Build the wall.

The only president that exactly says what he means.

Transparency at its best.

Call me whatever but I think I will join the revolt if he's impeached.

Pelosi, what a clown.

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"Makes good sense to me. The dems have every one fooled. They're not working for any one but themselves and any thing against Trump they can. Twice they've voted pay down for the federal workers affected by the their shut down"

Absolutely Draegon, which makes me ask in specific. All of you Democrats can you please present a solid or even partial, okay maybe even itsy biddy (not itsy bitsy, the English say) accomplishment to show their services to the American people?.That is what I thought. There is nothing you have done that makes us great as a country and as a member of the International Community.

Oh don't forget to mention, Trump is the only leader that has made Kim Jon Ung reach out to the free world, isn't it? your last post you were sick and tired of the Trump are a confused Filipina afterall...Stonever is one corrupt individual and his ally Trump will fall...he is a corrupt are supporting a den of thieves...why old people should be tested for cognitive
You are stupid, I am not sick of the Trump blog. I am sick of the same topic of the same people about three of them of the same topic and of the same issue by the same posters. There is a difference. I am never sick of the topic of Trump Blogs. I am sick of the same topic of the same people, day in and day out by the same poster.

You see the difference Lou? Or you are so stupid to get it.

Elle and Molly mentioned about having only one topic of the same person about Trump or whatever and like Z and my blog Anti Trump, only one and keeps all the side issues incorporated in the same blog.

I agree because it is sickening to see these posters, day in and day out, the same topic, just different title.

Wow, I thought you have a tiny brain to know the difference. You are a moron.
I am old? Look at yourself again. I look much much younger than you and I qualify to be your grand ma. I still go to the gym three times a week and do 100 push ups a day Lou. Do you do that? Or you are too spent up doing a skilled labor, taking care of the convalescent patient of yours. lol...Old and having a cognitive deficiency. You are something else Lou. You really make me laugh..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh
She probably got a pass over the President's choices C. lol..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Build a wall
The ocean surrounds us in NZ
An yet
They we are multi diverse dunno laugh
No planes or boats and we'd be totally self sufficient again dunno
"No planes or boats and we'd be totally self sufficient again"

What's this we business?

If there were no planes and boats, the only people in New World countries would be the natives. You wouldn't be in NZ laugh
Molly, right you are. There would be no business for so many industries Molly. Imagine the money lost in travel, the money lost in boats, etc. Okay, I am on the profit wise side of the business. But yes, imagine being isolated?

Daers, this isn't about building a wall for isolation. This is about security and money spent on sustaining these illegal migrants. If we don't build the wall our security is jeopardized as already reported by ICE. Last three months alone, about 365 thousand criminals were apprehended that came through that unwalled border.
LJ, I don't think tourism and industry was uppermost in the minds of the Cheyenne or Maoris.
Not one single person has the right to claim rights of our planet.
Only the planet has rights
Or have you been totally green ( loving )
Creating no waste what so ever
One can only occupy even if one thinks they own dunno
Could or would you fight mother nature's rights dunno
Bout time humans stopped worrying about themselves and realised how bad they are treating
Our planet dunno
Pen pushers wouldn't survive without the builders an maker's of things confused
Apparently from dna tests
I totally come from a different place.
An yet I was born here.
But if I spoke of my blood origins
Where my bloodline came from
I would not be where I was born dunno
As hard as it is confused
I don't agree with my parents view
Nor do they with thiers dunno
I'm so glad I care for our planet
No matter where I come from.
Miss LindsyJones.
Every 2.5 seconds
Someone is arrested in america
Times that by minutes, hours, days, weeks etc
Equates too how many
I'm sure there's not that many outsiders there dunno
Molly, I am sorry, I dozed off after my last comment with you.

Lol no I don't think tourism is quite high in their agenda. However, it is surprising to find out that there is a group of Americans who are actually selling properties for them to retire there. A friend of mine is already one of them and told me about it. Google it and hopefully it will pop out.

No that is not tourism but it is most likely out of choice that they are doing that. They advertise it only to an exclusive people with the moolah as it is very expensive. I will not for sure, afford it but that is what I heard. No illegal entry but a legitimate course is the way they are doing it.
Daers I agree very wholeheartedly with you. This is a very serious endeavor of mankind. Destroying our only planets that we know of. In my blog, there is no one who is violating that assumption. It is purely a law that is followed and enforced. The law man created to make it a point that there is a sovereignty in each dominion as established in accordance of the international law. You wouldn't, I am positive of that, or any of your fellow New Zealander would want if all the people in the world will come and illegally enter your country.

History presents the many people that has owned a certain land. Beginning to that of Moses, until today, the Palestinians and the Israelites are having a very explosive existence trying to prove who owns which in that land.

No your comment is out of context from my point, I am afraid.
You are not the only one. We the Americans have a very strong commitment on doing just that and as a matter of fact, the budget is close to a billion a year in directing for that purpose alone. EPA is big here except it makes me laugh. The industries that mostly pollute the air have moved out of our country and went to some third world where they are not taxed heavily on their cause of destruction. It is laughable because without any regard to saving and taking care of our planet is exactly how the Chinese do, and most of the third world. That same air and same world we live in, just from a different place, could and definitely would destroy our planets.

Google the plastic that are floating in the Oceans, it is amazing.; Dr. from Tasmania (former blogger) and I blogged about such a pitiful situation.
I know Daeers. It goes to show you two things. Either we are really invaded by these criminals as was presented by the report of ICE or we simply have the ingenuity and talent on arresting them criminals.

Yes that is one of the reasons why the wall is important because there is a large percentage of these illegals on committing those crimes.

Having said that, I still prefer to live here than any part of the world, other than that of Switzerland.

Thank you for your comments and Molly my pleasure.cheers
I am not giving up on the possibility of having the wall built. No

"Though.... She Has Been Silenced Once More"

"What Has She Done?".........." I Wouldnt Know"

"But I?".............. "For One"..........Wont Let It Go"

"Though Against The Flow"..... "She Must Row"..................detective
I was wondering what happened. I think TR must be happy. There's no pleasure or entertainment to be had, but she could have avoided it. blues
Marblecollector republcrats so stupid that you do not under stand the Mexico is paying for the wall. Trumps new MCA trade agreement is goinv to more then make much more than to pay for the wall. Trump never said how they would pay for it. He never said Mexico would write a check. Do you know hom many Billions more a year the usa gets a year from the new trade agreement? We need the wall now. Do you want millions more people walking in unchecked? Drawling welfare sponging off what we pay in. President Trump has done .ore for this country in the last two.year. then the last four presidents combined in their full terms put together. He has been more transparent then all of them combined. Hate is not a reason for impeachment. Blind hate is even worse. I can not amagine how much he could have gotten done if people were working with him instead of against him. Only an idiot would call him a racist just look at what he has done and who he has done it with. He is draining the swamp. We are watching history as it unfolds. God bless America and President Donald John Trump.comfort banana applause dancing
Mr Marble

"It Is The Era Of The Fascists"

"They Will Do Anything To Realize Their Dream"

"Of A Beaten Down... Demoralized.... And Weak America"

"The Fascists Know... And Realize .....That They Cannot Be In Control"........"If A Wall Is Built"

"They Use Their Scenario Of The... "Poor Non Americans"

"That Just Want To Have A Chance At Life"....."When In Reality?"

"These People....That They Want To Come To America?"

"Are Only Votes To Them...So They Can Control The Country........... And Where Its Going"

"They Could Give A Shit Less About These..... "Poor People"..."To Them?...They Are Just Votes"
"They Are Not Concerned Of "WHO" Will Pay For All Of This Either"

"This Crap That Is Going On?"....."In The End?"..."Will Either Make...Or Break America"

"And What The World Is Not Understanding?........ Is This"

"Without A Strong And Dominant America?"....."The Rest Of The World?"...."Will Fall Along With Us"

(The Bad Guys?... Waiting In The Shadows?)..."Will Surface And Take Control"

"I Also Wrote This Comment Because I Presume That Miss Lindsy?....... Is In Jail Once More"

"And Im Keeping Her"...."Alive...And Well".........................detective
Good job Nam. I am proud of your support.
"Just Take A Look At What The Jews Do When It Comes To Protecting Their Friggin Borders"

"290 Unarmed Palestinians Were Shot To Death At... "The Wall"...Including 55 Minor Children By The Israeli Army"...254 In Gaza...And 34 In The West Bank"
Add To All Of This?.....That 18,000 Palestinians Were Wounded"

"Why Is It My Fellow Large Mouth Liberal Fascists"
"That Weve Never Heard One Word Of Protest From You About This?"
(After All...You Preach So Much About Helping People)

"Thats Easy To Answer.......The Reason Is Obvious"
("Its Because The Palestinian People Are Not A Vote For Your Goals)
"If Anything?".........."That?"...Is A Proof That Cannot Be Argued"

"So?".....What We...As Americans?".......That Are Trying To Stop.... Illegal People From Entering Our Country"

"is Worse Than.... Killing... 199 Unarmed People Over The Age Of 18"
"Is Worse Than.... Killing... 55 Unarmed Children"..............And?"
"Is Worse Than..... Wounding.... 18,000 Of The Palestinian People?"

"If Anyone Can Argue This?"
"You Are.......... Definetely............ Sick In The Head"...........................detective
"How Strange"

"Not One Rebuttal To My Comment"

"Yeah...I Know My Fascists Friends"

"Its Awfully Hard To Argue Against .... Truth"....................detective
"Still Waiting For A Fascists Response"

"Has The Cat Got Your Tongue Now?"............................detective
"And Still Waiting"......................detective
Miss Lindsy

"Looks As Though Your Title Of This Blog"

"Build The Wall?"

"Will Become........ A Reality"................................detective
"Just Take A Look At What The Jews Do When It Comes To Protecting Their Friggin Borders .

this is why I don't think a wall is needed , a ball of string and a long row of sticks to hold it off the ground . Cross the string , touch it and its BOOM , end of story , grab the useful body parts . Pretty soon nobody would go near the bloody string .
They don't even know for sure if he's done anything wrong. They feel about him
like I feel about Bill Clinton...I have no trust what so ever for him.
And Hillary staying with him does not make her look strong,
it makes her look stupid and weak.
"Everybody Locks Their Doors Of Their Homes Dont They?"

"I Wonder Why?"

"The Reason They Lock Their Doors Is Because"

"They Dont Want Strangers To Just Walk In"....(One Must Knock On The Door First)

"Then The Question Is Asked...("Who Is It?")

"And Then The Owner Of The Home Decides If...... They Want To Let Them In...Right?"

"Of Course Im Right"

."And If Some Stranger Barges Into Your House Without Approval?...Guess What Youre Gonna Do?"......Youre Gonna .... Call The Cops... Or... Physically Try To Remove Them"

"Well...This Country Is Our Home"

"And We'll Decide Who Can Come In"....................detective
"Finish The Wall"...(Would Be Better For The Title)

"The Only Reason The Democratic Communist Socialist Facist"

"Want To Get These "Poor People" In The USA"

"Is For Their Vote"

They Want Complete Power...And Are All Sick Individuals"

"In Actuality?"..........."They Are The Enemy Of The United States"

("If They Were To Take Complete Power Over This Country?")

"Civil War Number Two"....."Would Become A Reality".........................detective

(If Youre Not An American Citizen?)....."You Can Blab Away If You Want)

"But What You Say?... Is Meaningless"....................................detective
Ingraham on Dems furious over Trump's sanctuary city proposal

"Now Its Out Turn Facists"

"Were Going To Find Out "WHO" Was Behind"

"This Attempted Coup"

"And Yeah"

"Thats Exactly What It Was And IS"

"Ole Jimmy Comey?"

"Must Be Thinking...Uh Oh"....rolling on the floor laughing ..........................detective
Bugger off with all your Trump Tripe! This is a dating site,not a Political Forum!barf
how about slinging Thor's Hammer?rolling on the floor laughing
Besides,if you had paid some attention,it is quite legitimate to bring up political stuff on this site!comfort
"They Can Keep Lindsy In Jail"

"Why This Long?....."It Does Not Compute"

"But...Her Presence?............ Shall Remain"..............................detective
"I Saw A Bumper Sticker On A Car Today"

"The Car Was Loaded With People From The Southern Americas"

"And The Sticker Read"

("Were Not Going Back!!")...............................detective
"Build It High"

"And Build It Deep"

"Then Maybe We Americans"

"Can Get Some Sleep!"........................detective

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