The out of control, ueber biased, media.....

The Gipper and Bubba occasionally had to place them in their proper boxes, as did W. Reagan even used seating and hand raising. But of course now their alt left strident overkill with our brilliant President Trump has never been so over the top, even in the days of muckrakers. Bouncing this CNN mud slinger was appropriate, as done, and like all else during the last 2 years, will be marshalled as impeachable, but will never rise to the valid level of an impeachable offence. That'll take whatver might be real from Mueller's taxpayers" waste of money, witch hunt. A hail Mary pass at best. If there ever was a there-there, we'd have seen it by now. Mueller is dragging his big feet in hopes of an evolving political scene that will rescue him, and certify money wasting impeachment. A stronger senate, and only 30 mid election seats (verses 63 for the Affirmative action Hussein---and almost 50 for serial rapist, debarred lawyer Bubba---compare with these blood thirsty media and pols) hardly will do it. Heuristically, and historically, he and Rosenstein are toast. Persecution (sic-prosecution) of some minor players for wholly unrelated offenses was merely to get the media and alt left base riled up to further furtive action. The big fella remains immune. But I wouldn't want to be those bimbos who falsely accused our newest SC Assoc. Justice, woman friendly, Dr. Kavanaugh. Felonies and jail time. And fines, for good measure.

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Is it really so wrong to be biased against a liar and a bully? Maybe it is when the lying bully happens to be the president of the USA. As for the incident with the reporter; I think it was Trump's behaviour that was unacceptable. He tried to bully the reporter into shutting up because he didn't like the question.

Trump is obviously trying to emulate his admired Putin in the way he would like to run the country, and silencing the unsympathetic press is just part of his agenda.
H, who could hope argue with all that tight logic? Thanks. I think.

You're one of a handful on here who make perfect sense regarding American politics.

It is the POTUS who is "out of control" and a "rude, terrible person".
I'm afraid your sarcasm is wasted on my logic, V, I didn't use any. It was an observation with an obvious conclusion; I'm surprised it isn't obvious to you.
Yes, Berry, he is a truly awful man. He's the most awful man there has ever been in the whole history of men, to put it into the kind of language he would use.
Sorry, H. I'm much slower than most here. But the radical constructionists might insist that if you thunk it and said it, there must have been logic on board. These folks seem to help whenever I'm in one of my solipsistic slumps. Thanks, again.
And not to beat a dead horse on the midterms here, A stronger Senate, and only 30 seats, compare quite favorably with affirmative action Hussein's 63 seats, and serial rapist disbarred lawyer Clinton's just under 50. Factor in who had the alt left biased medias' wind on their nose or stern, and what a victory. Is this logic?
Your modesty does you credit, V, as we both know you are by no means among the slowest here. There's a lot to be said for solipsism; for one thing it would enable one to deny the existence of Trump.

f*ck the radical constructionists.
H. well in my travels, I've run into a few RC's that I might have desired to bed down. And on the themes of epistemology and ontology, my favorite quip is touted to have occurred with one of your landsmen, Sir B. Russel. He was hotly engaged in a deep philosophical talk with a certain young lady, who in an excited state, claimed to be a solipsist, and couldn't for the life of her get why everyone else wasn't.
That's the thing about solipsism, V, no matter how much you are convinced of it, you have to behave as if you aren't. Funny story, btw. thumbs up
Yes, Sir B. was a piece of work.

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