Give Me Your Best..

No cheating, please.. professor grin

Kal-de-Frog.. less than 12 hours ago. nerd

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Every one did that, Robbyreal.. laugh
Ok here is the answer.. professor

Chatonlyman2 gave you 2 clues.
First. The bugger is wearing a pair of that shoes and holding two ice cream. He was the first one who noticed that bugger.
Second. It's the order of operations in Math.

Both clues are important.

MicLee got it correct, but only after reading Chatonlyman2's second clue.

Soo.. the winner is Chatonlyman2.. cheering

Now I am thinking about what kind of prize I would give him. cool grin

Assuming one cone = 2

Assuming the boy = 5

Assuming one sneaker = 5

Multiplication always succeeds addition.


2 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 19
!9 x 2 = 38
38 + 5 = 43
Thank you every one for joining this "session". I really enjoyed your funny comments. thumbs up Love you all.. teddybear kiss
I swear I worked it out Kal, before you posted your last comment.....frustrated

Any prize for me? laugh
Wow BerrySmoothie. You got it correct in one try! wow On the first try, all missed the 2 ice creams and the pair of shoes that boy has, but not you. banana
It's a visual and simple math problem.

I copy and pasted the problem and looked at it closely.

I'll just have an ice-cream thanks.....cookies n cream please....laugh
@ Kal~ - wave ..... 15

..... grin hug wine
@ Kal~ - Couldn't see the second picture, not sure if it's part of the puzzle..... sigh

..... grin hug wine

10 + (5+4+4 =13) = 23 x 4 = 92 dunno
Okay then looked at comments - ah. Oh well.
Well BerrySmoothie, since you also got it correctly then here are two to accompany you having fun cooking.. banana cheering applause

No, the second picture is not part of the clue. It's my picture. giggle

I think I can imagine your expression when saying that "ah. Oh well". laugh
I'll take the fish slice, the apron and the dungarees....

....and then I'll take another look....laugh

Thanks kindly Kal....grin
Or you can ask them to make you ice-cream and cookies n cream.. grin
But you're welcome, BerrySmoothie. hug
Mic, you patronising numpty, I didn't say anything about GG being a closet maths genius.

I said, she sounds like she might be doing the same thing, using the same cognitive pathway, which might explain why she sometimes arrives at an answer without knowing how she got there.

I wrote the post and put up the video in case she recognised anything because that's how I worked out I'm dyslexic at the age of 42. I recognised it from someone else's description.
"Multiplication always succeeds precedes addition."


My excuse: I was so excited at the time....rolling on the floor laughing
Not always Berry. Think of brackets. cool
You already had a shot at it many times?? rolling on the floor laughing
Jacthe Gripper ~ I did not realise until much later in life, when I had to undergo an IQ examination for a particular position, also for medical reasons after a stroke.
Up to that time, I deliberately did not go for jobs that would entail MAths or even plain adding and subtracing as I could not really 'see' numbers.
On the other hand, I understand world politics/economics and could see the Crash here in Ireland long before it was spoken about, so like you say, it's a pathway problem in the brain akin to Temporal lobe Epilepsy, sort of.
It was so annoying and isolating to be called stupid, thick all my life by teachers and to be treated badly by Bank Staff who thought I had no intelligence ~ Thankfully I now have a name and am confident enough to explain and have a good relationship with my Bank. ps Thanks for understanding, very few people do.
I 'see' my tinnitus in colour and shape, but it's behind my eyes. I can see it, but I can't look at it.

I can hear my tinnitus, there's a whole cacophony of really loud and different noises, but seeing it is more structured. I think that might be why I find it less annoying than a lot of people do.

I can see numbers, but I can relate to you saying you can't 'see' numbers, GG.

Most nerve cells from the eye follow one pathway to the part of the brain which interprets the signals. Just a few of the nerve cells take a different routes. Imagine it like a thick electrical cable made up of lots of wires, but there are a few nerves wired up separately between the eye and the brain.

When the main cable gets broken through accident, or disease, it causes blindness, but some people can still point to objects in the room on request. It's thought the single wires following different pathways send information, send knowledge, without that information being 'seen'.
Jacthegripper ~ Tinnitus is an appalling condition. Do you find that if you meditate, it helps? I do know somebody who finds stress makes it worse but he has it 24/7. The sounds, and sometimes colours.
I wishs they'd find a relief of some kind for this. They tried white noise but it's not great.
I hope you keep on trying until you get it sorted.hug
My tinnitus doesn't bother me that much. I'm not sure why, other than I'm good at managing/ignoring the sound and I like the colours.

Stress does affect it, but wearing my hearing aid is worse. The volume goes up so much after wearing my hearing aid in work, it's too loud to sleep. I don't wear it now, but I recently discovered that listening to rain, thunder, snow, running water, crackling fire and howling wind via youtube videos drowns the tinnitus out and helps me sleep.

I do have one drone-like sound which drives me insensible, but I recently moved nearer a main road and the traffic drowns that out.

I think it's a matter of finding the right coping strategies and I've been quite lucky that as the volume and number of noises has slowly increased, I've hit upon attitude, or external noise relief which works for me.

There have been periods of stress where I would have quite happily ripped my own ears off, but thankfully they've been short lived.

Maybe your friend might trawl through the youtube stuff. There's all sorts of music, including Tibetan singing bowls which drives me mental, but might work for others. I can only handle weather related noises, which might be a Brit thing. giggle
Another thing, most people seem to find the constant noise bothersome and wouldn't mind so much if it was intermittent. I'm the opposite - the constant noises are almost like old friends, but if I get a short-lived sound I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof.

A few years ago I could only hear the noises if it was quiet. After years of being a parent and then a co-parenting grandma, if I could hear my tinnitus it meant I was in a room on my own. I think that's how I made friends with it. Ironically, hearing the noises meant I was getting a bit of peace and quiet. laugh
uh oh

Ummm GG?
Now that our authorities have determined strawberry blonde qualifies as Ginger, there are things you're entitled to know.

It was NOT coincidence that you weren't recognized as a genius scold
It's a desperate ploy by the non-Ginger world to keep us from recognizing our natural superiority....the snivelling weasels do it to all of us devil

Once our GWO is fully implemented they'll pay for that deception.
Oh yes. They'll pay. And pay dearly, you may be sure devil

BTW - We're still on for dividing Hispaniola for our principalities, right handshake
You're still good with getting Haiti?

Have you browsed profiles and selected your slaves?
Jac seems nice. Perhaps you'd like to enslave her, eh?

rolling on the floor laughing
But seriously, y'all.
Gingers are NOT secretly plotting to take over the planet, establish a GWO, enslave some of y'all non-Gingers & genocide the rest.

That's just plain silly laugh
It's nothing more than a running joke between GG and me that we bring up from time to time.

Y'all needn't have any concern about being enslaved scold Or genocided scold
It's just a joke smile

Ain't that right, GG?


@ Miclee - wave .... Over here ginger's are called 'rangur's', short for Orangutan....... conversing

...... grin cheers
Thank you for sharing that, Hans smile

Note to Authorities, Master Race Of Destiny, GWO...
Move Hans from 'Enslaved' to 'Genocided'.

Just kidding, Hans laugh
It's only a joke rolling on the floor laughing


Poor devil sad

miclee ~ Ah but they found out the eejit with the strawberry blonde hair had an above average IQ even t]hough she couldn't add two and two. They were perplexed, now they have a word for it Dyscalculia [did I spell that correctly? I have no desire to take over the world.
I like Welsh people so they're safe I think the fact we take 10mins longer to go 'asleep' when administered Anaesthetic shows a strong will not to die. Warriors we
@ Miclee - laugh I'd much rather the second option than be a slave to anyone..... thumbs up

...... grin cheers

Hmm.. interesting. Thanks for sharing.. thumbs up hug
Jacthe gripper ~ yep, Utube is great about any medical issue as long as you choose a good one.You DO get used to noise. I know heavy traffic is not tinnitus but many people ask me how I can live with it outside my door especially during weekends and peak times. The thing is, the more relaxed I am, the less noise
seems to bother me, either that, or I am going slightly deaf.
My friend says my T.V. is too loud when I am watching the T.V. scold Take Care.
Miclee ~ have no doubt about it. We shall have our day, we have many great gingers to be proud of....
The lovely Trump wink Prince Harry wink [ a real Ginger], but I break ranks at having slaves, perhaps the Bankers that treated me badly or even those Nuns who beat the hands off me with wooden rulers. but we shall conquer, have our day.
wine beer cheers redclown
Welcome back GGwave
hans knows his bedmas i gree with 15, because that is what i got.
Deedee ~hug Good to see you still here. thumbs up
@Hi DeeDee.. teddybear

@Hi Marlin.. teddybear

@Hi JacTG
It sounds you are really familiar with Tinnitus and know much about other things related to our hearing.

I don't have hearing problem. But I think when I was young I used to hear annoying noises almost every time I was about falling asleep. I am not sure whether it's a kind of Tinnitus or not. The noises kept ringing in my ears increased in volume and then decreased and increased again and then decreased again. The volume kept changing. Often it made falling asleep difficult.

I tried many things to stop it. It didn't work. Until one day I tried to make noises myself, like exhaling my breaths stronger/louder.. loud enough to make me hear only my breaths. I could sleep easier.

Hmm.. I had forgotten this problem till I read your conversation with GoldenG.
So Jac, do you think what I had was one type of Tinnitus? Or it was something else? dunno
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