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U.S. Marine Corps Birthday

Today, Nov. 10, is the birthday of one of the greatest fighting units ever!!!thumbs up

Founded on Nov. 10, 1775!!


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What did they ever win?
They won many battles in all of the wars we have been involved in!!!!

You need to read American history!
Coastie to Leatherneck - Have a good'un Buddy cheers

Thank you Mic!cheers
For the record...

Continental Marines - Nov. 10, 1775 - Apr. 1783
U.S. Marine Corps - July 11, 1798

U.S. Revenue Cutter Service (predecessor to USCG) Aug. 4, 1790
U.S. Coast Guard - Oldest CONTINUOUSLY OPERATING U.S. Sea Service head banger

But what the hell... PARTY ON, DUDE! buddies

@ BN...

American Revolutionary War
First Barbary War
War of 1812
Second Barbary War
West Indies Anti-Piracy Operations
Seminole Wars
African Anti-Slavery Operations
Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy Operations
First Sumatran expedition
Second Sumatran expedition
United States exploring expedition
Capture of Monterey
Mexican–American War
Bombardment of Greytown
Battle of Ty-ho Bay
First Fiji expedition
Second Opium War
Second Fiji expedition
Paraguay expedition
Reform War
John Brown's raid
American Civil War
Bombardment of Qui Nhon
Shimonoseki Campaign
Formosa expedition
United States expedition to Korea
Egyptian Expedition (1882)
Bering Sea Anti-Poaching Operations
Kingdom of Hawaii overthrowal
Second Samoan Civil War
Banana Wars
Spanish–American War
Second Occupation of Cuba
Border War
Negro Rebellion
Occupation of Nicaragua
Occupation of Haiti
Occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916)
Sugar Intervention
Philippine–American War
Boxer Rebellion
World War I
Russian Civil War
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
1958 Lebanon Crisis
Occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965)
Iranian Hostage Rescue
Multinational Force in Lebanon
Invasion of Grenada
1986 bombing of Libya
Tanker War
Earnest Will
Prime Chance
Eager Glacier
Nimble Archer
Praying Mantis
Invasion of Panama
Persian Gulf War
Somali Civil War
Iraqi no-fly zones
Bosnian War
Kosovo War
International Force for East Timor
Operation Enduring Freedom
Horn of Africa
Pankisi Gorge
Trans Sahara
Caribbean and Central America
Iraq War
Pakistan-United States skirmishes
Operation Odyssey Dawn
2014 Intervention against ISIL
Operation Inherent Resolve
Resolute Support Mission

thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up head banger
Did y'all know...

They, ARE wink...Marines...

...And Jim, of course.

Bea Arthur, USMC. Who knew dunno

There was never a separate name for women Marines (such as WAC or WAVE).
They were always simply Marines.
They were, however, colloquially known as.........
Well... maybe we needn't get into that, eh Jim laugh

That's an impressive list of Marines.
No doubt 'bout it!



...................................thumbs up
angel....reunion hug

Thanks again Mic!thumbs up
So these two Marines are walking down the street and see a bloodied Marine in the street outside a bar.
They ask him if he'd been hit by a truck.

"No," he says, 'There's a Coastie in there. Beat hell outta me threw me out."

The two go in to settle the score.
Minutes later they're in the street - same condition as the first.

A Sergeant and a Marine squad comes by...hears the story.
The sarge sends in the whole squad.

Windows are smashing! Lights flashing! Earth SHAKING!

A Marine crawls out and yells...
"Call 'Em Back, Sarge! It's A Trap! There's TWO Of 'Em!!!"


A Coastie, a Sailor & a Marine are stranded on a desert island.
They find a magic lamp; a genie offers them three wishes.

The Coastie takes the lamp, wishes he was home...and disappears.
The Sailor does the same...and disappears.

The Marine figures he has only one wish, so he decides to think 'bout his options.
Days pass.
The Marine mutters to himself, "Sure is lonely. I wish the Coastie and the Sailor were here."
boxing boxing


If Jim shares those stories with buddies from the Corps they won't be told exactly the same way, I betcha.

Pssstttttt! Mick!I know what they called 'em women Marines behind their back! grin

'BAM' giggle

P.S I checked with a reliable source wink


Oh c’mon, Mick!!!!

You know what ‘BAM’ stands for!! laugh
Of course I do....


rolling on the floor laughing

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