Quality Over Quantity

As far as Relationships are concerned, what do you prefer:

To have many meaningless friends/acquaintances, or.... only a few good friends who are there for you when you need someone to confide into and to whom you can tell your deepest secrets? dunno

Maintaining relationships requires time, attention and energy and each of us only has so much to give. Obviously, there is a limit to how many relationships we can manage well.

But, what is the limit? And how do we go about enforcing it?

Do we prioritize and allocate time to some special people?

If we focus on quality relationships, rather than quantity, it is not about closing ourselves off to new people, but about recognizing our limitations, learning to let go of what doesn’t serve us, and nurturing what we have.

In conclusion, make room in your life for the people who encourage and support you, inspire you and enrich your life, rather than those who only drag you back and hinder you in your personal and spiritual growth.
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What about virtual friends/acquaintances?

Do you chat with only one at the time so that you can focus on that particular person, or....
Can you manage several at the same time, each for a different purpose? dunno

Some of my favourites:

"A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself"

"Friends are like Flowers in the Garden of Life and they need to be nurtured, cared for and tended to"

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And what do you prefer

I find whatsapp friends the best to manage with a click you can block and or delete them

rolling on the floor laughing
When I talk to someone I talk to this person exclusively...
No matter how long it takes to find out if there is something special in this connection, I am not afraid to give it the time and my full attention...
Hi Dani...
Respected Dan heart wings
Nowadays relationship/friendship is hard to continue. It requires time yourself n money.
But one have to keep the relationship/friendship.
That's obvious that those who care for you give you time n spend money on friends in relation too.
They're always on priority.
They're Friend in Need they're friends indeed.
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Well Blue...you seem to be an expert at that? dunno
I focus on just that...I have a few good friends so its all about quality for me...I don't really talk with anyone online anymore...I save it for my offline friends.....wave
Hello Krema...hug

It tends to be the same for me.
I cannot give my full attention to someone if chatting with several.

However...in real life...although I have several friends...I only have 3 quality ones...two women and a man.

And we do nurture each other on a regular basis.smitten
Hi Tim...welcome back.wave

What do you mean by money?
Chatting with someone doesn't require any money?

Do you mean having a bf/gf?
Interesting, Daniela. I would opt for quality over quantity, but at the same time not ignoring the needs of others. Sometimes the needs of others is a short term thing, which at the time can constitute a friendship, of sorts, and may require a lot of focus...friendships are dynamic...some are fleeting, and some go on forever, but, I believe all types are dynamic and subject to change, growth, or even decline
But, friendship, I believe should be symbiotic and not parasitic comfort
Hello M4 wave

For me it's also about quality.wink
I usually select my friends very carefully...and they choose me too.
Respected Dan peace
Money in sense in relation/friendship gettogather.
One must serve dinner. cheering
While chatting people need money strange.
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Hello Ako.wave

Thanks for your interesting comment. You've more or less summed it up...my thoughts and my philosophy.

As for those who need our temporary attention of course we can't ignore them.

As most of my work is helping people..and animals..I can't just abandon them and my real friends understand that.

The online friends come and go and have to fit in between.
Unless...of course... there was a potential relationship...then they would become my priority.
The online friends come and go and have to fit in between.
Unless...of course... there was a potential relationship...then they would become my priority.

Never make anyone a priority when you may be only an option.
Exactely! thumbs up
Hola Daniela applause

Why can’t we have quantity and quality at the same time?

I do grin

hug bouquet
Wow...that's being greedy Mimi scold laugh

Mind you...it all depends on what you're referring too of course! laugh wink

Hello Daniela wave I prefer to have quality over quantity. Meaningless friends come and go, true friends are there thru thick and thin. Those meaningless friends have a habit of disappearing when the times get tough doh
Maintaining a relationship sounds like a chore..I love chores so I'm not fussed.
Hi 1to1...long time no see..hug

Those who are there only for good times are also valuable as it's always nice to share some good moments..our joys ... and laughter with someone.
Many woman want the willy I want the laughter..Bugger the willy.
I agree Merc...but it's a nice chore isn't it?

If there's something you appreciate in life..it's valuable... and we have to look after it.
Haven't had that nice chore yet but I reckon it would be a wonderful chore wave
Wow Merc...I myself like the brains.

An intelligent man...and witty..is worth a thousand willies!
Besides...if he's intelligent..he'll know what to do with it..wink
TOUCHE Daniela thumbs up
laugh yay teddybear
And I was going to add...
If he's creative...he'll just improvise.happy place
I'm vert creative so if he isn't I have plenty of creativity for two daydream
That's good Merc...as long as he's a keen learner.thumbs up
I reckon a healthy two way street is fab where we're both able to learn things from one another.
That's the idea Merc..a two-way street thumbs up
Somehow, I don't think many would choose the ' many meaningless friends/acquaintances' option laugh
Although lots of men don't have friendships in the same sense that women do. They are more superficial.

I have a few really good friends. Some I see pretty regularly, some I don't, but that doesn't affect our friendship.

As for online, I will chat to more than one. Because until it becomes something, it is nothing.
MiMi is greedy and I don’t care!!!

I want both the willy + laughter!!!!

banana rolling on the floor laughing banana
I mean to say, I want the laugher and the willy... grin

My earlier sentence/comment sounds like I want ‘two’ willies blushing laugh

I have to bear in mind this is a family-friendly site and not Pornhub uh oh
I want willy and laughter too professor

I didn't know they had to be mutually exclusive uh oh
Well Molly....what is your take on this? hmmm

Well Mimi, my take on it is that I may as well stay single, and just hang out with my friends, if I can't get both willy and laughter in one package writing
Molly pick me. You can laugh at my willy any time.
Nota, being in constant convulsions of laughter may not be good for me.
Convulsions wouldn't do much for my confidence either.
Oh to find a man who would leave me jaw drop rather than rolling on the floor laughing

Hahaha, I was reading over some of the comments and I couldn't help but smile.
It's great to see a sense of humour floating around!! laugh
I can't resist responding to Molly & Mimi....
Willy Laugh? Or laugh at Willy?
And when it comes to Willy Laugh, does quantity or quality come first? laugh

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