flashing on blogs

- Bloodybrilliant flashed her arse three years ago, but was a newbie and got easily provoked once by Calypso, once by Berry.
- Calypso flashed her boobs only for the purpose of one of her sex blogs.
- CrazyHeart flashed her boobs and sexy pants, but she only got carried away after touching herself.
- Mimi wouldn't flash, but she just can't hold her pups in cups. She flashed her legs, though.
.....so did the modest Kalpataru , but only to ape a frog.
- Berry flashed her boobs in off-peak time, saying:
"....I've been such a good girl for too long...."
, but after that, she regained her composure... well, that's what she said.

Pity, blogs will never see sexy Usha being this naughty.
Can't remember any more flashing........
- Gypsy, Witchie and Legs were never shy. I must have missed some of theirs. Daniela must have flashed on some more prestigious site.
- and me, I was flashing my arse, legs, belly and boobs, more than a hundred times. I'm a terrible attention seeker, the top female flasher. How bloody awful disgusting.

But hey, there are few male flashers....
- OB flashed his chest. That was when he was most popular among women. Even Molly liked him.
- Mr Crave flashed his arse not so long ago, yet for some reason he never got popular like OB.
- There's still Parsnips arse to be seen on my "perfect moment" blog. At least he left something behind.
- And there was a pervert (Frediesomehow), posted his d*ck, scared the hell out of women here.

Now I'm off to shower myself carefully , not to wash away that whore sign of my forehead. I just love it.

laugh teddybear

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rolling on the floor laughing

All in jest uh oh

Thanks berry fir bumping the blog another step closer to 300 comments rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
There are some important things in life Blue.

Blog views are not one of them.....comfort

I said comments not views berry

roll eyes
I got all excited again.....it doesn't take much....blushing

What are planning to do with me? help
You have nothing better to do than keep posting comments and that keeps pushing the blog towards number 1

Sorry berry I don't have a balloon for you

That's because I gave you my balloon and now you refuse to give it back, ya selfish git....crying

I remember a video of u taking a swim.
I was instantly in love.
I didnt see the rest of the action.

Thanks for sharing and caring
Pity you did not flash, you would be my deepest crush.
Just so the guys don't feel left out


Good morning Mrs Britiscolumbianyawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn
..... finally an interesting blog in your repertoire. laugh
Ups doh
Wrong blog. laugh

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Good morning sunshine. kiss
rolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing
Ash this is no laughing matter...

People have died in the making of this blog

Virtual people and the people in my head I admit but real people with real lives and feelings all the same

uh oh
britishcolumbianonline today!
britishcolumbianOP•10 hrs ago•unknown, British Columbia Canada
danceline party balloons OMG They made it oh what a day of rejocing
Thank you BC For your kind words and support


Yes. smile

Now, why don't anybody tell us to get a room.
.... and that song works the other way round just as same. laugh
Because when you live in the internet virtual world a real life meeting is beyond their comprehension

.... showing off, showing off laugh
If Santa was coming for a coffe and the weather talk, how excited would you be about Christmas? laugh
I must say that i

312 comments and now some gay guy wants to stick 'cookies"up his arse...
Please don't "flash"a picture of that
Mr Love, that's a very fitting picture to my blog.

... but from what I've seen so far, bare chested pictures don't last long on this dating site.

roll eyes
"gay guy?"
rolling on the floor laughing
He has been on CS as long as
you have and..confused:
You are taking " nookie" to mean.
BB, he needs a translator.
You have surpassed Blue.
wink ( views thumbs up wow )
Seen your comment to me Bloody .....
just choosing to ignore it comfort

Wow Blue, soooo many views/comments ...
you must be beside yourself comfort

Your moment to shine, be proud roll eyes
Well it beats your WTF blog

Maybe your a ...

Like billy's mother

Ah go on gis a comment in there conversing

feeling very lonely in WTF all by myself crying
Can't comment unleas I know who your pointing at tongue
Would hate to upset the wrong person

rolling on the floor laughing
So like you Blue to be so considerate of some else hug

Excuse me for forgetting the more nicer/thoughful side of you roll eyes
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