Trump Says He's Thankful for Himself at Thanksgiving

In case you missed it. Trump said some remarkable things at Thanksgiving time. I don't know what was more shocking, that he was thankful for himself or what he said about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hating [the crime] murder of the journalist.

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That man is cray cray doh
I'm thankful he will be finally ousted in 2019. wave
From your lips to God’s ears, Jim thumbs up
More like to......Mueller's prosecution. thumbs up
It was disturbing when he said "If we go by a certain standard, we won't be able have allies with almost any country." doh

Almost any country doesn't do in their journalists Mr Trump.
Well, in an ironic way, his statement is true.
If we go by Trump's low standards, we won't be able to have allies with any country.
He's probably the only one.....laugh
I do not cross border shop...Trump is the reason...would hate to see those Maga hats or t-shirts...but at least those who love Trump give you a visual heads up to avoid them...laugh
oops hit wrong blog this is a HATE TRUMP BLOG sighs sighs big ones ha ha
EXRED, It's more of a CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT HE JUST SAID kind of a blog. Of course his supporters don't mind the lies and self adulation. In fact they sort of embrace the lies. You can't get through to them sadly. That's the way it goes. comfort
Oh i see same as Tump hater ha ha

Watch the man he gets leaders in his pocket----then crushes them slowly ha ha

Your confusing me...why support hate and racism...confused
EXRED, I'm not fond of liars, especially of the grandiose sort that he is. As far as the "crushing leaders" stuff, you'll have to explain that one. confused
Trump confuses everyone, he is not a typical politition he fools people until he has them in the parm of his hand and they think he is a friend, then he gets his own way.

He listens to public too (which is more then some of them do)-----if he has displeased his followers his voters ha ha he changes tack, this is the business side of him.

All i see amidst all the fake news is a man who will stop the flood of people who think they can just step into your country without knocking ha ha

He has doubled unemployment

He does not flinch from telling other world leaders their tariffs are too high as the flood the market with steel and do not give others a look in

He does not flinch telling other world leaders to put their hand in pocket and pay fair share to NATO.

Now as we all have he does have flaws ha ha
Largecurves i am sorry but in my great age ha ha i have learned you cannot debate with fanatics ha ha

Have good day
Trump confuses everyone, he is not a typical politition he fools people until he has them in the parm of his hand and they think he is a friend, then he gets his own way.

He gets his own way by firing or dismissing people I suppose. He trashed Jeff Sessions in the press for two years continually day after day until he finally fired him. He would've fired him sooner if he thought he could've got away with it. The political firestorm would've been too much had he fired him sooner. He wanted an attorney general that would protect him from investigation. instead Sessions did the right thing and recused himself.

He listens to public too.

It's funny to watch him deal with the press. If he doesn't like the question he ignores it or insults the person asking the question and moves on.

He has doubled unemployment

If you say so.

In regards to NATO. Trump said " "I think NATO's obsolete. NATO was done at a time you had the Soviet Union, which was obviously larger, much larger than Russia is today. I'm not saying Russia's not a threat. But we have other threats. We have the threat of terrorism and NATO doesn’t discuss terrorism, NATO's not meant for terrorism."

America...needs truth...not some a**hole who is influenced by greed...enough said...
The first thing that comes to mind for me with Trump is his self adulation as evidenced by his Thanksgiving comments. thumbs down
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