Russia's violation of INF

Nato accuses Russia of breaking nuclear missile treaty

6 hours ago from BBC

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Russia denies building missiles that violate the accord

Western military alliance Nato has formally accused Russia of breaching the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which banned land-based nuclear missiles in Europe.

Following a meeting, Nato foreign ministers issued a statement supporting US accusations of Russian violations.

The US has threatened to withdraw from the treaty because of Russian actions.

Note: NATO only acted on it after Trump's decision to withdraw.

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Way to go Trump, stand up for what is good for the world.
Some may find this interesting. A starting point. If interested, some should be able to find what countries/states/regions are involved in what type of treaties. It will also help with some of the various treaties out there. Not all have been actually enforced or implemented in the manner they were intended.

Draegon my take on this blog is the fact that Trump vigorously opposes Russia's violation. Pointed it out and only then did NATO act on it.

Had it been any president they'd have been controlled by those in their pockets.

Interesting to follow this up.
Had trump remained within the treaty, he would have been forced by the other signees to act tough against Russia, impose strong sanctions, by pulling out and lying why, he has allowed Russia to do whatever it wants, he did this to suck up to Putin, thinks it will help him get his tower in Moscow lol, trouble is Putin is playing trump just like Kim and Xi, trump is so full of himself he is blind to all of this. Just like his supporters.
Rizla thank you for venting out your own lies.

You hate liars, why stick yourself to politics?

I'm just curious. And yet I've not heard you complain about Clinton or Obama.

Never mind, not important. Your opinion is noted.
Like most posts here, accusations of people lying, yet never a single word to back that opinion.
As for Clinton and Obama, they are past history, not worth discussing, especially with people who have closed minds and still think Obama is not an American and is a Muslimrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
It's not worth arguing. You're right. Don't worry, my opinion is based on the fact that Trump has done many a good things for our country. Do you bother to acknowledge them? No! That to me makes you not only a LIAR but a very hateful person.

You never present any good side to anything except yourself. To me you're not only a moron but a liar.

And I know what's you're going to say next.

Save your breath, will you. You're a liar to me and have no respect for you.
Yes, LJ. just another item to add to the "He's so different list." A few, such as the narcissism, excess tweeting, and occasional mouth, need continued gentle challenge, counseling and slow improvement. However, on balance, precisely these personality trait anoyances likely have contributed greatly to his personal successes (and a few failures) of our brilliant President Trump. Lots of evidence based data here, and striking examples. But who really thinks the current tumult of the Chinese FINALLY beginning to hear our VALID concerns about almost silly restrictive/espionage trade practices would have started without it? Same with immigration, and lots more, in the interests of American workers, and many others.
Typo, "what you're going to say next"
Aa, indeed. Tweeting is his way of reaching the world. Undiluted by the bias media.
It's working good.
And BTW, LJ, who really takes any criticism of our free and wonderful land of opportunity from the slave states of Cuba and the PRC seriously? Pathetic.
Exactly Aa.

Pathetic is a man who can't see anything good in anyone.
Our president is the best ever that this country has ever had.

We're not all that stupid that supported him. His moronic opinion of our leader is so pathetic.
When trump does something good, I promise I will acknowledge that and praise him professor

PS You lied again Phylis, as I started a thread praising trump for meeting with Kim. You even commented if I remember correctly. Those lies always catch up with you.

PPS Just because I disagree that trump has done little for the average American does not make me a liar, it is an opinion.
Your lack of understanding English obviously has let you down again.
Riz is channeling his "Inner Alinsky" again and again,but it does get tiresome reading your posts where you consistently accuse OTHERS of lying!yawn sleep
Lol anything you say rolling on the floor laughing
Holy Mozzarella,they sure did a job on poor Rizzie!laugh
I get tired of reading posts from an old man who thinks he knows everything and always attacks the poster never the post, guess you can always find a different forumyawn yawn yawn
yes im more worried about china n spys here,etc.we have enuff nukes to handle russia n china sadly they know what will happen,where is string/hello!

There are a few sane people out there...American poor people have been duped...including the confused filipina...

Pity them...sad flower
Lou I feel sorry for you. Your hatred of Trump is so toxic. Be careful you might have a heart attack. Lol..

Ron, I am reading about this Huwae software.
hi REB I'm here sitting in the corner listening. what a troubled world we live in.
well,Rizzie-Baby,I am just emulating you!dancing
John yes indeed.
I think people should go read what current sanctions are. Yes, at last report around August or so, they seem to be having effects.

Trump's no puppet. Not to mention many in congress have to help keep up their lies.

More sanctions on the way as Ukranian-Russian friction escalates? We'll see. At least that's real with proof.
Did you take your name from the Draeger?
ananze: "Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan"(meet us in the quizzes)

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