The democrats were the KKK

We see the hate mobs run by the democrats, we see the hatred of white men replacing the hatred of black people, we see the denial of the facts, we see men’s rights being destroyed, we see metoo mobs going after innocent men without any evidence or witnesses, we see denial of differences between biologically born men and women, we see hatred of male masculinity in schools and universities (the duluth model is being used to oppress men and boys)

feminists push hatred, use shaming tactics, outright lie and create laws to oppress men…the toxic ideology of the democrat party is easy to spot when you are a free thinker and nothing about it is good in anyway….the destruction of the family unit, the removal of patriotism, the divide between men and women, the race divide and the promotion of illegal immigrants…they hate America and only three things they care about, money, power and votes, but humanity is not even an afterthought for those evil monsters…

I’m not even promoting the republicans, but at least they can debate and act in a rational way, unlike the democrats, who won’t , cause they only ever listen to those other brainwashed, who agree with them…pathetic and child like mentality the democrats are showing, tantrums and irrational behaviour is all the democrats have, but no polices and fake news networks telling lies every single minute of every single day

Who will you vote for in the mid terms?
Surely no party has been any worse, than the democrats in American history?
Surely Trump must be better, than the alternative, based on the evidence?
Who you vote for is not going to just affect America but the whole world, so think long and hard before you vote

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The KKK's official newspaper supported Trump for President. sigh
what is your source?
So many read or watch fake by the democrats and it's all lies
Your source is ancient history, like comparing the ancient Greeks with modern Greece, or the Bible written 2000 years ago with modern thinking and understanding. The Democratic Party is not the same as it was in the 18th century, just as the Republican Party has also changed from a caring social supporting to a "me first" "No responsibility" party of today.

Maybe you need to read recent sources rather than infowars. doh
They still are the Party of the KKK etc!
After the civil war southerners joined the democratic party rather than join the party of Lincoln. Over time though it was the democrats that developed a comprehensive civil rights platform. After Truman's civil rights speech in '47 many started leaving for the republican party. That only accelerated in the 1960s to the point where we are today. Know your history. professor
"...we see me too mobs going after innocent men without any evidence or witnesses, we see denial of differences between biologically born men and women,"

Fauxcahontas Warren's ME SIOUX MOVEMENT...

Having 1/1024 Indian DNA proves she's an Indian.
Having two x chromosomes does NOT prove she/he is a woman.


Lib-think at its finest.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing


yep,The Dimmocrats,The Party of Civil Rights?
Got some more sick Jokes like this?
Lee, yes. wave they are.
Yes, LC, And almost exclusively behind Jim Crow, the misinformed welfare destruction of the formerly robust matriarchal Black Family, thereby filling our jails, and half a dozen other disasters. They really deserve to rest in Dante's lowest ring of hell, No?
And riz,--- his source surely wouldn't be that pampered party elitist minority rag---The Peoples' Daily. As all know, even most Han. Certainly the Uighers, and Tibetans, Christians, Tiannemen victims, and dozens of other persecuted abused minorities. Face it, my friend.
Conrad, Miclee, LJ, Vierkaesehochhandshake
I just hope republican voters, won't allow the democrats to influence their votes, by intimidation, shaming and bullying...We all witnessed how they went after brett Kavanaugh and all the lies they spread in mainstream was a political hit job and not a shred of evidence existed...I have heard, that some of the accusers, might be prosecuted and I really hope they are...Democrats are corrupt from top to bottom...they are the worst of the worst and someone would have to be crazy to vote for them, but some crazy and brainwashed....people need to know the truth, spread the word, tell your friends, relatives, work colleagues and show them the evidence.
Kavanaugh accuser admits she lied!


Good blog!thumbs up
Trump is racist?

"Racism is evil...the kkk is repugnant." very mad
Could he BE any more clear?!

Black and Latino unemployment are at historic record lows.
If he's racist - it's the worst racist-fail EVER.

I keep saying it - there is no democratic party and hasn't been for many years. They're the COMMUNIST PARTY and don't think they're not. They truly are the vile enemy within this country. Anyone who supports them is in effect a communist. Don't be afraid or feel it's not "proper" to call them that. That's what they are and if you look up the definition you'll see how accurate that name applies to them.? wave wave wave
In all my time on CS, I have never come across a regular blogger and forum poster who utters such absolute hate-filled tripe regarding women and politics.

How anyone can be taken in by you, is beyond me. dunno
Miclee Trump haters always tell that Trump is a rasist, where is that based on if on everything?
I have been called a rasist also but never understood it..........wave Jenny

Tree's explanation is rather good overall - including definition of terms for folks outside the US.

In fairness to Dems, her history of the World Wars is confusing to say the least, and utterly ignores achievements made during the administration of Dem Prez Franklin Roosevelt.
The Tuskegee Airmen is an outstanding and well known example. There were several others.

But her overall presentation is very good and well worth the watch thumbs up

From the '95 movie, 'The Tuskegee Airmen'...

Q) What was the first American military branch that was integrated - Blacks serving along side Whites rather than in all Black units?

A) "After years of debate, the Confederate Congress agreed to use African American troops on March 13th, 1865. This had been a highly controversial issue and many continued to disagree with the black involvement. Black soldiers were seen as inferior in ability, and Confederate generals and soldiers did not want to fight along side them, and they didn't trust them. However, the law was passed and signed by President Davis, and black soldiers, in retribution for fighting were given their freedom. Able bodied black man could fight, and they were able to secure independence and receive the same rations, clothing, and compensation as white
soldiers. Black soldiers in the Confederate ranks were compiled of both slaves and previously freed blacks. Many cried out against the integration, but General Lee stated, 'f we do not need the negro soldiers, the enemy will.' However, the bills to pass integrated soldiers didn't get to every state, and many prolonged the process, so by the time the Civil War ended on April 9th, there was very little integration of blacks into the army which had occurred."

Go figure dunno

i think the KKK is heavily involved in both parties

The KKK held a victory parade for Trump in Roxboro in 2016. sigh
I've seen trump supporters call Democrats Communists many times which doesn't square with the fact that this Republican president is in a very warm relationship with the number 1 communist on the planet, Vladimir Putin. So whose the Communist? confused
This is all so true. Women are the enemy and only Republican men, particularly white Christian over 60 year old men, are the saviors of this country. Always have been. It’s so so good of you to offer us all such edification, LeeCharming
PS. Sorry your party lost the House. Very tragic for us all.
It's no secret. that the KKK supports Trump;

Indeed, Trump stole the America First theme
directly from the KKK.

Jimbo,Jimbo,Jimbo!rolling on the floor laughing
You are so full of it,and that goes for Snopes as well!
You have progressed from Fake-News now to outright Lies!barf
Prove it doh
How about you go read his Screeds,Rizzie?
Or re-read yours?
All you ever do Conrad, is talk down to those with a different opinion to your own, you never post genuine facts that rebut or show a failure in the opposing post, so easy to belittle when you have nothing substantial to contribute.comfort never mindhug
Riz, no one doubts the repressions in the PRC. Be nice for you to try to spin it all for us here.
I could imagine the KKK saying something like that. You're a lot more like the KKK than the democrats are and there's a lot more men sexually harassing women than there are women falsely accusing men of s*xual harassment, what you say isn't true to life I simply know too many white nationalist racists who adore Trump and I know too many hot women who have been sexually harassed and not very men sitting behind bars for s*xual harassment. Your internet assembled politics cannot refute what my lying eyes tell me and even if I was blind your words could sound like wisdom if not for the warning in my heart.
And as much as some women use their looks and body to get ahead in life even if it's only flirting there are many attractive women - often on the left but not necessarily - who want to make it on merit not just what they look like. Either way if your boss asks you to stay after work for a one to one meeting, bring a female colleague.

The misogynistic culture is real particularly in the city with some industries being a hive of it. Finance is a cathedral of s*xual abuse.
was that Chairman Mao sounding off again?uh oh wow

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