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Ever noticed that you’re stuck in your ways when it comes to seating preferences?
Do you always sit in the same place when you enter a conference room, or attend a public event..?
uh oh

Take the wolf pack, for example, and the survival instinct; wolves have to dig themselves a hole to sleep in and they will defend their territory for dear life.

Dogs, on the other hand, need to be allocated their own space by their leader, or they will choose your sofa or bed, knowing that it is YOUR place, and you´re not claiming it.

As for humans, from our childhood, we chose our seat within the family circle and in a classroom, or were allocated a seat, regardless of our preferences, and reluctantly accepted it. grin

The question is: did we feel happy in that seat and, did it affect our mood and ability to learn? dunno

In my childhood, for example, our teacher used to send the “naughty” kids at the back of the class, away from all other kids, - which for me was pretty often! - and, instead of feeling “punished”, I enjoyed every minute of it.
During the subjects that I hated most (history for example), I used my creative skills – drawing, sketching – which soon came to my teacher´s notice. She then put me at the front of the class where she could keep an eye on me. Now... this was a real punishment for me! hole

In case of classrooms, always choosing the same spot allows students to effectively regulate and control their relationships with – not only their fellow students, in a shared space, but also their teacher - and which makes them feel more comfortable and less vulnerable.

It has been observed that most students choose the same seat over and over when given the choice and, if students can’t “personalize their space and defend it against the invasion of other users when they are absent,” they still sat in the same positions, but some variation also depends on classroom layout.

When I started my teaching career and was teaching classes of about 20 students, I found that the same patterns occurred. At first, they were given free choices about their seating arrangement.
Then, after they had established their preferences and their comfort zone, I disrupted the routine and decided to allocate them another seat – giving them explanations why doing so, of course!
Then, what happened? They suddenly felt completely lost! During the following sessions, I continued this procedure, but allocating different positions until, on entering the room, they asked where they should sit, to which I replied: “anywhere you wish”. They then seemed confused and unable to make a choice.

When attending conferences or lectures where many people attend, where do you sit, and why?
Please give reasons....

Are you still choosing the same place as you always have?

Or.... are you one of those who would prefer not to be there at all? conversing hmmm

As for myself, I do prefer to sit near the front so I can hear better, and at the end of a row so I can have freedom of movement and make a quick escape if necessary. smile gotta go

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When I was in school, it was the total opposite!
Teachers used to move the naughtier kids up to the front of the class so they could control them better.
My preferred seat was always at the back.

Now, I consciously do not sit in the same place each time. I like to keep things constantly different and not settle into a rut.
That´s interesting Molly! Maybe some countries prefer to send the naughty kids at the back, and others at the front? dunno

As for you changing seats, that´s also quite unusual I would say? Many, as you know, like to be in their comfort zone.
In school the disruptive kids would be made to sit at the front...which interestingly was my preferred place.

Or a place where I was in direct visual line with the teacher. I'm really not sure if I was already lipreading by that point, but a teacher did once tell me he found my unwavering focus and attention disconcerting. laugh

It's different in non-hearing situations like getting on a bus, but I'm going to have a think about that. It's changed as my aged related social position has changed.
Hello Jac...also very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

About changing our preferences as we get older..hmm...I suppose it's true to some extent.

As we become more self confident maybe we want to be seen and heard better?

Shy ones usually sit at the I've noticed.
I would always have and did choose the back...only to come to realise I should have been in the front all along.
It's not just about confidence, Daniella.

The older I get the less I get followed around shops by in store detectives, I get less sexually harassed, fewer men trying it on, no more assumptions that I'm a junky because I have my nose pierced, or assumptions that I'm child mother.

I'm perceived differently, mostly as a respectable young mum when I'm with my grandchildren. I finally look old enough and well fed enough to be treated with a certain amount of respect, or more importantly not as a target, or a threat.

Unless I wear a scarf over my hair in the rain. I've been shouted at a few times for that.

It's not just about confidence, how I view myself, it's about how I'm viewed. Prejudice affects where we sit.

I once sat down next to an older woman on the train. People were standing to avoid her because she was drunk. I got chatting to her: she told me she was going shopping for a treat; she told me she was alcohol dependent. We were having a nice wee chat, but I became aware of the looks people were giving her, and me for talking to her. She told me I was lovely when we parted ways.
Hello Dee..wave's not too late to change place? dunno
For some kids they come too early for education and others too late.

I was never meant for school at the age I was.....I'm more suited to education now and taking my seat now....and yes it will be the front everytime.hug
I understand the point you're making Jac..
For you..and can be prejudice but...
For some others it's confidence.

Myself I was never comfortable sitting at the front as I didn't want to attract the teacher's attention.
I just wanted to be left alone and ignored. the years went passed I slowly regained my position in the herd.
Glad to hear that Dee ..good for you head banger
I would have rather not been there , I have always thought it would be nice to find one person who wanted to hide away from the world,with me.
So did I did I..sigh
Hey daniwave
This reminds me too of my childhood.
Every Sunday mass the whole family will attend the mass and always seat on the same placegrin what makes us think otherwise was even @times we are late our place still empty dunno hug wine
Hi Ysa..wave

That's because your seats were reserved for you.
You had marked your territory
head banger bouquet
Respected Dani cheering
In our school our Respected
Teachers use to change our
Seats every Monday for week.
heart wings bouquet peace
The benifet was to get acquainted
To all class n their behaviour.
handshake thumbs up angel
Hi Tim wave

That´s interesting! I suppose it´s a good strategy. thumbs up
Molly pretty much described exactly what I have to say. She does that a lot head banger
Hi Fay...yeah...she does it to me too at times.wave
I always tried to sit near a window at school but spent most of my time either outside the classroom or in detention, teachers just didn't understand my humour rolling on the floor laughing nowadays I like to sit with my back to a wall watching who's coming and going, or at the theatre next to the exit.
Salut Emmy wave

Hahaha...I can relate to what you're saying here..hmmm..

Near a window? too as I found what was going on outside was more interesting than inside the classroom.

Back against a wall? too!

And near the exit I can make a quick escape if I'm have to laugh

And now you live in France? What a coincidence! wink
The quick escape definitely resonates with me, Danielalaugh
I think my choosing of a seat depends on the situation that I find myself in at any given time...
I would certainly avoid the electric chair, if confronted with that situation...and be gentleman enough to offer it to someone else smile
Salut Daniela, France I Love it, well if the wind and rain would stop. Seriously it's one of my better decisions.
Yes school and I were not great friends life is too interesting outside it.
Ako..welcome on board.hug
Please take a seat...'re the "quick escape" kind of guy are you?wink

As for the electric thank you.
Can I have a hot guy instead so that I can sit on his lap?innocent
I'm happy for you Emmy.hug
But with an electric chair you could feel the connectionrolling on the floor laughing

I didn't mean he should sit on the electric chair while I'm sitting on his lap.rolling on the floor laughing

But feeling a connection with the man would be
It's electrifying rolling on the floor laughing
I have a seating preference as I only have one toilet
I worked for a while in a hot-desk office where we kept our stationery and personal stuff in a plastic carton and took whichever desks were available when we came in. I didn't consider myself stuck in my ways for trying to be in one of three preferred desks, they were conveniently centred between the loos, the coffee machine and the smokers exit, and away from the aircon. Scots are weird, they like the office at 28 degrees in winter and at 18 degrees in summer. Wearing summer clothes in winter, and vice versa, is such a pain. laugh

And yeah at school the blots headed to the back of the classroom until the teacher brought the worst culprits to the front under her eye. The swots tended to choose first or second row. The back wasn't only for the blots, it was quieter, less likely to have to answer questions.
And if you sat at the back you had less chance of being hit by whatever the teacher threw at you. I got very good at dodging flying objects.
Hi Merc..wave

Are you the only one living in the house?
If So then you have exclusivity
That's right Emmy...that's why I liked the back row.

Oh...just thinking...what about the back row in a cinema?smitten
Biff..I agree also with the back of a classroom being quieter and you're less likely to be asked questions.head banger

As for your place of work...I've never worked in that kind of office so I wouldn't know.
It sounds very much like offices in America? dunno
Yep I'm alone in my home..One of me is enough laugh
Then you´re the Queen of the castle Merc. You can sit wherever you want. applause

Not even a cat or a dog that sits in your place?
laugh thumbs up
I'm an info junkie, with a file 13 mind, most of my info collected is from real time visually, a small %age is by way of the ears lol, mind you a lot of that goes through a study of sorts for truth, and some of it goes to file 13 (the forgotten). I'm more to watch educating movement vs social interaction super beverage delivery
Hey Kal, you tell me you are also an outdoor type? Good for you! thumbs up wave
Hi -Ben, nice to see you here.. wave

What´s a "file 13" mind? confused
Hello .....well I've always called it that, the ability to trash whats not important or whats corrosive thought wise to a place say perhaps a delete file, hence file 13. It's always been my place to send useless an bad info that isn't worth retaining lol. a severance of sorts lol
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