Jeff Sessions is out...

It's official, according to President Twitter, Jeff Sessions is out and Matthew G. Whitaker is in. Temporarily, that is.

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As I stated in my blog, first Comey & now Sessions. It stinks of obstruction of justice.
Trump is panicking, now that the Democrats control the House of Reps.
Mueller's investigation is likely to be protected by a bill in Congress soon.
Suck it up Jim , Trump is entitled to have an AG he has confidence in , fullstop .
No worry JimN,this AG-Job is tailormade for New Jersey's Chris Christie!laugh
trump says if the dems investigate him he will investigate the 2 yr old he is......roll eyes
In other News:"Jeff is still out".laugh
rolling on the floor laughing
Walking Eaglette done it again!rolling on the floor laughing
"Trump is entitled to have an AG he has confidence in , fullstop"

I would think so, since the President appoints the AG. The Dept of Justice is in the Executive Branch, not the Judicial Branch, and the President is the head of the Exec Branch.
Trump DID select Sessions as his AG. The only reason he is firing him, is because he correctly recused himself.
Malarkey,he wasn't doing his Job,that's why he was fired!laugh
Besides,JimN,he fired Comey at the recommendation of Rosenstein!laugh
Sessions didn't work out well for the president. wave
He didn't work out well for anyone. Even he would agree, if he didn't have such 'memory' problems. laugh
Of course, that hasn't led to the firings of Trump's other useless appointees. thumbs down
For instance, when is DeVos getting fired ? dunno

His firing clearly had to do with his one proper thing he did, recusing himself;

s - and severe gerrymandering and voter suppression prevented a larger blue wave from happening.
That may be somewhat overcome in the future, as SOME of those doing the illegal actions are no longer governors. thumbs up
It is highly significant that Democrats were still able to win the House despite these illegal actions aimed
at preventing it from happening. It took a record number of voters for a midterm.
sure it did Jim
Yep,Jim,all that Dimmocrat Gerimandering finally came home to roost!laugh
so when are they impeaching Trump Jim ? by Christmas maybe , will it happen before US has another " full time" AG , another Justice on the supreme court , another Presidential election maybe , lets see you nail your flag to the mast on this Jim ?
Yay! Maybe Whitaker will become permanent AG. Sessions was pretty much useless and should not have accepted the designation.

As for the blue wave Jim mentioned; there's been a large rash of potential voter fraud already. So it's more likely that many dems now, shouldn't be there as it is. Illegals have been voting again but Cruz still won in Texas alone. I'm not sure about dead people yet but it will come out too. And two counties on florida are still having trouble, already have a reputation for incompetence and being illegal in their actions.

No obstruction but there should be investigations as to the political weaponization of federal agencies, that has taken place from the obozo era to present. Would love to see the dems and obozo and hillary and so many more go down for their covered up dirty laundry.

So happy about the exit of Sessions.
Both political parties can resign as far as I care.
That so-called "electronic voting" with computers can go for sure.

Every election, they have major problems with votes being flipped to not even working. Should be a sign to any one since election hacking can be a famed cry from about 2016 or so. I still use the paper ballots.

Redistricting takes place every so often as it should. The party of criminals that know how to be crooked best, used the term "gerrymandering" to make people think they were cheated when they really are the cheats. Many will believe it because they just don't know any better.

People wanted comey fired, including top officials in his own department. He was fired and people started crying. It all depends on if it suits a person's personal purpose vs. what's actually right.

Sessions took a position offered to him unable to fully do the job from the start. Another crooked stunt. He should have passed the position and at the least, resigned, when he decided he couldn't work to the full capacity he was supposed to be able to do.

I've heard about indictments but I won't buy into any of it until/unless, it actually happens. IF it ever proves to be true, then Maybe, I'll have to view Sessions in a different light if he was actually getting things done while the mueller circus took the lime light.
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