The Party is over....

I warned you.
Did you listen ? No.
You were too busy Trumpeting.
Although the country lost, you somehow thought you won something.
Wrong. But, you celebrated anyway.
It apparently didn't bother you, that illegal things took place.
I warned you, that eventually the 'piper would have to be paid'.
The time is now very soon.

The American people have spoken quite loudly with their votes.
In the House of Representatives, it's almost a clean sweep,
a lot of governors too.
We the people, no longer want to put up with Trump and his cronies.
They don't want the rich to get all the benefits.
The house has been renovated. A lot of the trash was taken out
and more will likely be taken out in 2 years.

Get ready for justice !
There's been a whole lot of investigations that have been snuffed by the prior Republican house majority.
Not any longer. applause
Nancy Pelosi will return to being the Speaker of the House.
All the committees will have Democrat heads.

Mr. T. is FINALLY going to have to hand over his tax returns and they will be closely scrutinized. thumbs up
He will no longer be able to abuse the power of the presidency. thumbs up
Mueller is going to have full backing and encouraged to get to the bottom of his crimes. thumbs up
Kavanaugh is going to be fully investigated thumbs up
so will Scott Pruitt thumbs up
and Jared thumbs up and Don Jr. thumbs up
Trump will be impeached. dancing

But, will you finally listen ? No.
Well, it doesn't matter. You will witness it anyway. tongue

Comments (81)

Yes, losing the house big time, is a big win for Republicans, the best EVER !. applause cheering laugh

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