Big FAT Liar

I see twitter and other social media sites were all aflutter with the White House Occupant's latest racist, LYING ad. It's unbelievable to me how gullible and rabid his believers are, excusing him for everything he does, no matter how low and despicable.
The attitude is, well it's fine if 'we' do it (the right), as long as we win. It doesn't matter who it hurts in the meantime.

And saying troops can shoot at the caravan people (who are still a thousand miles away) if they throw rocks. Wtf is wrong with people that they don't see how WRONG this is? Why not send the military to the caravan and shoot them all now? Save them a lot of miles of walking. (That's sarcasm).

For the recent ad blaming the Democrats for Luis Bracamontes being illegally in the US - he re-entered the US illegally under the BUSH administration, a-hole! What this White House Occupant does and says is so despicable, his lies so obvious and easily checked, it is unbelievable to me that his cult followers are so indoctrinated that they lap up all his bullsh*t as if it was caviar.

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That's exactly right, Jim. Ever notice that the ugly things he says about the Democrats are directly attributable to himself? Crooked Hillary ... nope, Crooked Don is more accurate. Just go look at all the ugly things he says about others, and you'll see they are all exactly who HE is, not the other person. But the cult followers are too dumb to see how manipulated they are. thumbs down
Honestly, that's because he is a scammer and a troll.
If the police officers had security, it would never have happened.
Trump likes to come across as a tough guy. He's a complete embarrassment unfortunately. thumbs down
Sleep easy re the caravan, there are reportedly more armed troops than there are men, women and children in total in the caravan. This terrifying threat to the nation's security is fully contained and yes not impossible they will all be massacred if an incident occurs, like some 5 year old making a threatening move off the path.

There's a definite pattern to Trump's achievements, too, such as his claims that he alone finally managed to sort out the war veterans. Point out as much as you like that it was already sorted and brought into law, and that he merely added a signature that was required by the incumbent. Trump is a salesman and a salesman will always tell you his product is the best and only one. His believers have bought into him completely and aren't listening to any other salespeople.

It has made US government very like a corporation, and politics very like a corporate struggle. Even if the midterms bring a complete shift of power, it will be because of the Chinese. Or the Russians. Or big hidden money being brought to bear. It will never be because there is any fault in the salesman at the top, and those who bought the product will never, ever, admit they might have been sold a dud roll eyes
D'ya think Trump might have been a Friday afternoon job, Biff? dunno

I must admit with you that this government is a fake one but it takes hostage the whole world.
It is a pity is to notice that about 10 to 26 million voters can do this. Of course the US has more inhabitants
but the elections are free so many people did not vote and others voted democrats.
The US democracy is a fake democracy considering the two party system. Secondly it was founded in the 17 hundreds and never adapted since!! It was constructed in such way that a person of lower class should never have the opportunity to become leader of the US! That is what historians tell us! If you look at the list of presidents you tend to confirm it. Nevertheless I don't blame the US for it as other countries have the same problems. Democracy is not what it should be, a system that represents the voice of the people.
It has become the perfect political system for kapitalism. And kapitalism is a curse to this planet. But who cares?? Live now and after me the flood! That is how humans think. A pity but true.

Trump likes to say "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters." It's true.
If your views are so strong. Get amunst them an change things.
It is common practice for Israeli soldiers to shoot and kill Palestinians who don't have guns,only stones.
They get away with it, others will.
Hello again

Ever seen the docu about the Trump family?
First German immigrants fleeding from Germany because the were accused of fraude.
Wanted to return but were rejected. Then made fortune by scamming and frauding the US government with the social buildings projects! Unfortunatly they did it legally! So who's to blame??
Built up a imperium on real estate. It was Trumps father who did this!!
The son his company went bankrupted but now he lives on his dads inheritance.
He is a narcist, is proud of his German roots and a dangerous man!!
Let us make a comparison
Hitler too was a narcist, a populist and a racist. I became a leader because of the big recession during the thirties.He promised the people all kind of solutions. But.....where did it end?? WWII.
Look what Trump is doing with the fugitives and immigrants now? Does he know that he and the US government causes the problem himself by banning all kinds of trade with the south american countries, the embargos.
He doesn't realise he is isolating the US from the world. That is a dangerous evolution.
He will ruin the country instead of built it up.
A new world order is born today, will the US be as strong as it is today within 100 years???
Great advertising happening here rolling on the floor laughing . An you all are helping his promotion by Talkin bout him. He's got ya all in the palm of his hand head banger .
that conman have turned the US into a banana republic, with incompetents and yes men at every level of the US administration.
Jac - rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up
Personal_care - thanks for your comments. It doesn't matter which government one has, when the greedy get in power, the entire system fails. thumbs down
Talldreamy - yes, I know, and that's what's so horrifying, is that his cult followers would undoubtedly cheer. thumbs down
Molly - and the west thinks we're better than that. Obviously, with the current White House occupant, not. He's sure got a lot of bravado for someone who dodged the draft five times. thumbs down
Personal_care - I didn't know that fraud ran in the family from his father. Doesn't surprise me. He has absolutely zero redeeming qualities, imo - it makes me sad that the US I've known for so many years is once again, being known as the Ugly Americans. So many presidents worked hard to overcome that attitude, and the current White House occupant seems to think it's a title to be proud of. NOT! He's a pig, and not qualified or worthy of the title of the office.
Bogart - unfortunately, true. thumbs down thumbs down
Biff - sorry I missed your comment. That's sW very true, and thank you for your thoughtful response. It makes me sad that people that are desperate are being used and vilified by the White House occupant just to pander to his cult following and to garner votes. This is why people shouldn't be in positions of government that have NO understanding or experience of how government works. thumbs down
Here's some more recent Trump family history;

From The Huffington Post;

(continued in my next comment)
(continued from my last comment)

We also know that Donald & his father had to pay fines associated with excluding blacks from becoming tenants in his NY properties. They put a little "c" (for colored) on the applications from blacks and then
didn't follow through on their applications, despite being otherwise qualified to be tenants.

Y'all can relax. People throwing rocks at the troops will only be arrested, not shot.

Trump says one thing and the next day something totally different.
The third day, who knows what lies will come out of his mouth.
As the blog points out, he is a big fat liar.

By the way, has Mexico paid in full for that wall yet ? laugh
Very true - Jim. Just a lying sack of sh*t. I was watching Obama in Florida today - I sure miss that man - class, dignity, integrity, intelligence.

Here's the vid. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, at about 50 minutes he comes in.

Thank you for posting that video. Like you, I truly miss Obama. What an excellent contrast he is to the
current phony currently residing in the White House.
I also enjoyed listening to Gillum. That was the longest I got to hear him talk. I like him. thumbs up

He even lies about his weight.
Friday night they had Obama speaking for Gillum on one channel and Trump ranting on another channel. I was bouncing back and forth between the channels and couldn't help but notice the incredible difference between the two. Trump was being his normal self, frowning and angry and accusing everybody for his screwups while Obama was smiling and jovial and engaging with the crowd. The difference was startling. All I could think of was how wonderful it would be if Obama was president instead of this vile, angry self centered fake.
I'm amazed how easily low information voters are fooled by smiling faces. dunno

Glad we are from Canadian least there is distance from the political chaos that is emanating from our neighbour...pity the ones having to live in a banana Republic...where truth is shattered and not held in the highest regard...Watergate and Richard Nixon comes to mind...sad flower
Trump's lying more and he's doing it on purpose. very mad
The liar-in-chief, Trump, further cements his legacy, as the worst US president in history. thumbs down thumbs down
Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike....

It's just an opinion....nothing more, nothing less...

Hate, on the other hand requires sole ownership.

As ever was,
Clueless, as ever, roll eyes
One dimensional as ever...

OK. You're clueless & one dimensional, if you insist.
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