Astrophysics and Spiritual Physics, the very same thing, mirroring each other.

The moment we are born, we get the mirror image of whole the Universe and probability even from outside it, planted inside our own self......that's why Mystics tell us, that it is all there inside our self, what ever we want to have insight into.

Normal science use mechanical tech to surf trough all existing in the Universe.....Mystics use Meditation to do the same thing from inside them self.

But there is a system working, that in some mystical way are blending them together.......that is why specially quantum mechanism is following the similarity with knowledge, that Mystics knew about, already thousands of years ago.

But also most important theoretic Scientific discoveries are coming out like visions or unexpected mind flashes just out from the blue......all similar to how you can pic up information in is all coming from inside and I gave that process and the knowledge coming from it, the name Spiritual Science already 10-15 years ago.

So Spiritual Science is about the same thing as Mysticism.....and the Mystics are in fact working science, with all what are inside our self.

I know from written information, that many known names in Physics, have had contact to people in high Spirituality or even Mystics, getting some influence from them.

What ever there are out there in the Universe, it is all inside our give us our abilities and our talents, build up our personality and affect our Fate and Destiny......but it also give us the free will, as it start like a Big Bang in the moment of birth....and we all Humans are given the ability to create, similar how the Universe is going trough a creation process all the time.......what give us the opportunity for change, to grow and to even take a new road.

And still to make it clear, there are life existing outside our normal capacity of sight.... full of activity......and there is a higher level of Intelligence, what even the self declared Atheist Scientist is admitting, in the VERY INTERESTED interview that I find in Internet today and is next.

Comments (87)

The human mind seems to be capable of convincing itself of just about anything, Beckard. I can't really contradict you with any authority, but I very much doubt that the device you are reading this on would be in your possession had its existence depended on some guy sitting cross legged under a tree.
without knowledge of the existence of wavelengths, most of all tech we use now, could never had been in use.......Mystics knew about wavelengths thousands of years ago, but the normal science was not ready then to take it in to mechanics.

to make it little more normal science, it is very known, that new discoveries open up often by several people separately, in the same time, not knowing about each there is a connection existing for sure, as it happen very often.

And it looks to work very much like TAO, what Taoist mystics refer to a place from where all new is coming out, and when it got out by one first, then other in the same field, that need the information, can catch it more easily......and perhaps you have to dig little more information about Mystics, they are not all sitting under a tree, but even they sit under the tree, if they get out, like the knowledge of waves, then it is there ready for scientist, no matter how much thanks to the Mystics, that brought in the knowledge of waves, I can no make you a commentwave
If you ignore all the wacky beliefs held by various mystic sects and religions through the ages, and just pick out the few that (by stretching the imagination) happen to vaguely coincide with later scientific discovery, things can appear to be the way you suggest. Especially when you want to see it that way to start with.
Don't mind me, Bekard, I'm an incurable sceptic; I'm sure there will be many here who agree with you. wave
I don't believe in any Religion and specially not in Dogma Religions, in my opinion, they are man made....and I don't believe in mystic sects much either.....still everybody have the right to believe in what ever they want.....but the real scientific like knowledge, what you can find in the thousands of years old Sanskrit books, is a good example of well working Spiritual science.
And we have in our own Family experience of high level discoveries and we know how they came.
What I talking about, is not any believing, it is what I if I don't know, then I bring it up, as a believing.
I need to study Shamanism. wave
Then you can come to me? wave
I have found that sharing what beliefs one has, opens up dialogue.
The one who is circumspect, is not
the student or teacher.

Another who is not teaching, nor a student, will appear simply for appearances sake.

For those who appear and need our
attention, it can be important to remember it is not just a one to one
appearance but typically an appearance
that serves only them, and also is
in a broad venue.

I am reminded of similar behaviour when attending lectures,and the microphone is passed for Q&A.

It is self-affirming to have their say,
as a non-conformist.They assure us everyone else must be other thinking,
or is not individualist, or authentic.

Maybe it is courageous, or the person just wanted to take a stand for those who are silent, different or this is a
minimalist act.Or just predictable.

If I feel Nope, I find the microphone
not necessary.
Like pleading the Fifth Amendment : right to remain silent.(proactively, not passively).
The need to be oppositional is not
given any breath, nor stifles it.
Just neutral,calm and internalizing
this exchange energetically balancing.

Shamanism is a good start......but all Spirituality go still exact to the same system....and what ever we do, Buddhas words,'Find the Truth by your self" is the completely most powerful way and trough it you can find the most advanced levels.

My real Grandfather was Gypsy musician, so I could not stay on one place long at all, but when I find the Spiritual path and I then realized, that this normal life is not more than a drop in a ocean.....then it was like a whole wide and endless World had opened it self to me and my physical running around ended.laugh

you try to grab somebodyconfused laugh
Mumbo jumboscold
I suppose that's a slightly less tactful way of putting it, Bn. grin
Why not Sem? I've been trained in shamanism and have practised their healing techniques for the last 20 years.

I take the stage simple because I feel we Humans destroy our life here on Earth, by running in the wrong direction.....I try to put people to think, that there are much more, than what we can see.
Up to 34 years old, when I had my first Kundalini, I was like Harbal, not believing in anything else, than what I could touch or see.......I was the hardest Businessman, don;t caring so much how I got my goal done.

And even I had all the time a strange thing going on, that was clearly Spiritual, I never realized it that, I just did not bather my mind with it.....and if anybody show anything about Spiritual, I just laugh at them.
One or two times in the year, when something bad happened in my Company, something was destroyed, or somebody had steal something.....then I wake up in the morning at
4.40 and I got the clear understanding, what had happen and who had done it.....the feeling was like popping with speed out from the water and getting the lungs full of air....I was more wake up, than in the day time and it was almost impossible to sleep after that.

And every time I went to my Office and ask the guilty person into my room and told him or her what had happen, they got some kind of a they had been sure, that nobody had seen, what had happened.....after being quite for some moments, some of them ask me,"how do you know it" the information I had got, was always right.....but still, I never questioned my self, what it was all about.

So I have no problem at all, to understand, that majority of people, don't use time to explain strange happenings, they just feel it useless to use time for nonsense.

I did not see at all you offer as negative......more people get the right understanding, more better for all was in a direction of a joke.teddybear worry!teddybear

do you know.....I have a lot of pure evidence available and a lot of people, that can tell you their experience with me, that know exactly what is going is even one member on CS, that has got a very strong experience affected by me.....who I have never met and live far away from me.......but she is very secret person, so I can not tell more about her......all these people are for sure telling you, that your comment is mumbo Dumbo.

But no problems....I can see that you favorite activity here on CS is to try to smear down, so don't worry if you feel good with it, keep goingcomfort

"I suppose that's a slightly less tactful way of putting it, Bn. grin"

Good advise Harbal.....that is what I have to try with you guys too, who have no knowledge of a subject, but still are sure they knowthumbs up wave
since we are on this subject maybe someone can give me answers as to why i see people as fish in my healing dreams/ visions, and why i even have these dreams? One can follow a path but what about when the path starts following you?
"what about when the path starts following you?"laugh laugh

Sorry for laughing.....but your opinion is funny, even there is a clearly serious happening involved......I don't know what it means, but if something like that happen to me, then I know, that there is a meaning in the back of it.....and it is going on, so long, that I don't figure out, what is in the back of it.
I used to do a lot of healing, but then i did not want to anymore. Ever since i stopped , i have been healing people in dreams. I cannot help but think there is something i need to be doing to make them go away.
what you tell now, make me also feel, that it has to do with that healing.

Here was a funny thing going on for 2 -3 times, when I earlier was answering to the hand came very hot in a point of some 1 cm in my hand, on the inside and close to the arm, so I know, that it affected somebody,that was involved in normal healing the heat is in the middle of the hand, but also in the long distance affecting, it work like it worked now.
"Mr Naughty?"

"Doesnt Really Mean What Hes Says Semmy"

"Hes Just Being That Innocent Pain The a** That He Is"

"Thats Why He Picked The Name He Has"

"On A Blog A While Back?"........"A Bunch Of Elderly Type People Were Yapping Away About Whatever It Was"

"And Mr Naughty Comes On.... Out Of The Blue...... With This"

(Well Lookie Here)....(We Have The Whole Cast)

(Of The Movie Coccoon....All On The Same Blog!)....rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I don't doubt you have something going on, Bekard, but I think it has more to do with psychology than "spiritual physics".
Me thinks it's a bit of a mixture Herbie...if you want my opinion ?

Sem seems to be the perfect candidate for this.
I have my own conclusion about this..hmmm..
I take the approach the Annunakai explained it all to the people who became the people of Sumer 20K years ago, then left, died, were killed or hid. The clay tablets repeating the o*al explanation were written and buried in hidden tablet crypts by the thousands, then when the ice walls melted and the Sumer folk dispersed to what became Mespotamia and pre China pre India the o*al histories also dispersed. In the area we called Mespotamia and lower Egypt as each generation orally repeated the old tales the story changed a little, so by the time Abraham whose family had been Sumerian before the flooding told his version which became the origin of the Hebrew faith much had been lost. In the East other portions of the old explanations survived to become the cornerstones of the Hindi faith. So yes, the Anunakai (translates to people from the sky) knew of frequencies, knew of physics (or how else could they have crossed the gulfs of outer space) and tried to explain it all, but we distorted it all into religion and meta physics. Only now as we rediscover the truths are we realizing the meta physic philosophies already contaned crucial truths we as a species had forgotten outside the various temples.
Why meditation and not classical music?

I would argue that Roll over Beethoven changed everything, although they were practical people before they did a lot of things that they called character building and that is spiritual. The core of spirituality for any westerner would be appreciating and understanding classical music, the depth to do that preceding anything else. The New Age was a decline in spirituality, and this is porn.
...or Ken..maybe forgotten, or possibly deliberately hid from us too. dunno
Spiritualism isn't something that exists on the other side of the world, the taste for the exotic is symbolic of the lust for expansion in the material world. It's missing what was right there all along because it's simply too darn unfashionable for you to see it. Consider the lillies.
Johnny, of course those starting new religions wished the origins of where they got their tales from hidden. If everyone was permitted to realize the new religions were just twisted versions of plagarized works, then no one would give the new religions politcal power and wealth. So they simply killed those who spoke truth, labeled them heretics, false prophets and witches, etc. After awhile those who knew the truth also knew to keep their mouths shut. In time, a few hundred years no one in the sphere of influence knew the origins of the religions except possibly a few ruling families and high priests. Eventually after a few more generations only the new religions tale was known. Had the Sumer tablets of 15,000 years ago not been found and translated in the late 20th century none today would know anything but the religions versions of reality, fairy tales.
I agree with Chris regarding meditation.
One doesn't have to sit cross legged for hours to achieve the desired result...
Nor use binaural beats ...nor substances ! he says...classical music is another way to meditate and alter your state of consciousness.
For's not only listening to it..but playing the piano that achieves those results.

When puts me in a kind of trance and definitely Chopin comes through and takes over at times...not so good though!wink

so he just put in something weird, that plop into his mind.laugh

you are very close to the facts......there has been a dark time in knowledge, but as we have enter a time, where more and more minds are getting freedom from Religious fiction.....the road of facts are opening little by little up.

Really good commentsthumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

If you want it that way, no problem.......but from Psychology we need only the will, concentration,focusing and observation......Spiritual Physics belongs to Spiritual science as a part, but it works very well and perfectly and was in use already thousands of years ago and in our family we have real proofs and facts, that it is working,as well as thousands of years ago and even better, as we have developed in normal science also.....

yes, it is a mix, because we can not develop in Spiritual science over all, if our psyche is not directed heavily into it.....thumbs up

in our family we even measure people, from what music they like to is very easy to see from that, if there are abilities to work on deep you are very rightwave

look one time more into what this blog is talking is not about ecstasy, it is about the ability to get knowledge from inside to develop the outside.wave

you and Chris, as also Socrates earlier in his own blog are talking about ecstasy in Spirituality......I am talking here about the way how to get knowledge about how everything are working in means abilities to use tools, for knew discoveries.
When I start Meditation by the help of Maharishis system, I also got the feeling of bliss, that helped me to work out my hell of a heavy Kundalini.......but later I wanted more, I wanted tools to help other People in problems......and hungry from knowing more, it has expand and expand to more and more tools to work out what ever I face, that is in problems......and it is now, not only my work, and my abilities, it is now built into the family in whole.
Transcendent stage and bliss, can come out and be experienced by so many different ways, but it is more for an individual go forward, we need much more advanced tools.

To make it clear, no matter what way we go to experience these things, so long it is positive and not negative, it is giving always something to all Humans.
And one thing more Daniela......advanced Meditation need no sitting cross legged, it can work in so many ways........and in our life, we have high level Physicists, that have put their life into it, to give something more for Humans.....still many normal street walkers are interested on their own level to know about physics and in their own way......the very same is about Spiritual, no difference at all.teddybear

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