Husband's ABC's LOL

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Is he on liquids, or back to solid food ? beer
Sorry JimN but I don't understand your question.confused smile
In the joke he got beat up, right ?
Well, sometimes it takes a while to be able to handle solid food,
after getting one's gut impacted.
I was suggesting, that his liquid food of choice might be beer. laugh
Now I understand what you are saying.Sorry JimN I was having a blonde moment.laugh
I had a grey moment too but figured it out. Cute joke.
Fay I've had quite a few gray and blonde moments in my lifetime.

It was JimNastics post that brought it all out.laugh
My fault BW. When you have to explain a joke, it wasn't 'crafted' right. handshake
JimN No it wasn't crafted all that well.I could've done a better then the one who created it.handshake
laugh Go ahead, I dare ya. tongue laugh
pedro27: "no one is online"(meet us in the forums)

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