some beautiful women on this site, how are you sti

some beautiful,smart, sweet women on this site, how are you still single, can someone tell me or am i silly :)
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Unfortunately ,We met the wrong guys.
Not silly at all...and kinda like Natty said...we've met the wrong guys...all i seem to meet are the players. And that's not what i'm here for.

So Ian...why are you still single?
I guess we are just too smart! lol
right woman at the wrong time with the right man.....
Not right time..we r too smartter than the guys..doh
If we had the answer to that, we wouldn't be here!:p
Easy, men cheat on me so I guess I'm not that beautiful :D.
how dya know they are beautiful..? 99% have make up on..different face underneath ha
Men dont want just a pretty face they want much more and so do we so we just keep going until we find the more kindness,sweetness,warm,respectable ,nice the list could go on and on comfort
That is like asking why there are fish in the ocean, why hasnt someone caught them all yet.
Because we know what we want!heart wings
They say there is someone out there for some cases it takes time. The similarities between genders far outweigh the differences. As some men can be players, so too can some women. Trust me on this. I won't go into the duplicitous responses each gender awards to this scenario. Some have higher standards than others e.g. I don't want to be with an alcoholic, or a drug addict-that's my choice. But so many are, and I've tried to 'rescue' them out of love, but it's hopeless. Anyway diversity makes this planet interesting. How boring would it be if we were all the same?
well to be honest yes it is a little silly; so looks are all that you want in a woman?
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