Video of Invasion caravan proving they're just uncivilized barbarians!

According to the left, the migrant caravan is harmless and just wants jobs?

Footage yesterday Courtesy of Milenio Televisión.

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Welcome to mob rule America. Brought to you courtesy of Democrats everywhere. sigh
Low life scum of the earth. barf
You know, I see a lot of people on here complaining about what Trump wants to do concerning the border and the caravan. What I don't see are any other solutions for the upcoming problem. What are we to do? Let them all in? If we don't hold our border secure now - it will just be open season for all groups to just barge our borders. My suggestion, personally, would be to shut the border down totally until a plan is in play. Will this botch up some things? Yes but it will also preserve our safety. Does everyone think they can just storm our borders and insist on gaining access? What kind of message would that send to the world? I'm sure some of the people are in real need and I feel for them - but there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. This is not the right way. So what else is our President to do? What would leaders of other countries do? I would bet a lot of them would just shoot them and be done with it. I don't see another option. Take them one at a time, vet them and decide what to do with them. Don't sacrifice our safety for political correctness. jmo
"Barbarians" ??? Really ? Who got beheaded ? Blown up ? Shot ?
I saw a couple of guys throw a few rocks at people with metal shields
and a fence brought down.
There's been worse behavior at many soccer and football games.

"Low life scum of the earth ?" What a horrible thing to say.
You have no idea what they have been through.
Plus there's been worse behavior in your home state by college students. laugh

Stop the prejudice & judgements !
Help those in need, rather than make judgements against them. peace
These are people in need of political asylum, which they are eager to apply for.
They only want a chance at a better life, than where they came.
Can you really blame them ?

I can understand the need to vet them. I do not understand the need to chastise them.
Does that somehow make you feel better than them ?
Because it provides evidence that you are worse than them.
They would probably be much more neighborly than how you are behaving,
IF they were given a chance, rather than prejudiced against.
Well just invite them to your neighborhood in New Jersey Jim.
"They"...(Soros And The Liberal Fascists)

"Want Them In The USA"

"For One Reason...And One Reason Only"

"Their Vote"

"Only Arkansas...Georgia...Indiana.... Kansas...Mississippi

"Tennessee...And Wisconsin"

"Require A Photo Id To Vote"

("That?"..Id Say...Says It All"...................................detective
That's the first intelligent step. How do we help and problem solve.
How about have them apply for political asylum, which is all they want to do.

After vetting them, they could be distributed to locales which would essentially host them for a probationary period. Unless they come with skills, they could be given jobs to repair roads, or farm work, wash dishes, or other menial tasks.
'I can understand the need to vet them. I do not understand the need to chastise them.
Does that somehow make you feel better than them ?
Because it provides evidence that you are worse than them.'

Oh the mindset of liberal atheists....
You got that willing suspension of disbelief down to pat Jersey Jim. roll eyes
You never know.-- Those DRUG SMUGGLERS HUMAN TRAFFICERS, could of been stashing A.R.'s at the boarder. ** these are pos' so .. don't put that kind of thing by them.
"Well just invite them to your neighborhood in New Jersey Jim."

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. They have to apply for asylum and go through that process.
I have many Spanish speaking people already living in my neighborhood.
So, I wouldn't mind more, and it would make them feel more comfortable. Most are good people.
Like all large groups of people, not all are good people.
The bad ones usually end up in jail, no matter what their nationality.
That is, unless they inherit a lot of money, then they buy their way out of crimes by settling out of court.
Those types never seem to learn their lesson.
"You got that willing suspension of disbelief down to pat Jersey Jim."

And you have prejudice and hate down pat. thumbs down
Learn to judge people as individuals, rather than based on nationality, skin color, or religion. head banger
Anyone that welcomes people who have no respect for the rule of law is welcoming anarchy. Reap what you sow Jersey Jim.
Seriously, do you honestly believe that everyone in that video is exactly the same ?
Do you believe people in a desperate crowd might behave differently than by themself, if given the opportunity ?
"Desperate times, call for desperate measures." Help them in their time of need. They are not likely to forget that.
Are you saying that they all have "no respect for the law" ?
If so, how would you know this ?
What criminal records do you have on each of them ?
no respect? can't you see. he's speaking english.
argument over
That statement by itself has merit. Indeed, it has come true with regard to our current US president.
problem is,JimN,all you ever post is a bunch of Hasbeen Thirdrate "Comedians"!
Confucius wrote:"Him Who get Politics from Comedians should not surprised when it become Joke"!
Besides that,you just make a bunch of A$$ertions you most likely do not even believe yourself!
TDS has taken over your life!
Unfortunately, it's not that simple. They have to apply for asylum and go through that process.

Jim are you really that naive?
They are going to storm the borders or come by boats, they are not planning to come in nicely and apply for asylum.........Thry to stop them when there are hords of them trying to come through at the same time wave
Are you talking about immigrants in general, or the group that is currently marching northward in an attempt to achieve asylum ?
Much like most of your statements, that statement is inaccurate.
I post many things, including news stories from reputable reliable sites.
You may have chosen to ignore those, which is both your prerogative,
and in keeping with your lack of knowledge based positions.
But, at least make your statements accurate.
Jim you know very well that I am talking about the groups that are on the way now to come to the US
You really believe you have the chance to process them as it should be done?
Try that if they storm be borders wave
with all due respect JimN,most of what you post is Crap!laugh
Here's some simple maths

Length of mexican boarder

3126000 metres

Number of fully trained and heavily armed american soldiers currently deployed overseas...

1.3 million

That equates to a soldier standing 2.4 metres apart along the entire length of the border


Be afraid be very afraid

didn't Hiroshima teach you anything?

Being a group< isn't a good thing anymore rolling on the floor laughing
From the perspective of an ignorant dope.
Thank you for admitting, that is what SHOULD be done.
The answer is yes, IF a normal human being was president.
However, with the racist president we have to temporarily endure, it is at least somewhat doubtful.
You really believe another president could control a large mob storming the border, or getting in by boat?
You just must show as often as you can how much you hate Trump, even if it does not fit the border problem
facing any President...............Bye Jim
where are all the numbers of uncivilized americans? like the 10 yr old who just stomped on a babies head....the man who shot up a hot yoga place....the one who shot up a jewish place of worship.....the mass shootings that go on every day....oh but damn somebody threw a rock?....crucify em......uh oh
M4_Mischief: I agree. It is easier for a weak minded person to jump on the bigot bandwagon than to stand on their own two feet and think like a human being. I feel sorry for all those brain-washed lemmings, but it is the road they chose, and it certainly is not the high road.. they blame everything on everyone but themselves, because owning your mistakes takes a bigger person. Stop blaming parties and minorities instead of bad leadership.
"Oh, the humanity of it all".

It's makes liberals feel all fuzzy and warm inside to believe that their sentiments and faux morality places them on the high ground of divine justice and subsequently the holier than thou way we should all live. It's a playbook for failure and has no basis in reality.

This is a test, make no mistake. It is a carefully contrived stunt to test this President and this country. Should we show any weakness they will press us to the extreme. It is designed to provoke, to incite and challenge our resolve on an issue long relegated to supposition.

We're going to have a major confrontation unless we close the border. This is an invasion to test the resolve of Americans to protect its citizens. And it will not end quietly because without violence from either side, it will fail in its design. Soros, et al, are ready to draw blood and either side makes no difference to them. And the whiny, mealy mouthed sycophants are the beaters encouraging these paper lions to come out of the jungle. It will not end well....

Rather ironic that Clinton is advising the Europeans to deal with migrants lest it cause a rightwing backlash , but supports open boarders to the US .
Clinton is hedging her bets. She sees the inevitable...Europe lining up against current immigation policy. If it should happen that the European community undergoes a change in policy it makes her look more credible and in order to make another run (hopeless), she needs a more moderate persona.

Still waiting for the "invasion"! Are we there yet????rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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