Trump invaded by newest caravan

From The New Yorker;

The 2018 midterm election was not only a huge win for Democrats in the house of representatives, but for minorities too. The election resulted in the fact that 118 women will be in Congress starting in January.

Two of these are Muslims, and two are Native Americans, one of which is bisexual.

Colorado also elected the first governor, who is openly homosexual.

ch ch changes, can Republicans turn and face the strain ?
Time may change them, but they can't change time.

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RIGHT thumbs up

Whatever you're saying - you couldn't BE more right cheers

ABSOLUTELY handshake

Now haul your math @ss over to De Frog's 'give me your best' blog and SOLVE THAT DAMNED THING!

Folks are losin' their freakin' minds.
GG's havin' PTSD that a nun's gonna hit her.

OK, you owe me ! scold laugh

is it safe to say he will not be grabbing any of those caravan women by the p*ssy then
I'm not sure, but if he gets out of an elevator with a broken arm, see if the martial arts practioner gets out too. laugh
Oh my my my poor poor Trumpy poo.grin
He certainly is.....full of poo. laugh

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