Back here because my prediction was wrong.... but watch and listen to American Intelligence Media : ELECTION EMERGENCY CALLING ON NETWORK ENGINEER PATRIOTS TO ELECTION CYBER STATIONS
another one, Foreign INTERFERENCE in the Midterms, FOREIGN ELECTION MEDDLING HAPPENING NOW. This will not be discussed by the mainstream media. So as you see, lots of frauds could have happened without voters knowing this!

Ballots can be rigged ..I felt it. Actually, we should be back to paper ballots...Early votings showed a red wave and I believed in it because Trump rallies were huge ....can fill a grand gymnasium or a grand arena with people remaining outside. On the otherhand, Democrats freak out because their crowds are not that big and Obama cannot fill an Arena. Of course, there are lots of Soros operatives helping the DEMS....This would mean the deep State and the Globalists will advance and stay active... not so good for America.

Anyway, will fly to Miami tomorrow and stay there a couple of nights but will be cruising the Carribean for 10 days.... will miss internet, always too slow and expensive in the ship, so may not respond except in port stopovers

I expect US dollar to go down, good for us travellers but not positive for the economy. Trump will continue to fight for America. Even if the elections are manipulated, not easy to prove. There were irregularities in the 2016 Presidential election by the DEMS but no one cared anymore, since Trump won in spite of everything. So I don't believe this election is that honest, Sorry to say!

But take things easy, stayv well, take care and we'll continue to search for truth!!.sad flower

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Have a nice time on your trip
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Conspiracy theories already and the votes not even counted, Running scared, Trump out in two years or less . rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
THANKS Bluesky... just escaping real life by travelling to make everything seems interesting!sad flower
No., not the SENATE but the ...HOUSE....

Rizlared, I bet you don't listen to anything, and no intention to!

It should be a total win for THE REPUBLICANS with the amazing mega crowd at rallies.... doh
Ms joycrest, we've known for many months the Dems would take back the house, but Trump did better than many Presidents in their first midterm....Obama lost 63 house seats and 6 senate seats. Trump lost 34 house and gained up to 6 seats in the senate (won't know final # until a Nov 27th runoff).

The main reason for the loss was certainly not on Trumps behalf, the main culprit were the 44 GOP would be incumbents who decided not to run again. The main thing is control of the Senate and don't forget Trump has Executive Order privilege that will suffice until the 2020 elections. This actually sets up for an easier win in 2020, many Rep Governors elected in huge states ie: Florida

Let's not leave out all the redistricting that was achieved by the Dems, most if not all were extremely favorable to the Dems.......then add in the illegal/dead voters and we achieved a great great win.....
Back here, listen and look at the New videos:

RIGGED Citizens Demand Paper Ballots Recount...
Foreign election rigging steals votes for GLOBALISTS.... American Intelligence Media.

Another VIDEO...FRAUDULENT , NULL AND VOID MIDTERMS ELECTION.... There are enough evidence reported!

Another vid, OPERATION FREEDOM.... Elections: FREEDOM VS Frauds On the Ballot

Fox News vid... REAL CASES OF WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD. From YouTube vids... The mainstream media will not report this of course!
The DEMONRATS would not have taken the HOUSE if not for fraud! Trump seems not informed on this.

Everyone who saw the Trump rallies predicted a total red tsunami , but these frauds can make a change!! doh
Thank you Joy just had a look myself at American Intellenges Media.
Are we really surprised? wave Jenny
American Intelligence Media

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