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It looks like Paul Manafort got off easy with only 47 months of prison for tax and bank fraud.
That's only one hurdle as he awaits sentencing in DC where he pleaded guilty to illegal lobbying.

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The more money you got

The more “ justice “
You can buy
Yeah, I read somewhere they seized enough money to build Trump's wall!
Now wait a minute! If, for instance, Stormy Daniels accepted hush-money and didn't hush, isn't she liable for breach of contract?
Trump denied the alleged affair. Wouldn't that mean there wasn't anything to hush?
Re; the 'hush' contract.
If I remember correctly, Trump never signed that contract (let alone in a timely fashion).
Thus, since the document was not fully executed, neither party was obligated to follow it.
If she cashed the check she accepted the contract.
anyway, Trump is going to pardoned him
Mi - No. She paid him back.
However the money could be for anything, such as the spanking she gave Trump, or the two minutes
that she stared at the ceiling awaiting it to be over. laugh
What about Manafort's witness tampering charges ?
If she refused to cash the check then that's one thing Jim, if she cashed it and then later decided to return the money it is a different matter entirely.
He should share the off shore accounts with me. banana
I see stories today about how people are outraged that the recommended sentencing guidelines were 19 to 24 years of prison yet Manafort received less than 4 years.

One article stated he (Manafort) arrived to the hearing in a wheelchair with his foot bandaged due to gout. Reading a prepared statement he asked the judge for compassion.

It would appear he got that.
Money can buy anything, especially, any "your honor, judge"
An examination of deposits into that judge's bank accounts is warranted.
The prosecutors din't really care about Manafort's bank fraud. ... What they really cared about was what info he could give that would reflect poorly on Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment." thumbs down
Manafort now got an additional 43 months of prison time AND moments after that,
got charged with 16 more crimes.

Yeah, those judges don't care about crime. roll eyes

Apparently, when Trump promised appointing "the best of the best",
he was referring to criminality. thumbs down
And since those are state crimes, rather than federal crimes, Trump can't pardon him. tongue
Some of Trump's crimes are state crimes too. So, Pence won't able to Pardon Trump on those. tongue

From the New York Times;

"Brave" ? Perhaps the word stupid would be a much more accurate word to describe Manafort.
That's a shame.

I bet some minorities are sitting in jail for many more years just for selling weed. frustrated

I hope those rich people are put in jail for paying so much money so their dumb a** children can attend colleges. devil
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