Rising from the Rubble of Misfortune

As I've mentioned before, I post my photos to a local community site. I've garnered a significant following on there, due to the local photos I take of the area. The calendar I made for this year was solely due to people asking me for one, as I had had no intention of making one. The result was a very lucrative endeavour, albeit a mad push to get the photos together.

This year, it's evident that there's already an expectation for another calendar, which is great, although it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose the photos. I tried having people 'vote' on which photo they liked, but instead of just choosing one photo, they 'liked' all of them, which essentially, nullified the entire process. Ultimately, the choice is mine anyway.

So I did away with the 'contest' realizing ppl just couldn't follow directions. There are a few photos that I definitely want included, and I know people will expect some of our local mountain. Keeping the calendar in mind, I figured that would be relatively 'easy' for this year. Although I've been asked to do one for two other surrounding areas. Ack!

Continuing to post my photos, several people have asked if I'd thought of doing a photo book of the area. I'm not quite sure why people want a book anymore, as they aren't very popular. They're expensive to publish, as well as have a limited market. I can't see that it would be a lucrative venture.

To the several people that have asked, that was my response. Simply not enough $$ or demand for it. As this area has a significant indigenous population, several of the local First Nations have asked about a book, saying that my photos really depict this area. I still kind of balked at it. One local woman asked me about publishing a book as she's part of a local publishing house. I had my usual response, however, she wasn't prepared to take 'no' for an answer. She asked me if I wrote, which I replied in the affirmative.

Oh groan! What have I gotten myself into?! She asked me to put together some photos and writing (poems, experiences, history) of the area, and she'd present it to the publishing house. She said they were extremely interested (yeah, but does that translate into $$?).

So my next project seems to be like the first one, by request. I'd best get busy trying to figure out how to start the book. It's exciting, but a bit overwhelming at the same time.

But, what could be better? Combining two loves into one project? Yeah, I'd say the move to this community was the best thing ever. Out of the rubble of misfortune, the phoenix of opportunity rises.

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Those kinds of books usually sell well at Christmas or at local book fairs, etc.

I'm surprised that calendars still sell to be honest. Few people use them now, due to mobile phones.
Good luck with your new venture. May it be a successful one.
Paper is still going to sell to the Boomer and earlier generations since they can't figure out how to use their phones. laugh

Way to go Imp. If I were a betting woman, my money is on you and a successful adventure. If you are loving it then the $$ isn't as important, sweet yes but not important. Won't the book go digital and be sold on like Amazon. Lordy I don't know anyone that doesn't shop Amazon.
Daunting at the onset but by following your heart the passion will keep you grounded.(Achievement)
I am thrilled that you have found what your heart wants.(Recognition)
Thank you for sharing this with us.
( Love and Support)

Unfazed thumbs up
Molly - I'm surprised too, to be honest. But what can I say? They asked, I delivered (in a manner of speaking). grin
Jim - thank you very much! grin
Fay - thank you! You've always been such a great supporter and I really appreciate that. It's a bit daunting due to the size of the project, but at the same time, very flattering. banana
ashlander - thank you very, very much. I really appreciate the support. bouquet
pedro27: "Magical thinker"(meet us in the forums)

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