Not Yours...................How Can People.................................... Have So Much Disdain................................... And Hate For One Person?
I Can Understand People...................................................... Who Are Liberals..............With This Kind Of Thinking
But...Is Our President Responsible For Those That Died In Benghazi?
After All...He Didnt Kill Anybody.....Hillary Did
Why Arent You Complaining About What Hillary Did?...Or Was Making National Security Vulnerable Okay?
Bill Clinton Did More Than Touch Women.....And What He Did?...Was In The White House
(Never Mind That He Hangs Out With A Billionaire p*dophile)
And He Lied His a** Off Until He Was Cornered....And There Was No Way Out

And...As Far As That Dumb a** Claim That...Trump Is Being Invaded By Another Caravan?
Say It The Right Way
The United States Is Being Invaded...............Not Trump

And I Havnt Heard Anybody Complaining About The Treatment This New Caravan Was Getting At The Mexican Border.... By The Mexican Government
They Used Tear Gas And Rubber Bullets ....On The Men Women And Children.... To Stop These People From Entering Mexico.............Yet Not A Peep From You Bleeding Heart Lovers Of The Treatment Of These Poor Humans

It Just Shows How Phony A Lot Of You Are
You Just Cant Stand Trump..........And Why?.........Because He Cant Be Bought...And...He Says It Like It Is

Its Our Country Folks..............And We'll Decide Who We Want In Our Country................Not Foreigners

I Mean...If These Peoples Future...And Welfare.... Is That Important To You?

Then You Wont Mind One Bit
If We Send Them All To Your House...Now ...Would You?

Have Your Say Folks
But Dont Expect A Reply From Me........Ive Already Said My Piece

detective detective detective detective detective

Comments (70)

Right on Nam thumbs up wave
I don't think there's been a single leader any where, that has forgone their salary, except for $1, and donated the rest. I don't think we've ever had some one in office that wasn't in the pockets of and beholden to others.

The economy is already robust with more potential to go.

If we get the better border security being fought for;
actual investigations where they should have been in the first place, with prosecutions followed through with;
and actual legislation for the country and citizens that we need;
people might actually be forced to look around AND re-think the larger picture of things.
Hello Nam wave Totally agree with you, thumbs up
Actually, I pointed out that Obama started the drone and assassinations programme. He also didn't close Guantanamo as he promised, although he stopped some of the secret prison stuff. I appreciate he made a lot of changes and tried to do more; I'm disappointed he didn't, or couldn't do more.

Bill Clinton was a lying creep of a president. Hillary Clinton didn't have the balls to publicly tell him to swivel, so as a president, maybe she wouldn't have the balls to tell anyone else either. Other than that, I don't know a lot about her, but my gut feeling was that she wasn't a good candidate for the presidency. I was disappointed. An affective woman president would have been a good follow up to Obama, and not before time.

The difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama was a professional president and whether I agreed with things he did, or not, at least he wasn't an idiot.

Trump is not fit for purpose. He's a daytime TV showman. It's like watching a 15 year old bully trying to run a teaching hospital. There have been casualties, there will be more and the place will go bust unless the real manager comes back pretty damned soon.

I don't see how you can't see he needs to be grounded and sent to his room. He can tweet, do facebook and wank to all the porn he likes there.
"Miss B C?"

"Although Not An American Citizen"

"Can See What Is Truth"

"And What Is Just Plain Hatred".................detective
"Mr Draegoner"

"Thanks For Reply"

"Your Replies Are Always In The Form Of"

"Painting A Picture"

"And Even Then?..."They Will Refuse To Believe"

"There Was One Other President That Donated His Salary Though"

"John F Kennedy"..........................................detective
"Hello Oney"

"Nice To Hear From You"

"I Hear That In Toronto The Violence Has Become Real Bad"

"Mostly Commited By Those From"

"Jamaica...Trinidad..Somalia...And Other African Countries"

"Yet The Canadian Government Seems To Have A Strangle Hold On The Media"

"Because...Nobody.... Hardly Hears About These Crimes"

"Because Mentioning What Some Imigrants Are Doing?"

"Wont Get One Re Elected"......................detective
"Yeah Jac"

"I Understand"

"Me..And 62,979,636 Other People?"

"Are Completely Wrong In Our Thinking"......................detective
Give America back to the spics and Red Indians!professor
Liberals have been throwing thermonuclear temper tantrums ever since Hillary lost the election. They will continue to do so until they have successfully stolen an election to seat the President of their choice.
No, I wouldn't say you were wrong in your thinking.

I'd say you're not thinking at all. grin

Trump has the 'popular' vote because he speaks to people who watch trashy TV and there's a lot of them. People can relate to his act because it's familiar, repetitive and trashy.

That's not the same as being an appropriate and skilled world leader.
Yes nam. The larger picture is that we're a nation of over 300 million people. One form or regulation just can't fit all. It can help and fit the majority as a starting point.

I've never really been able to consider just me. I'd like to at times it just never stays that way.

Just as jacs is twisting and denying what obozo really was and did, I can't ignore the truth that the current leader has been over all good for the nation and citizens where it was needed most from the beginning. He is still geared and working in that direction.

obozo was such a good destroyer, it can still take a very long while for things to fully settle again. Sad that we may be lucky to stay in the more correct direction long enough.
Miss Jac

"Trump Did Not Get The "Popular Vote"

"Hitlery Clinton Did".....(But How Many Of Those Votes Were Illegal?)

"To Inform You Correctly"

"Trump Won With The Electoral College"

"No Disrespect Here...As You Do Disagree Respectively"

(You Dont Call People Names And You Are Not Aggressive)

"But..Its Good That You Know How Our System Works"

"We Dont Live Under A Monarchy.....As You Do"....(Though We Did Have An Emporer Before Trump)

"So..Even Though You Really Have No Say In Our Affairs"

"Who Would You Want To Be Our President Then?"........................detective
I can't say I do understand your system, although there are some interesting parallels with our own.

As for having a monarchy, that's politically irrelevant. I'm not sure the Queen even has the power of veto anymore, which is unfortunate. There was a time where if the people voted in the love child child of Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun, our Liz could say, not on your nelly.

I'd like to see Miss Piggy and Kermit as candidates for your next election on the grounds they're less muppety than your last two chosen ones.

Whatever you do, please try to be a little more discerning next time. We'd like you to have someone we could invite for tea with the Queen next time. Grabbing our monarch by the pu**y is simply a risk we're not prepared to take.
a few thoughts about that "vaunted" "Popular Vote"!

"By winning the "popular" vote Hillary won a game that no one else was playing."

"IF the criteria was a POPULAR vote, both candidates would have campaigned quite differently."

"For instance, Trump never campaigned or spent meaningful money in California. He WOULD have, if this had been a popular vote election.

To use the aggregate individual votes in the Electoral College context to claim it represents the POPULAR vote sentiment is nonsense."

"Nope, not even close. Comey didn’t do in Hillary, she made it easy for Trump to beat her in a landslide. All the Dims like to forget it was an EC landslide. They cling to the popular vote schtick while the rest of us know that huge chunks of her votes were either by illegal immigrants or other vote fraud mechanisms. She was confident they had enough fraud in place, but, they missed."

"Democrats claiming that Hillary should be Prez because she won the popular vote" should have a sock stuffed down their throats."

We didn't *conduct* a national popular vote for president, so ANY claim to know the numbers from that nonexistent event should be ridiculed and the person's intellect and honesty insulted."

"I could just as legitimately say that, "Without the anomalous California's numbers, Trump won the 49-state popular vote by more than a million votes. California doesn't get to elect our president contrary to the wishes of the other 49 states."
I think you have a different meaning of the word 'popular' than I intended in my comment.

I was using it as a euphemism in order to remain polite. It's a Brit thing, sorry.
Why can't Americans shut up.

Piss off and vote and accept the bloody results because whilst you all rip each other apart those at the top don't give two shits regardless who's in bloody office.
Why can't Americans shut up.

Piss off and vote and accept the bloody results because whilst you all rip each other apart those at the top don't give two shits regardless who's in bloody office.
Actually Nam, here's my two cents, people who think our president isn't fit are the idiot and not Trump ir us who voted him. His record as a person and as a leader is better than perhaps most of them. His success as a president is way better than any president has ever done,. Its a fact and proven. Now we voted for him and he is our president. I suspect those who refuse to see ans and realize that he's doing a good job are simply Anti Trump and worse want to destroy our country.
I was talking to a friend of mine today and he reckons Trumps popularity is about status.

He's supported by the disenfranchised who's only status is to claim is, "At least I'm not a n*gger".

Or maybe, "At least I'm a legal immigrant".

I don't think Trump is entirely inadequate. At least he can play on the emotions and vulnerabilities of others.
Poor,poor Jac!comfort comfort comfort

It's a phony lot indeed that can't appreciate our fine President. wave
Absolutely Ample.

What is so amazing is just how blind people are for not giving him the credit he deserves. He is the only president who doesn't get dictated by these corrupt seasoned politicians and I can't believe how stupid people are to not recognize his good services for the good of the people in this country and the world as well. His monumental meeting with Kim Jon Ung is completely ignored by these phonies. This means that the world is more peaceful now after that meeting.
I hear Trump has blamed gross mismanagement of forestry for the Californian fires and has threatened to cut funding.

His tweeting has been described as 'ill-informed', 'dangerously wrong' and has lead to an outcry at his disrespect towards fire fighters and victims as he tries to politicise the tragedy.
I agree with him. He says and have said it many a times, we the Californian should and must reserve water for ready use for this need and that all the dead trees should be cleaned out for fire prevention.

There are some things that can be done to improve the situation. For the last 40 years that I have lived here, fires has always devastated our State and nothing had been changed to improve the situation. All he is asking is to up our readiness in handling these natural disaster.
Personally, I think funding should be given to Trump and LJ instead of the firefighting organisations.
lol Jac, why would you suggest that. Just be honest, how will it make the fire situation be improved? Trump doesn't need any funding. I might have a good use for it but to handle a situation like this, your comment is so out of context. First of all fires are very destructive and lives lost are most devastating. It has so far reached 25 already. Secondly, it is something that we can improve. While it can't be completely avoided, it certainly can be improved as suggested by Trump.
His suggestion was to cut funding to the firefighting organisations. How would that improve the situation?
You should read the whole story Jac. You see, you pick and choose your reading to justify your ignorant opinions. He said and quote: "He will cut funding if California won't do what needs to be done to improve the situation like cleaning up the forest and or maintain a substantial amount of water as reserve for these needs".

In other words there are some caveat to just giving out funding Jac. Read the whole thing.

To me, if this is what it takes to get all the funding necessary, then do as required.
The dead trees that inflames fire are needed to be cleaned out so that it doesn't worsen the situation when fire breaksout.

This is not a difficult situation to do. California can definitely create an order that require private land owners to clean up their own land and the State parks and lands would be handled by the government making the prisoners do the job just like they do with the freeways.

When it comes to the water reserve, stop diverting all the waters to LA. Either by relocating some excess population to other counties where there is enough water to sustain them or build a massive well that will provide enough for their needs.
Was that before, or after he tweeted, "There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"

And what about the fires which don't start in woodlands?
This blustering buffoon is being observed on TV screens all round the World as the representative of the USA. Now if I was American, I would be feeling a damn sight more than disdain at the thought of that.
Miss Jac

"Your Response Of"

"Grabbing The Queen By The ----------------?"

"That Wasnt Nice At All"...I Thought Of You As Better Than That"

"Thats Not My Style To Talk That Way"

"I Said................. "Monarchy"

"Youll Not See Me Talkn About Sex"......"I Was Brought Up To Have Respect When It Comes To These Certain Subjects"

"So Dont Put Words In My Mouth Hah?"................detective
"Hard Ball Hard Ball"

"Go Away"

"And Dont Come Back"

"On Any Day"...............................detective
Miss Mercedes

"It Seems To Me That"

"You Dont Like Us Americans That Much"....(."As Far As.... Us Conservatives Go")

"Ive seen You In Action With The Liberals"...(And You Are Quite Agreeable With Them)

"I Was Wondering Miss Mercedes"

"You Seem To Be Telling Us That Are Conservatives To............ "Shut Up"

Again Im Wondering"

"Is That An Order?"...........................detective
I wasn't putting words in your mouth and it did not ever cross my mind you might say such a thing, Nam. We might have different opinions, but I like you and I have a lot of respect for you.

I was repeating the words of your president to make the point that it would simply be inappropriate for him to have an audience with the queen. He would be unable to follow the etiquette and behave appropriately. If someone is going to be a world leader, they need to be able to emulate the cultures of other nations in order to communicate with them.

The fact that you would never speak about women with such disdain and disrespect leaves me confused as to how you can devote your support to someone who did.
The thing to remember is people have moved into areas where these fires are natural occurrence, as they like it there as many of the natural plants have adapted to these fires, such as the redwood trees where the bark is thick to help the tree to survive these fires and, the ceanothus seeds need a fire over the top of them to germinate.
Miss Jac

"I Must Agree With You About Some Things Trump Says"..(If I Was His Advisor?)

"I Would Advise Trump To Shut Up.............. And Stay Off Twitter Too"

"But............ Besides His s*xual Wording Youve Spoke Of?"....(And Most MEN Are like This)

"I Still Back Trump Because........... He Speaks For What Most Of Us Have Been Thinking All Along............. For Eight Long Years"

"We Want Our Borders Secured"

"And The Truth Of The Matter Is?"

"Whether We Like It Or Not?"......"There Are Shit Hole Countries"..."And Our Country Is Bad Enough Now"

"We Dont Need To Keep Contributing Into Making Our Country Into A Third Rate Shithole Country...By Just Letting Anybody In"

"Its Gotten To The Point That Everyone And Anybody....Just Thinks They Can Come Here.....And We Will Support Them"

"Which Brings Me Back To The Title Of This Blog"

"ITS OUR COUNTRY!!!"...............................detective

"Im Disgusted With Trump On His Silence"

"And Every President Thats Remained Silent On The Palestinian Issue"

"As The Jews Slaughter Unarmed People"

"I Basically Back Trump On Some Issues"

"Not Everything"..............................detective
4MaryB: "Just a kiss "(meet us in the ecards)

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