God gives you lemons, so break a rib or two or how about three

Most important news of the day. God does have a sense of humor.....SCOTUS judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg age 85 fell down and broke three ribs.....may she recover, but usually when you hit the 80's any kind of fall can be detrimental....

Ah! Trump will appoint another justice, it just doesn't get better than this.......6-3....turn America around. cheering

Does Kavanaugh have a brother.. :))

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Seaworthy only answers to God, jac.
I look forward to reading your perspectives Mr.Seaworthy.
They are always provocative and
These contrary comments are to be expected, as similar ones frequently appear on Mr. Stringman's blogs.

Of no consequence to my reading and this blog being no exception to what
I've come to expect.Brilliant and unapologetic in relating God's impact upon our lives.

BTW Mr.Stringman your new photo is my only distraction.wave
Early giving thanks here
for the both of you.hug bouquet
I am even so good spirited today
I will say thanks to
the lemmins.bouquet grin
yeah, I salute Lemmy too... for you, Ash.grin

cool wine
What a timely appearance, Ash. Seaworthy and string are already here, it's good to see the Holly Trinity back together. thumbs up
Wowzer!!thumbs up viking laugh
I'm in a party mood now! wave
The 3rd.4th.5th.6th wheels fell off the bus though.rolling on the floor laughing
Hang on Harbal! God's at the wheel.
Not on my bus he isn't, Ash.
Of course not..
jump out of the way.innocent
Mr.Seaworthy...I hope you concur.
God takes no prisoners.laugh
Hi Ms Ash, haven't seen you in a while, thanks for your words of sagaciousness. This blog ran off topic in a heartbeat, but it's always good to hear ppl with different viewpoints. Makes me more accepting and gracious for where I stand in life. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.

I'm still trying to figure out how ppl believe they have a soul (something no one has ever seen), but can't grasp the fact of the humane genome with 3 billion base pairs was not created by superior creator. The design of our entire body is just simply overwhelming.

Anyhow, I do understand why God says: "Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to"
It's kind of like Heaven has a very strict immigration policy and a huge wall to get into, and Hell has open boarders.... :))
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the photo I posted as well.
God and Rainbows :)
Sea, just let us know where you end up, and we'll take the other option wink
"As God looks upon the (rain) bow, that He may remember the covenant, so should we,
that we may be mindful of the covenant with faith and thankfulness.

Without revelation this gracious assurance could not be known; and without faith it can be of no use to us; and thus it is as to the still greater dangers to which all are exposed, and as to the new covenant with its blessings".
Genesis 9:13 purple heart
Oh, I have faith wink
Faith enough to know I don't want to end up where the intolerants and the bigots end up.
Not sure if you've directed your comment to us both MollyBaby but I will address it as if to me..
hug yay
Keep the FAITH!!laugh
It was my expectation, not my wish.

I wish you understood the enormity of killing children, but apparently not.
This blog seems to be misunderstood.

God does have a sense of humor, but of course He is not amused by suffering in any sense.

I understand the blog to mean God can work through all things or events, and to rejoice in that working for the good, not in any misfortune of persons. Romans 8:28.

Am I right, Sea?
Ms Jac, explain something to me. You come off as a typical socialistic talking head pleading for the preservation of children, but when it comes to abortion you have no value in the sanctity of that child's life. We've discussed this previously, and feel free to correct me if I've confused your position..
Ms calmheartseeks, yes your correct. Another one of God's humorous moments was when Mary's cousin was found to be pregnant at a very old age. Her husband Zacharia would not stop yammering about her being to old to have a child. Finally God couldn't take it anymore and made him mute till she delivered her child. (John the Baptist).

I've noticed the difficulties some have understanding, as the most celebrated book in the world (the Bible) is just a dust collector.

Thanks for your scripture input. : ))
Ms mollybaby, let me add to my prior comment: It's not about race, color, creed, s*xual orientation, intolerance or bigotry......... It's all about Good vs evil.

Europe has sadly become a soul less country and if I refer to Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. But, have no fear, Islam is there to teach you their idiolistic concept of what they refer to as a religion.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's fall reminds me of how Father Malachi Martin passed on. He was either 77 or 78 years old and had just finished what he described as his most intensive exorcism ever. He was on a stool in his library reaching for a book when out of the blue the stool was kicked out from under him and he suffered a debilitating fall which led to his death.

He always said being an exorcist was a very risky proposition and there was always the chance that the demon he was eradicating could take refuge in his own body. His belief in the end was that he had taken on this demon which led to his demise.

God always has a plan, it might not be evident and may take years to come to fruition, but be certain, it will eventually.
Lower court confirmations are key and Trump has been methodically getting them confirmed. SCOTUS appointments will come in due time. 6-3 in the near future is easily attainable. The courts are the KEY to turning this country around. All the rest is just politics.

"God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh."
- Voltaire

That doesn't have any relevance to the incident described in the OP, but I like it and have for a long time.
It's useful to detach and see humor in situations that are going badly laugh

I wish Justice Bader-Ginsburg well.
But she is 85 yo. She has multiple health issues. The arc of time bends in only one direction.

It is realistic to presume many people on various points of the political spectrum speculate on her successor.

Should the appointment he made by The Don (or Pence roll eyes ) the thinking is that Judge Coney-Barrett will be tapped...


Justices Bader-Ginsburg and Sotomayor are considered the most lib'rul; Justice Thomas the most conserv'tiv.
It might be presumed that Coney-Barrett would be, if anything, more dogmatically right leaning than Thomas.

THAT would be an historic rightward shift of the High Court.
As Judge Coney-Barrett is only in her mid/late forties, her appointment could easily affect the court's rulings well past mid-century.

As the Repubs picked up Senate seats in the '18, mid-term elections, her confirmation would be all but assured despite libs howling to beat holy hell.
And libs WOULD howl to beat holy hell.

The prospect of Justice Coney-Barrett may well be driving even them to prayer for Justice Bader-Ginsburg's continued health please

Should Divine Providence see fit to allow events to unfold in such a manner that Judge Coney-Barrett ascends to SCOTUS...
Remember Voltaire's observation. Do not to be afraid to laugh, y'all scold

A side bar.

Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg (aka Notorious RBG) has s sense of humor.
She was informed that a writer had hung that moniker on her.

She thought it was COOL.
She had s bunch of tee shirts printed up with the moniker and her pic and gives 'em out to friends.
If one can come by one of 'em with provenance that it came from her, one would have a collector's item that can only appreciate in value IMO.

If any of y'all are fans, you can get a less collectable version on the 'net.
Search Notorious RBG.
Wearing a crown in the pic is a nice touch, wouldn't y'all agree? laugh

Me mic, all presented with great detail....you should have been the OP

I concur Coney-Barrett would be the front runner for the nonomination; and the left will find a moon to howl at...
Mr droctail, true, while the left are gloating at taking the House, Trump is turning all the courts conservative. Truly a Republican victory for a generation or two.. : ))
"Does Kavanaugh have a brother.. :))"

He has a formidable younger 'sister' that makes him look secular humanist Progressive and who will, should the opportunity present, cause libs to howl holy hell very mad

It would be interesting to see how they might attempt to assassinate her character. devil

Thanks for the pic cheers

Whatever one's political leanings, one has to admire Notorious for being a cool, attitudinal, sharp and, well, Notorious li'l ol' broad.
And I use 'broad' in the very finest sense of the word thumbs up
rolling on the floor laughing

Twitter rumors: Ginsburg looking to resign/retire in the next few days........tic toc
Mr mic, I thought he was an only child.....
Some will say her fall was just coincidence, but there is no such word when you believe in God.

God always has a plan and a purpose...... always. : - )
I honestly like and admire Notorious.
May not agree with some of her positions, but she does have a certain charm.

It might be a personal thing - a weakness for attitudinal broads.
Wife was a cross of New York Italian & Milwaukee Polish smitten
That right there speaks volumes...as did she laugh

You are mistaken, Seaworthy.

I have explained my position on the subject of abortion many, many times. It's not that difficult to understand and yet, you have difficulty understanding it.
It might be a good move for her.

It's claimed that The Don facilitated the retirement of Justice Kennedy by letting him provide input on naming his successor.
Kennedy suggested his former clerk...Judge Kavanaugh.

It may be that if Notorious was given a similar opportunity, she'd take it.
We may be certain she herself are among those who have speculated on her replacement.

Retirement may give her the opportunity to influence rather than merely speculate.

Seaworthy two subjects guaranteed to invoke Blasphemy, vitriol, churlish remarks
Trump mumbling and GOD uh oh I guess I am a 'lost cause ' to many here because I believe in a creator. Not the way religion has hijacked God for their own purposes though. Take care.wave
welcome back Ms goldengloss, see, your on the positive side of 'lost cause', on the other hand Ms mollybaby has thrown in the towel and has succumbed to defeat. You can tell by the animus tone in her posts lately. Sorry Ms molly, couldn't tell you face to face....been meaning to however....

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