The Great Deception of the End Days

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Yes. After all, if ET exists and makes contact or is found, well that just makes all of the Earth religions just a pack of fables and silly myths. A clear threat to those who based their lives on such things. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing banana
"So Ken"

"Based On Your Use Of Words...And Your Laughing And All?"

"Then You Must Be An Atheist?".....................detective
No I have a belief system but it has nothing do with Abraham's twisted tales of Sumer or Constantine's invention of Jesus.

"Given Enough Time, ANYthing Is Possible."

Right? dunno


How the Origin of Life Points to the Existence of God

How quarks, pi mesons and gluons lead to creations without divine intervention, i.e., dumb luck. A course for beginners


you are in many ways understanding the facts and the video you put in ......yes, it start with the lecture, by one of the most respectable scientists.
I am not happy to bring anything in here about my Sons knowledge, but he said, that he has the tools to bring in life into dead material, what means creating life......but he said, that he is going to take that information with him when he die, as Humans are not yet ready for that kind of the videos here, that try to make it almost impossible without divine help are just out of the knowledge.

And when it has to do with is always the same thing, if you don't believe in their Religious Supremacy, then you are a Atheist or mingling with Satan......still the most funny thing is, that I have found, that Atheists have never kill other people, because of different believing, they are much more easily accepting all people who they are.

And you can believe in higher things, without being stuck in stories from 2000 year back....they are still there,but in the frame of our modern year 2018.

And when you see Satan in everything, it is like Hate, you fill your mind with it more and more........and in the end you are full of it by your self.doh
thank g that the world is ending.

at least it means it is still going on.

time to replace batteries and carry on.

For the real believers, i can give you my account number for the money you won't need

Happy Valentine's Day!

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