Quality Over Quantity

As far as Relationships are concerned, what do you prefer:

To have many meaningless friends/acquaintances, or.... only a few good friends who are there for you when you need someone to confide into and to whom you can tell your deepest secrets? dunno

Maintaining relationships requires time, attention and energy and each of us only has so much to give. Obviously, there is a limit to how many relationships we can manage well.

But, what is the limit? And how do we go about enforcing it?

Do we prioritize and allocate time to some special people?

If we focus on quality relationships, rather than quantity, it is not about closing ourselves off to new people, but about recognizing our limitations, learning to let go of what doesn’t serve us, and nurturing what we have.

In conclusion, make room in your life for the people who encourage and support you, inspire you and enrich your life, rather than those who only drag you back and hinder you in your personal and spiritual growth.
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What about virtual friends/acquaintances?

Do you chat with only one at the time so that you can focus on that particular person, or....
Can you manage several at the same time, each for a different purpose? dunno

Some of my favourites:

"A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself"

"Friends are like Flowers in the Garden of Life and they need to be nurtured, cared for and tended to"

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Chris...a short answer to your question..
Positivity..laughter etc..is contagious.

Smile and the world smiles with you!

Transmit some positive energy and it raises the vibes of your surroundings.
I find both personality traits very consuming ,,,,,,,,,,,energy drain, i choose very wisely based on suchconfused rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Bentlee..could you please elaborate?confused
People who are overly confident are often low self esteem and people who are low confidence are of the same as said. Both types require daily maintenance which is exhausting. I simply try to have people with good heart and intent in my circle. As you get older its so easy to choose rather quickly whom these kind of people are. Now this is not being judgemental it's a matter of helping to keep peace in your life............not my circus not my monkeys lol
Quality is the only choice. Have to be real sure about who you let in your life because they hold power over parts of your life.
I don't really have close friends. All the people I share time with are quality people. They are not always possitive or nice but I love them anyway. Friendships like relationships unfortunately comes with a lot of expectations. I am most of the time unable to meet that expectations so kind of avoid getting too involved with anyone. So maybe I'm a quantity person rather than a quality one.
Ok Ben..thanks for the explanation and your view on this.
Track..thumbs up

Yes..for me it's also quality but...I don't just disregard others who need my help..although I don't make them my friends.
Hi Ek..wave

Hmmm..Interesting comment..
So..you're not sure if you're a quality or quantity person?dunno
You can't disregard everyone else (though sometimes there are individual case ins which you must). You live among people of all sorts, good positive interaction makes life a lot easier and a lot better.
Case in point. A few nights ago, I brought my friend home and it was raining pretty good. Just out the road from my house was a guy I know standing in the rain soaked to the bone hitching in the opposite direction.

Anyone with a heart would turn around and give the poor fella a ride home. Part of me felt that. I couldn't though. Not because I never had the time or the gas, its because he is a very rough going hard case that is not fit to have in your home, especially when he is into the booze and pills. It has been proven over and over that if you in any way help him, he will show up to your door two days later with a bottle of rum thinking your his buddy and wants to get smashed at your table. I had to banish him from my house years ago, too much trouble and he has gone way downhill ever since.
Hey daniwave noce blogwine
In many years working overseas ,meeting different people with different personalities
in a way made me a better person because I learned to deal in every way I can sigh
My journey as I go on with any relationship made me realized that having quantity of friends is not that important but the quality that I can have building trust and respecthug cheers
Track...very awkward situation you found yourself in..
A part of you wants to help ...the heart..but...
The other part...the logic ...puts you back on track.sigh
Hello ysa..nice to see you back wave

Thanks for sharing your life experiences.
Ironically he was standing at the foot of his brother's driveway who was home. I can only imagine the trouble that the brother had with this guy over the years. It was a powerful statement about him that his brother be home with his car in the driveway and this guy standing out in the rain hitchhiking.
I see...maybe his brother just threw him out? uh oh
Its very possible, I don't think it would be the first time.
Thanks for sharing that video Bentlee. Nice! thumbs up

Love does make you do crazy things at times, doesn´t it?uh oh
It does, always loved that song an vid, Lot's of good replies ...........cool to see the different scenario's/perspectives........hug
I don't see it as an either/or situation, nor do I see casual acquaintanceship as meaningless.

I live in a relatively small community and probably know hundreds of people. I have a few close friends and family members, but also enjoy passing the time of day.

An encounter with a bubbly and ancient woman who once rummaged through my hair with glee at a bus stop will probably stay with me forever, although I never saw her again. These things make us smile, make others smile and its all good.
Hello Jac wave Nice to see you on the blogs.

Thanks for your comment. I understand exactly what you mean as I feel more or less the same. thumbs up

Regarding some people who come into your life once in a lifetime, and for a very short time, may also make a certain impact on you, It has also happened to me.
Quality it is, so, Daniela...judging by the comments confused
And so it seems Ako..thumbs up

Good morning to you my friend. hug
Regarding some people who come into your life once in a lifetime, and for a very short time, may also make a certain impact on you, It has also happened to me.

Regarding making an impact is that not the goal of the human experience? Many shall come into our lives for a reason good and bad alike. They are but lessons and experiences we all must learn and endure and reflect upon. Those who we carry in our life even if we reject them they will always be a part of our lives. The universe brings all types and we wonder why. They are our teachers and generally reflect everything we are.
We may not always like that reflection we may not always like what is being offered by those who come into our lives. After we decide we call it quits and just can't stand the pain the people who caused it the misunderstandings and hardships do we often find why they came into our lives in the first place.
Lady D there was a time you stated in one of your blogs how we mirror ourselves through other people.
The mirror is but a tool and reflection of how the universe or the god we dance to sees us on a personal level.
In spite of all the hardships and emotional pain I may have caused you in our travels together perhaps with all the noble intentions we offered their effectiveness is and will always be measured how we see the world around us. Everyone on CS is searching for something real and a feeling, a connection they can identify with.
The impact that hopeful connection will make will carry us throughout this life.
Once in a lifetime do we meet such people they serve us for a time and ultimately fade away. It is the cycle of life, the wheel of fortune so to speak churning according to our needs.
The universe never gives us what we want or think we want but, it does give what we need.
Many may ask for someone to come into our lives to show us a better way and often that happens.
The choice is if we take what is being offered or reject it. One can offer a better way as they understand life
based on their own experiences. Yet, one can be blinded by their own denial of who is offering what. Hence the old saying you can lead a horse to water by you can't make them drink. Out of all the people I have encountered and observed in the world of CS you Lady D stand out the most with your profound wisdom and compassion.
We may not have seen eye to eye on many things but, the few things we have learned is what counts.
Many are attracted to you because of your wisdom and they seem to seek you out for that. Many may see you for other things that you mayor be aware of maybe for the simple reason they are not aware themselves. Hence, truth that is shared often is quite clear in its quest for knowledge and understanding.
We can run away from it we can cover it up and hide from it but, in its purity the light of truth always shines.
It has no ego to bruise. Truth merely is.
Many here think I am a complete miserable a**hole and the many blogs and profiles I have written and hid behind, out of rejection and embarrassment that is my fate my truth that I may not be understood or accepted because of my thinking it matters not for I don't think I am that much different nor greater or less than everyone else.
After seeing so much complaining the arguing and shallow thoughts of affection from many here it makes me believe just how human we all really are.
We all seek to be loved to be understood to feel that connection among each other after awhile when you just can't and or don't feel anything anymore its time to give it up. Its time to let go.
Quality vs quantity. We can have many we call friends but, we search for one who is there for us through thick and thin. That's hard to find these days.
Many may boast how many years they been loitering around here or how many dates they have had yet, it boils down to the quality of time spent or wasted. We get out of it what we put into it.
Good morning, Daniela...not the same morning, but it would seem rude not to respond, even be it late smile
Ako... Do you wish to add anything special on this bright sunny day? smile daisy
And to Mr Pro/C.... good morning to you too and thanks for sharing your thoughts. flower
Just one Daniela...it's raining here laugh
Quality over quantity every time.

When younger you spend your time more foolishly on the quantity of friends you have ...most not really having your best interests at heart...boyfriends not really having a long term goal in mind.

That's the advantage of getting older...you can weed out who remains in your life and who doesn't by sheer quality of character and how well you gel together be it friend or boyfriend....

I have told ex friends to their faces that I no longer wished to continue the friendship....only to find out they showed their true colours behind my back....so now my group is smaller but way more valuable

Ako...is that all you've got to say for yourself? roll eyes

Is it quality rain? Or quantity?dunno
Hello Dee...nice to see you back here hug

What you're saying about getting older and weeding out...I suppose it's true in a way.

As for me I didn't have much weeding out to do as I moved several times and in each country I made new friends.

But...as we also grow personally and spiritually ...
We also attract new kinds of people in our life.
Old friends don't seem so appealing to us anymore.
Cost of Relationship:

Your Time
Your Mind
Your Emotion
Your Money (sometimes)
Total = Everything

And that is not feasible. So, I adopt the US marine slogan: Only a few good ones.

You cannot please everyone. That is why I like your "make room in your life for the people who encourage and support you, inspire you and enrich your life..." comment.
Is that your final estimate WhyNot?

You forgot..your body...your soul..?
You forgot..your body...your soul..?

They are all included in the Totallaugh
most definitely quality.....wave
Hello M4....me too! wave
Enforcing a limit constructed by whom? I think that our numbers are preordained and as such our limits are governed only by our death. At which time only then can the sum be noted. But before then, I don't see why I couldn't squeeze in a few more reliable sorts.

I'll set the limits and we'll see if life agrees.wine
Thanks for your comment. Good questions..hmmm..

The limits are subconsciously set by ourselves..how much time and energy we devote to others? dunno
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