Astrophysics and Spiritual Physics, the very same thing, mirroring each other.

The moment we are born, we get the mirror image of whole the Universe and probability even from outside it, planted inside our own self......that's why Mystics tell us, that it is all there inside our self, what ever we want to have insight into.

Normal science use mechanical tech to surf trough all existing in the Universe.....Mystics use Meditation to do the same thing from inside them self.

But there is a system working, that in some mystical way are blending them together.......that is why specially quantum mechanism is following the similarity with knowledge, that Mystics knew about, already thousands of years ago.

But also most important theoretic Scientific discoveries are coming out like visions or unexpected mind flashes just out from the blue......all similar to how you can pic up information in is all coming from inside and I gave that process and the knowledge coming from it, the name Spiritual Science already 10-15 years ago.

So Spiritual Science is about the same thing as Mysticism.....and the Mystics are in fact working science, with all what are inside our self.

I know from written information, that many known names in Physics, have had contact to people in high Spirituality or even Mystics, getting some influence from them.

What ever there are out there in the Universe, it is all inside our give us our abilities and our talents, build up our personality and affect our Fate and Destiny......but it also give us the free will, as it start like a Big Bang in the moment of birth....and we all Humans are given the ability to create, similar how the Universe is going trough a creation process all the time.......what give us the opportunity for change, to grow and to even take a new road.

And still to make it clear, there are life existing outside our normal capacity of sight.... full of activity......and there is a higher level of Intelligence, what even the self declared Atheist Scientist is admitting, in the VERY INTERESTED interview that I find in Internet today and is next.

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I have seen spirit energy in a perfect boxed chain of was clear and the other was two tones of light purplish blue....has anyone else ever seen energy in this form?...I have looked on the net and cant seem to find anything like it....if so whats your interpretation of what/who it is?.....wave

when you can see the energies around by using Spiritual or non ordinary sight, you are in the right direction to get more knowledge.

Very strong energies are concentrated in all existing angles......even walls coming together in a building and making angles, push out different colored energies.....and even more strong energies are concentrated in the corners, where the inside roof and the two walls make like a corner from a square.

When you use something done in Triangles or Squares.....or see them is working or a sign for learning something......they give you the fact about everything in your life and tell you what has been built up in you in a wrong way.....they are giving all laws existing in the make always first like a chaos, as it try to get you in the right can still decide by your self, do you take it and start a change, or do you stay with all old.
The problem with not taking the advise from it, you make a block in your self and it is very hard to use it later, you almost sure has lost the chance.

I used that system in my self and my children, to develop correct all wrong understanding and wrong knowledge about the mystery of life......but it is not only correcting, it is also developing all abilities, that is not YET in use by normal people......and when you trust the help you get for developing, it never stop to develop just go forward like a chain reaction.....when something has develop fully, you are given the next part to develop in the chain.

There is still a clear warning about children....never use it for children under 11-12 years, they are not yet strong enough to make the decision, to follow or not to follow and they also need an adult person the follow their toughs and give support.

Triangles looks to work mostly with personal problems,but to tell what 3 triangles together means for somebody, can only be known by the person by it self.....

Other symbols with more angles are like next steps and there are combinations of different angles, that give much higher level knowledge.

My own way in Spiritually has been from the very beginning, based on independence....that is why I work out everything in the way, that everybody have to work out their own problems by them self.......even my healing system is based on that......I don't follow old systems, where you are interfering in others problems and making the correction for I know, that if we do it for somebody else, then we could make some mistakes, because we can not know for sure all what is in an other person, we are still all our special own SELF.

So my job is only to open the person to get the contact to the Spiritual and assist if needed, like in healing, but by instruction still from the one I am healing......I feel, that most old systems are built on more or less forcing and interfering and as a very Independent person, I could never accept that way of Spirituality.

Hope this information give you some clue in your case.wave

This morning I saw the symbol of the square and then when the 4 circles moved inside it, filling it up all the way from the center to close to the sides of the square.....but when the movement happened, the circles start to change to rings.....I don't saw the color clearly, but it looks like golden there was then like 4 rings in one.

After that I got clearly 14 and 15 in my mind, what could mean today and tomorrow as it is 14 today and 15 tomorrow.

Immediately after that, I saw a woman's head and she had a devise in the middle of her was round at the base and 7-8 cm wide.....from the base came out a 10 cm long looked similar to what you use for making stamps.

And again immediately after that, a man from the right, who was half out from the vision, grabbed the holder and quickly took out the whole devise.

My opinion is, that somebody has done something to you, that has stop you in something, but you should know it better by your it is about you.

But I have some other feelings too, even it is not enough clear to make it a fact still, so I leave my own opinion aside, as I don't want to push something on you, that could make it more hard for you to get the understanding by your self.

But I think something could be on the way for you in the next few days.

Take carewave
kiitos , I will meditate on this , but i do find something changing within me, I should have the answers soon :)

that is what I believe......there is a change on the way in you.....and to be honest, I'm such a curious about itlaugh I believe I have some clue about it.
I do not know what it is yet, but after i met a man while doing my comedy i felt at great peace, even though we will not see each other again. When i get that feeling of peace something always changes.

I think there is more to come.....anyway, 4 golden rings in one....I tough it has to do with men in your life.......but that peace feeling after meeting that man, cold had something to do with it.

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