women. Even Molly liked him.
- Mr Crave flashed his arse not so long ago, yet for some reason he never got popular like OB.
- There's still Parsnips arse to be seen on my "perfect moment" blog. At least he left something behind.
- And there was a pervert (Frediesomehow), posted his d*ck, scared the hell out of women here.

Now I'm off to shower myself carefully , not to wash away that whore sign of my forehead. I just love it.

laugh teddybear

Comments (669)

I'm happy to say I haven't seen any of that!
@ replying to ~ ::so did the modest Kalpataru ::

well Uh.--
yea.... Being Modest is Hottest blues
Sorry to disappoint you...
But I have nothing to flash about.

Maybe 20 years ago? laugh
Bloody, I don't mind you putting me along side Biff....
but Gypsy scold Tut-tut and how do snooty

I was never shy, not too sure what to make of that confused

As for the picture of the the lady in red, you and Blue want us to believe its YOU, right or wrong" I don't believe it is .... not that I care, just saying is all.
maybe is some oul one having a bit of fun sure its no harm I suppose
For a bit of fun... show us your bum JJ laugh
cant load these pics but maybe your going to tonight I reckon irish women has nicest ones
You can't ... what to say JJ but that's a bummer sad
no out smarten the witch
Once a gent, always a gent .... wine

wink JJ
thanks itcy we can agree sometimes
When we do JJ, they're what I call golden moments coffee coffee

Bloody must of drained away down the plug hole confused
sure she has no bath washes in sea im told starkeres a sight to behold id say
laugh laugh JJ ... what ever roll eyes

Night now to you from me wine

"As for the picture of the the lady in red, you and Blue want us to believe its YOU, right or wrong" I don't believe it is .... not that I care, just saying is all."

speaking as the collective of bloggers by using "US"

i dont believe :

your a witch and a catholic as the catholi'cs burn witches ...

that you had elvise's love child (but a simple DNA test should clear that up)

that you have ever left your house in the past 10 years

i do believe 99% of your comments are from the wrong end of a bottle

this once again is my own opinion and i make no claims that it is shared by any other blogger alive or dead

so does that make my belief stronger than yours confused
bloody you forgot
and robby real

I'm sorry, I'm new to all this... is this an invitation to flash any of our body parts in here? rolling on the floor laughing

This is a dating site. Not all of us are selling ourselves here. Sometimes we come here for other reasons. As of now, it's raining here and I am lazy to get out of bed. yawn

As you are in a relationship, I don't think you are selling yourself as a piece of a** or a pair of boobs. And I do believe you appreciate yourself as a whole being, as a woman, as a mother than being just a body.

So, as long as you are okay with it, and your man is okay with it, I don't think anyone should care much about your free will. As I didn't loose an ounce of my own glutes with your flashed arse, I really don't care. I know most people whom you mentioned are funny ones who likes to have a laugh, and were having fun. laugh

Having said that, what we do is our own business. That includes changing the profile picture or having a 30 year old one too. If people think they can time travel 30 years, in case of meeting someone, so be it.

That's addressed to your man of course.
You tell him Usha. You tell him. laugh
Man, I don't remember Ian, Scotty or Roby. Must have been before my time or I was not impressed. laugh
Yeah, show us what you have, Mr Whatyouhad. applause
Mr Chat, you would be even happier if you saw.
Witchie, you could not give me a better compliment.
Mr JohnJim, life is too short to be taken too seriously. laugh
Mr Star, without the picture, you're not competent to criticise. roll eyes
Daniela, don't let the gravity bellitle you. laugh
@Bloody.....geez, how very hurt I am to be ‘not remembered’ I’ve been in yiur blogs, you’ve been on mine, I am often here.........and.........and........

I flashed my boxers here! cheering

At least OB remembered me cheers

tongue grin
I did nude gardening day pic. Nobody remembers that dunno laugh . Some here will remember. That's mighty fine by me teddybear
I'm a flasher.
Typical prudish Yankie post number 1. You can take the girl out of Tito's former worker's Yugo paradise, but never Croatia out of the female. But on my private CS emails, the dirtier and lower class the better. Floyd had it down---Mother, I need a dirty woman. She'll break my B---ls.
Roby, flashing boxers doesn't count. That's why I forgot. grin
A gardening day in nude, Daears? laugh thumbs up cool
A picture please, Unfayzed. grin
Altar, WTF are you talking about? laugh
I uploaded a joke pic with clothes pegs on my nipples saying I had unusual pain in my chest...

Everyone thought I was having a heart attack

So no one even looked at the pic

A compliment Bloody confused
Anyways, see it as you wish but my disbelief is not so much in the image/picture as it is the actions of a man who claims to love and adore you.

Call me old fashioned but real men don't do that ...
unless of course the picture ain't real roll eyes but if it is .... what else to say, hes not a real man then, but that being said, we are talking about old Blue here grin
Please, come, do some flashing in the forums, girls...the place is bloody boring lately...
Come on girls, I´ll give €5 to the best boobshandshake
bloodyawfull Contributions
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