what the heck?

Just stopped by to say "Hi" to all my blogger friends. I hope all is well with every one of you.

I've been away from the blogs due to circumstances.

I wish you all lots of smiles, happiness and all the best in everything.grin

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Just dropping in to say hello back, Rob cheers
Hello Robert good to see you back you have been missed
Sorry to hear you went through some not so good things
Hopefully you'r done with the bad stuff now?
hug wave Jenny
Rob, my friend!

Great to see you back! Hope you can stay awhile! You were missed!thumbs up
Thanks Bob. I hope all is well with you and that the "circumstances" include a very special lady. cool
It’s great to see you all n the blogs once again .teddybear
Circumstance or circumcision? wave
Hi rob glad to see u back.
Hello Molly,
Thanks for dropping In to say Hi back to me. You're always fun & interesting. Great to see you here. head banger
Hi my friend BC, Jenny
Thank you for the good words. I always liked your comedy, and interesting blogs. You make the blogs a better place.
Gentle Jim,
Good to see you again. Hope all is well and great with you.

I may come by now n then to post a quick comment or quick blog. When things are more settled for me, I'll do my best to post a blog or story.

Thanks Jim for always being a good cool friend.
Hey there Jimnastics
Thanks. Hope all is going cool and successful for you.

I still wonder how the nature pics you post have flying words in front of them. "property of Jimnastics." just kidding.

No, no romantic action here... Maybe some day. Have a great day!
Hi Abby hug
Making a decision about circumstances could be called circumscissors-sision.. but this is nothing like that. Just things that happen. obstacles in life.

Thanks for your interesting comment.
Hello BlueSky,
Always nice to see & hear from you.
Hey hey hey there cutie Capri wave
You always bring a smile to me. I wish you all the best. hug
Hi Rob, good to see you and hope everything is well for you.

cheers my freind.
Rob, you're worrying me with the nice comments. If you respond to this, please be rude.

Take care handshake
@ robert~ - Hi Rob, always great to see the old sods back now and then..... wave

.... grin cheers
Welcome Back Dear Robrt
I also join again after1/2 yeat gap hug
peace bouquet heart wings teddybear
Hi Rob wave

How are things ?
Hi there my fren Web,
Things are uh eh, well.. decent for me at this time, it's all okay.

I hope all is going cool with you.

Now, besides all that, wen is the next big yard sale at your place? And watch out if Molestina goes to it. She wants everything for free, and she'll try to get in your pants too.
Just kidding. Have a great day cheers
Correction : I meant to say
Hey there my friend Wen
Elegant Biff,
Now how can I be rude to you? You're too nice.
Okay, how about this?
Biff, you're always breaking men's hearts. We all fall for you, then when you know you've got us, you say, "Eh, maybe another day."
Sheesh! blues

Wishing you a fun day grin
Great to see you again. I still remember those word games you posted, kept us all guessing answers for days at times.

Thanks for the good words, and the fun blogs you shared with us.
Hope your day is bright and fun. head banger
Hello again my friend Timotie,
I remember the fun comments you'd post on my blogs, and I'd post on yours, and everyone would post fun stuff. It was all lots of fun.

Good to see you again. dancing
Hi 1_SPCTR. wave

Thanks for the comment.
Things are okay with me.. for now.
Still awaiting a few things before I post stories again on here and feature some things on yout*be.

Nice to see you again, wish you the best of everything. cool
Dear Robrt.
It's good to know about friends.
Stay Happy Healthy n Blessed.
peace heart wings bouquet

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