God got it right .....

God said " let there be light" ... and so brightness was created idea
yep folks, God crated the light bulb ... lol

God said " let there be shoite" ... and at his command all Angels stepped aside when the heavens opened up whilst God dumped OldBlue on us roll eyes

Lesson God wanted us to learn nerd
As quick as someone/anyone brightens your days ....
so too can they make your day shitty as well professor

Hard to believe but what else to say ....
God works in mysterious ways angel

Chow now, the whiskey bottles a calling drink pouring



Comments (45)

god also said he who is without sin cast the first stone.
Here we see, there IS a line, where inside of it WE KNOW........and an outside, where we don't know....so all is not non known.........a good blog, telling us what all is aboutthumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

yes, I can see from the blog, who cast the first stone......as I don't start to twist here.
Beks, everyday there is something new to be learned conversing

So true String thumbs up
but God also created an allowance book and it just so happens he's sent a few pages my way roll eyes
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ... Ya got a really soft spot for 'ol blue it seems..... a very large pile of shoite...... laugh rolling on the floor laughing

.... Gotta go out catch up later, Girl.... have fun..... cheering drinking

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
Soft spot doh
I can assure you Hans, where God got it right you most certainly got it wrong ....
Enjoy what ever you're up to wave

In that case Beks, hows about a "twist" of another kind.....
one I believe you enjoy dancing

God said, "Let there be light, stars and joy to the world" when you were born. head banger
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Aw shucks Rob, but you say the sweets things flirty

Good thing for you I've not got a sweet tooth ...
I'm sure you wouldn't like ending up being eaten by a witch devil wink

Beks, good thing about twisting ... when one doesn't like a direction where something is going roll eyes one can always twist things round until its more to ones liking ... witch crafts not needed just being a good twister is.... dancing

Eh" .... I'm missing Aa, where is he?
God also said " Thou shall not slap the face of the lord" .......
he went onto explain professor

Don't ever allow anyone to treat you badly, stand up to yourself and know what you are ...
" a soul of infinite value to God".
If you allow someone to abuse your mind body or spirit...
you are guilty of the sin of not loving yourself and that is like slapping God in the face because he made you perfect.

Now if this is true or not ....
one only needs read the small print below the ten commandments to know it roll eyes is.
Bet the whiskey is good bouquet
God always gets it right it is us who gets it wrong.
Actually opted for a Sherry instead Track ... but yep whats going down sure tastes good wine

shock grin

Couldn't agree with you more String thumbs up
but with this ever changing ways of the world/people being wrong, we'll always get right.. sigh
did God change the world or did people?
Kalp, I raise my glass of sherry to you wine

Couldn't agree with you more for agreeing with me wink
Ohhh good, I heard what sherry does to a person batting

. . . .

They get drunk yay teddybear
And God said, I shall make beautiful women that men cannot understand their ways.

And the serpent said unto the woman I shall shall give thee the secrets and divine wisdom if you eat of the fruit of knowledge just don't tell the man. Instead let him bumble around all his days of his vain life searching for himself through the beauty of women.
Right or wrong String but I would say neither ....
how life is going I think is all of Gods plan dunno confused

Seems to me we are born to be tested as in the acceptance of each before we ourselves are accepted by him .. like I said " right or wrong" but that's my view on life/things.... conversing
Track, on my 3rd bottle of sherry here roll eyes
and I can assure you I'm as sober as a judge ... in other words, don't believe everything you're told comfort unless of course, the telling comes from me grin wink

Such a lovely cute reply Prom bouquet
I shan't spoil it by adding my own thoughts on the matter.
laugh laugh String, so you to find the appropriate song thumbs up
love Jackson, so tah for the upload....

Off to bed now but wine all for the company.


Hi, it's me again the devil. I'm just here to set the record straight ( not that most of you would believe me anyway ). One of your posters said that I got Eve to eat the apple ( actually it was a pear ) and not tell Adam. This is reasonably close to what actually happened. I did not come as a snake but I was just hanging around the tree when Eve came up to me. She wanted to know what I was doing there and what was so special about this particular tree. I told her that it was reported to be the tree of knowledge and eating from it was thought to give you inside knowledge into all things. I also told her that in reality it was just a bunch of garbage and was put there to see how they would react.

Well, as is the case in most things, the truth fall on deaf ears and she refused to believe that it was all just a set-up. The rest is history and in the retelling it did get a little ( little ? ) imbelished. Nobody actually gained anything and I got this severe reputation ever since. Just goes to show you! . . devil
Hi devil Grouchy wave
rolling over here so I'll have to catch you with your comment again conversing


Itchy, my favorite witch. I just recently made some Irish Cream and we can share a nice cup or two of Irish Coffee . . . coffee ...coffee2
Itchy doh his way of getting you to notice him, it's his come on baby chat line laugh laugh

Be gentle with him laugh
Who be he Red confused dunno

Seems to me you've bitten into the tree of knowledge yourself roll eyes
and since you know it all .. lol
tell me, why did God create Adam & Eve in shame?

Beliefs and thoughts aside.....
it would be my pleasure to share/sip an Irish coffee with you coffee coffee wine

Ps and you are my favourite Grouch hug bouquet

Blue itchy rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing who would have guessed rolling on the floor laughing
And yes one day coffee would be great. Mine is black with a dash of something laugh
good said, have sez and multiplyinnocent
so, why sez is considered a sin by the church
Doh" silly me doh
apologies Red, meant to direct most of my last comment to the devil himself lol
Nonetheless if no-one objects to a threesome, coffee for three it is coffee coffee coffee

As for Oldblue ....
he's a man in need roll eyes

Poor baby comfort

How do Meth wave
sorry but you've lost me a little with your comment dunno
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ... Not sure if you read my comment correctly, I was referring to the 'soft spot' as a pile of steaming shoite to be dumped into.... and not a soft spot in your heart, Girl...... conversing

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
laugh laugh Hans in that case ... I love it yay

If I were the devil
I do not think God ever said anything
You know String I don't believe there is a devil ...
and after watching/listening to that I'm real glad he does not exist uh oh hole
but he does exist.
"PLAY NOW: Switchback Solitaire"(meet us in the games)

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