A question for the Irish.....

One of my favorite Irish groups is The Corrs. One of the tunes played by them (see below) is 'Toss the Feathers'.

Do any of the Irish blogger's know what it means to 'Toss the Feathers'...?

...... grin cheers wine

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I'm not irish but a simple google search

Toss the Feathers" is a traditional Irish folk tune (a reel). It exists in several variations and in different keys, the most common being D Mixolydian and E Dorian. The tune has been adapted in over 200 modern compilationscheering
It means professor

Its your turn to pluck the bloody chicken chicken


Love the Corr's Hans wine
I've a family member that actually looks a fair bit like Andrea.

@ Onthecrest~ - wave ...... I did a very extensive search on Google myself before coming into here to ask.

The closest to an explanation that I got was a story about a Girl that liked to gossip, then one day she met an old man who suggested that she get a large pile of feathers and toss them onto the road. He told her to go back the next day and pick up the feathers but she could only find six of them. When she told him this he explained that this is how rumours spread.... with the wind, once they start you can't take them back.

Therefore am I to understand that to 'Toss the Feathers' is another term for 'Gossip'...?

..... grin cheers
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ....... I'm not too sure if you are pulling my leg Girl but when I buy chicken cooked or frozen, it doesn't have any feathers..... conversing uh oh

I remember the first time that I heard one of their songs 'Forgiven not Forgotten', I went out and bought their album, loved them ever since.... grin

It's always great to have a superstar in the family but can she play the tin whistle too?

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ... Meant to thank you for those two clips, and here's one for you too, Girl:

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
Hans, if you don't feel my hands on your leg, then I'm not pulling it scold

Now is that a spider you feel crawling on your leg or is it just a little Itch roll eyes

Glad you enjoyed ....
love their version of everybody hurts wine
@ Itchy, Girl - wave .... Spiders have eight legs don't they, not two..... maybe it is a little Itch, Girl...... giggle wink

So, do you have any thoughts about the story that I found, on my reply to Onthecrest~, Girl..?.... dunno

.... grin hug teddybear bouquet

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