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Feeling Very Sad

I lost my best friend, Mike, yesterday! We had been friends for over 40 years! He died of cancer!

I have been thinking of the many great times we had together! He was like a brother to me! Don't know what life will be without him!sigh

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You have my sincere condolences, Jim.
Such a loss leaves an unfillable empty space in the heart...rose

Thank you Mic!
I'm sure it is a hard time for you, specially as you had so long friendship.....but I'm also sure,that he is still in your life, as good memories give us the power to go on with our life.

All the best to you comfort
I'm sad to hear that, Jim. hug
Hi Jim, sorry to hear about your freind. sad flower

Thank you for all your prayers for me, You are a good friend. handshake
jim Obviously we've had our differences on this site but I wanted to stop by and say I'm so so sorry about your loss.hug
K know how that feels my friend. Grieving is a part of our lives. The good news is that he's in a very peaceful place.
Sorry of your loss.
May he RIPsad flower

Sorry for loss...friendships are everything...sad flower
My condolences.
Rest in Peace.
So very sorry to read that you lost your best friend. Jim
I know you will meet him on the other side for sure, may that be a comfort to you ...........may Mike rest in peace now...............
hug wave
Sorry for your loss.
@ GJ - wave ... It's always a sad time when we loose someone close to us..... sad flower

.... blues cheers
So sorry to hear about your lost , accept my condolences , think happy thoughts , be strong my friend .
God bless .
Hello Jim wave So sorry for your loss there Bud, thoughts and prayers are with you, You take care,
I greatly appreciate all of you! Thank you so much!
"Sorry About Your Buddy Jimmy"

"But...... What Would Your Close Friend"

"Be Telling You Right Now Jimmy?"

"He'd Be Telling You".....To"

"Keep On Keepin On!"...............................detective
My pal Jim,

My condolences to you, your friend's relatives and all who were part of his life.
I'll certainly send prayers for your friend, and for you and all those who were blessed to know him.

Take care Jim, and God bless
My condolences Jim. We have too few really good friends and to lose a long time friend is a huge loss. Perhaps a sad song will fit the mood. comfort
My condolences too, may he RIP now leaving you with wonderful memories.
I want to thank everyone for their thoughts! You truly are my friends!thumbs up
jim you are so Welcome.
So sorry Jim keep those good memories they'll never fade hug
That absolutely sucks. hug I don't have many true friends and losing one of them would be losing family.

sad flower
Sorry to hear that, I know from personal experience how tough that is, it can affect your life in so many ways sad flower
Sorry to hear of your loss/loneliness and sadness Jim sad flower


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