WATCH: Secret Service Takes Jim Acosta's Press Credentials Away. Twitter Explodes.

The United States Secret Service took away CNN's Jim Acosta's "hard pass" late on Wednesday after the professional provocateur pulled another obnoxious stunt during a White House press conference.

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The action was justified when he allegedly laid hands on a female White House aide who told him to leave.
He denies doing so.

We're ALWAYS to believe the woman in such situations. Right dunno

daydreamKnight In Shining Armor Don rescues damsel in distress from evil CNN villain. This stuff canNOT be made up rolling on the floor laughing

Conrad, you gotta look good when you are the Champion of Yellow journalism.
boxing flirty
Jim Accosted scold

All my CS pals. Tingles down both legs are getting unbearable. Our Brilliant president Trump should take a hint from the Gipper, and have them all sitting like the mean nuns, and p*dophile preists, used to make us sit in Parochial school. Facing forward, hands folded in front of us, back straight, feet on floor, absolute silence until called upon, Sunday going to meeting clothes, and a broad smile. Bullies undertand very little, But they finally get it when you put 'em in their places, no? There are other ways to deal with them as well. Aaltarboy.
Amazing! Not even one mention of George Soros or Barrack Obama in this blog.dunno
No need,Ooby,you just did,thanks for reminding us of two despicable people,Puppet and Puppeteer!laugh
He should have had his credentials pulled 2 years ago after his display .
Wow ! I have never seen such a dishonest administration. Even Nixon was more honest than this.
There's doesn't to appear to be ANYTHING honest about the Trump administration.
What a bunch of phonies ! thumbs down thumbs down
Notice how docile and respectful Acosted was to the Secret Service. And of course he recorded it. The guys a flake, not a journalist. CNN's approval rating is at 24% and no wonder. They need an attack dog to stay in the news. MSNBC is at 21% with Mad Cow in the 9 o' clock spot drawing mainly the LGBTQ demographic.

In 2 more years we'll have the House back and in 6 more years the Senate lead will be around 10. And the courts, at least a 6/3 advantage.

JimN,spreading Fake-News again?
Or is it just Cow-Dung?
Oops. George, abandoned his family, Soros, just before the tough Nazi years. And B Hussein, affirmative action, red line in the sand, they speak Austrian in Austria, O.
PlainoldJane: "hanging out "(meet us in the ecards)

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