Hiya, Lesley here.

Since you seem to talk about me so much, I felt it only polite to drop in and say hello in person.
As you can imagine, I am kept rather busy but not really as busy as some may think.

You see, I populated several planets thousands of years ago, and gave the inhabitants everything they needed to survive and be happy, and then stepped back and allowed them to run them as they saw fit.
Some are coming along swimmingly. They have worked in unison with their environment, and each other, for the betterment of their society.

Others, not quite so well. Your planet is one of those. I am amazed it has survived so long, but unless things change, it won’t be around much longer. Such is life. Or death in this case.

For some reason, you are intent on destroying the perfection you received. Greed; inequality; barbarism; nuclear bombs; racism; bigotry; animal extinction; land-grabbing; even building walls and fences to keep people in or out. Inhumanity – you name it, you are guilty of it. It is hard to try to explain away how a people could spend so much money on going into space while allowing a third of their population to live in hunger and poverty, and at the same time dump 40% of food into landfill. Disgusting.

But enough about you, this is about me. You can call me God; Goddess; Yahweh; Allah; The Great Scientist in the Sky; Big Bang, anything at all. I don’t care. Does it really matter where the atom came from? The end result is the same. I usually go by Lesley, it’s a nice neutral name.
But what I do like is those who question. Question everything, all the time.
Those who follow blindly without questioning scare me a bit. I know those who claim to be my representatives on Earth have told you to follow blindly, but I never said that. I want you to constantly question, question, question.

As for those books, guess what? I didn’t write any of them. The only instructions I gave were on environmentally-friendly rock, and even those were translated incorrectly. doh .
An abridged version is – Be kind to your planet and all its life-forms. Not so difficult, is it?

I have sent a few people down from time to time to put you on the right road – the road to peace, harmony and love, but generally they were not listened to. You seem to prefer the dark side.

Treat any people who try to divide and conquer you with the contempt they deserve. The majority of you believe in me, Lesley, in some form or other, whether from a religious or a scientific slant, so there is no point in fighting and killing each other over me, I don’t want or need the headache of that.

Same with gender and sexuality. I had never intended for you all to be exactly the same, that would be boring. I made enough of you interested in mating with the opposite sex to continue the existence of your lifeforms, but apart from that, you are free to do and be whatever you want to be. You are not hurting anybody. Sex is the one absolute pleasure I gave you. Use it.

Oh, and bad-boy Satan doesn’t exist either. If I were all-powerful (and I am snooty), don’t you think I could have got rid of him if he existed?
No. Good and evil; love and hate; heaven and hell - whatever you wish to call it, exist inside every one of you. And it is up to you to decide which you are.

Final word – any badness or evil you do, don’t claim you are doing it in my name, that really pisses me off. Take responsibility for your own actions, and don’t try to use me as an excuse. And stop treating people badly because they are different to you. You aren’t all that, yanno roll eyes

Signing off – Big Bang Lesley (Kinda has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?)

PS - I shan't be answering any of your questions directly. But please discuss your thoughts at will.
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your frustrared rfrom being here to long Lesley you need a man to relax you
Well Lesley...I must be one of those few people you sent down to earth with a special mission.wave

Unfortunately I haven't been very successful at spreading the word ...yet. dunno

Maybe you can tell me what I should do? help
At last, something I can believe in.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
Lesley made them all.
You should really get a life.

If you are not an employer of this place and write here every day all day long entertaining others for money - you should really get worried and seek some professional help.

There's life outside of CS, you know.
I think Lesley is bang on...pardon the pun....it beats reading the word but never doing the deed....wink
Lesley that was cool to read.i thought for a moment i was watching star trek and captain kirk would kiss.u.
Let all miracles replace all grievances. For those who hold grievances against anyone let the miracle of forgiveness of self and see our brothers and sisters reveal the light of love within. Holding onto grievances fosters resentment followed by hate. For those who may question truth always consider truth has no ego nor does it have to hide behind illusions. It merely brings knowledge. Nothing real can be threatened nothing unreal exists. Let us decide this day to dispel hate and discontent and offer salvation to all. Let go of guilt and replace it with heaven's purity and innocence. Thereby allowing the healing to begin!!
Pain, Guilt, Anger, Resentment is a choice to hold or to let go.
This blog offers ideas looking at the world objectively which offers a point of view of how Heaven perhaps sees us. It is something to ponder in our travels.
Molly i have to admit this by far is one of the best read I've had in a while.
A very positive write that inspires us all to be good.

I do believe good and evil exists side by side. We have the obligation to learn what is right and strive always to be good.
I do believe in God. My personal choice.
And let's be the Change we want to see in this world! peace
Mmmmmmmmm...big bangers Lesleysmitten
BN, although left the building, I am sure Lesley wouldn't be upset by your comment. smile
Bravo thumbs up thumbs up applause

Blog of the day.

Embedded image from another site
Thank you Jim, and anybody else who posted bouquet
Get a life and seek professional help, Molly!!! scold

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Molly reunion
Mimi! reunion

Lesley isn't around anymore wink
Lesley may have but briefly entered our lives on this blessed day but will remain in our hearts till the end of days. How could we forget when everywhere we look, be it at the flowers in the field or the soft white clouds sailing the blue ocean of the sky, therein is Lesley. Lesley is everywhere and everything. crying
Har , if your heart and eyes have been opened to new opportunities, then Lesley's work here has not been in vain bouquet
Lol rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Who takes her place ?
What are devotees of Lesley to call themselves? Leslians is the obvious name but I can foresee a possible problem with it.
Harbal rolling on the floor laughing

Don't become a leslian, Harprofessor

Lesley doesn't want devotees, That would take away from the true leslian message.
And don't you become one either, molly.
are you on the drink today lesley
I shan't, Har batting
JJ, Lesley isn't here.

And me, I drink so rarely I might as well be teetotal wine
gnite molly hug

gnite MiMi handshake (hug)
Goodnight Har...sleep well knowing that Lesley has your back hug
Good night, Hatbal hug

Yet another version of his name laugh
I can't believe I've got it so wrong for so long, and quite frankly, I'm disappointed in your revelation.

I felt sure you'd have a Welsh name. dunno
Jac, Llywellyn is just too difficult for some people. cool

But you can call Lesley any name you wish wink
It's not that Llewellyn is difficult to pronounce Molly, it's just all the screen wipes are environmentally unfriendly.
Use white vinegar, Jac wink
Lesley Crowther? When I lived in England years ago, he would say 'Come On Down, The Price Is Right'

If only people were like this, your blog! wine
Fior, the price is often too high handshake
Nice blog, MollY!laugh
So what this blog is about and is meant to then, if I may know?
Welcome back, Crazzzzzzyyyyyy! !!! cheering
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