Build the wall.

The only president that exactly says what he means.

Transparency at its best.

Call me whatever but I think I will join the revolt if he's impeached.

Pelosi, what a clown.

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This is the best meeting I have ever seen.
Yep, LJ. These dems are used to our side cringing in fear of not being liked, or worse, called all those words ending in "-phobic". There's a new sheriff in town---drives 'em all crazy. See my Typically Trump brilliant idea for the wall and subsequent CONTROLLED-LEGAL guest worker program, elsewhere in blog here on this topic of the welcome wall.
How Pelosi can have a limitless craving for insults.
I'm guessing that is why the Mueller investigation is taking so long - if there is impeachment, it will have to be on grounds so clear and obvious that even the most devoted supporter would have to concede there were too many different factors to swallow. No-one wants riots or for history to ever to look back and doubt the facts.

Right now it looks like the investigation is unearthing only swamp-creatures and doing exactly what this administration promised to do - drain the swamp.

Impeachment cannot be whimsical, it is a huge step to take. Why do you think it is even possible? The rumours of using and abusing position to make, bottom line, more money for Trump Industries contrary to the interests of the American people will presumably turn out to be just that, rumours?
Trump is a narcissistic, sexist moron
Rumors or not Elle is not the issue. Zealousness is more like it. I understand. If there's evidence to convict or impeach a criminal, ita a serious consequence to face.

The Democrats are bent to create an unending investigation much like when Clinton was, and all for lying of s*xual escapades.

Anyways for now our country is in much better shape now than before. Contrary to the speculations of his pundits and I'm thrilled to see him reelected. That is if he runs.
and there you have musk already with his boring company. :-)
Even what's being pushed now by the media and mueller circus, doesn't hold water.

I DO NOT want to see any type of revolt or a second civil war in my country. If the people worked together to remove most of the current government, DoJ, and even some of the past damage dealers, using the the second amendment right, to fully reboot government; that would be different. THAT is exactly what it was intended for as more areas are losing those rights little by little.

Think on this for second. The house could still pass a bill for more wall funding.

Why aren't they trying? There aren't many actual republicans. Many fall along the line to democrat and worse any more.
I can not understand all the political drama about building a wall on our southern border. Didn't Trump keep insisting that Mexico would pay for the wall? So if Mexico will pay for it like he said they would, what do you need approval from Our government for?
Trump will be behind Cohen...laugh

Mexico will be pleased...cheers
Lou..I'm sure you'll be a happy camper when that happens.
Annex Mexico into the U.S.

Mexicans will be pleased.

There's nothing to lock Trump up for but I'm sure if they investigated obozo like they are Trump, they'll actually come up with a lot to put obozo, his DoJ, campaign members, hillary, plus many more, away for decades.

If I remember the 2019 budget fairly enough, Trump could possibly divert enough funds to just build the wall in it's entirety. Discretionary spending did increase military funding quite a bit.

There's a lot of fat that could be trimmed from mandatory spending if congress would quit spending on things we don't need or they shouldn't be involved in.

Trump could divert $25 billion dollars through out areas already allotted. We don't need the full 1900 or so miles. Roughly 700-1,000 miles tops for a better secured border.
None of that is going to happen, let's be realistic.
All this impeachment babble is just so much noise by the media.

And anyone who believes President Trump CAN be impeached no matter what Mullet contrives is just naive.

So are you a Nixon fan as on the floor laughing laugh

The walls are closing
If Trump is impeached, and that looks like it will happen at some point in some form, then those who decide to continue to support Trump will be, in reality, supporting a criminal.
There’s no way Trump can be impeached or even formally accused of breaking a law, without 100% proof. The reason why this investigation is taking so long. There cannot be any doubt whatsoever and a definite conviction at the end.
Americans need to realise that there are many ways to skin a cat, the entire world knows Trump is a conman, a liar and a cheat, just as all Americans knew Al Capone was a murdering evil man, who thought he too, was above the law, but he was imprisoned for tax evasion.

As for Obama and Clinton, there have been many investigations into their backgrounds and alleged crimes, and NO evidence whatsoever has come to light, only hearsay, rumours and fake stories. Unlike the Trump investigation which is finding concrete proof every day. Even the comic Justice watch has not found any real evidence, just often repeated lies, it really doesn’t matter how many time a lie is repeated and embellished, it is and remains a lie.
It's already built and waiting for him;

"concrete proof every day"


Wow what a joke these commies are.
Great Prison cartoon for trump, JN. He should be shown starting somekind of in Our Big House business. When I worked in corrections, all sorts of black markets went on, from weapons to sex to drugs. Inmates always trying to get us on board.
Anything good to be discussed all goes downright to the dump with these hateful commies.
with 5 bn of business at the border, please don't be surprised if some low educated possible construction workers show up soon.

Phyllis my friend!

They should rename Pelosi and Schumer.....Ippy and Dippy! They are disgusting!thumbs down
Yes my friend. Shameful bunch.
And the name calling begins... You’d think these people were Trump’s family, the way they get so upset when people criticize, aka point out what is actually coming to pass in his little world.

I look forward to the blogs you loyalists will write when he gets put in the hoosgow. Highly entertaining
Gypsy my honor for you to be here.

When he's in the slammer, it will not change the fact that this country had become a better place.

Or you should leave as most of the commies said?
I should leave the country because I loathe Trump? Really? Seems like something a commie would write. Hmmmm
I think Mexico should build the wall to keep all the gringos out.professor
No you don't have to, just said about how many of these losers said to have left the country if he got elected.
Miguel no way Mexico would build it. It's for their benefits to stand as it is.

The government has to build it. Why? We're spending more money taking care of these illegals.
Miguel, you should have been one of Trump’s advisors. Lol. You could have gotten the wall built and Mexico would have paid for it. Looks like Trump marketed the idea all wrong. laugh
Gypsy, honestly, I'm so happy to see you here.
Thanks, Lindsy wave nice that you allow my comments to stand handshake
Is James Polk still president. I haven't been following it.
My pleasure Gypsy.
Too many gullible people even as the "phase II" headlines under the mueller circus circulate. Trump won't go any where. The turn of events with the Flynn questioning, more emails with page and her boyfriend surface, investigations taking place where they should have all along. mueller could end up in a jump suit along with many more.

As it turns out, Trump can have the military build the border security structures. We can have that wall either way.

Of course the party of criminals is threatening legislation to stop that. If any court were to have to hear the case, it should cut those communist pieces of crap to shreds as they are stepping on delegated, executive, authority.
Guess how many Americans want a border wall?
Yep String, many.

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