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This one will tug at even the coldest of hearts …

Thinking back a few years, living in Florida, I remember Hurricane Matthew. I was ready for it but my wife was not.

When the wind reached a screaming pitch with the trees snapping and thrashing, the horizontal streaming rain, flying roofing iron and destroyed fences as well as the unnerving sound-levels, my wife was rooted to the spot. She stared and stared through the glass of the window. Immovable, with her nose pressed to the windowpane, the stark fear in her eyes will stay with me forever.

Fortunately, as the eye of the storm arrived and the winds temporarily lessened, I felt personally safe enough to open the door and let her in.

Comments (6)

And I hope she kicked you outdoors for the second half. devil
Ha ha that was good.rolling on the floor laughing
Still a risky thing to have done, jim, I hope she appreciates your selfless action.
@ GJ - wave .. One day the table will be turned and it will be you who gets locked outside in the storm...... Make sure you have a survival kit stashed away somewhere safe outside..... Just saying...... laugh rolling on the floor laughing

..... grin cheers
Good one, I was going to ask what storm was it? got me!
You are soooo bad Jim scold wave Jenny

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